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What was the cost of your most recent main meal?

August 24 2012 at 12:47 PM

Penny in FL  (Login Bugpugmom)
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I say most recent, because you might have cooked it already today, or might want to use yesterday's, etc.  Is the cost of that meal typical, or was it cheaper or more expensive than a usual meal?  What could you have done to reduce the cost, and is that something you're willing to do?  How many did it feed?

My question, so I'll go first.  The last main meal I cooked was lentil curry on Wednesday night.  The total was approximately $6, which is within my target range.  I try to keep most evening  meals around $4-6.  I could have reduced the cost a couple of ways.  I used French lentils because I like the texture better than those of regular lentils.  But that really would have only saved me somewhere between 25-50 cents.  I used cauliflower, which was the main cost of this meal.  I think I paid $2.50-3 for that fresh cauliflower, if it's available frozen I haven't seen it but that might be cheaper.  I could have subbed cheaper veggies, like broccoli, carrots or peas, or a combination.  But we REALLY like it with cauliflower.  I buy brown jasmine rice which costs more than white rice or regular brown rice, but like the lentils, that wouldn't save me a lot and this is the rice I like.  So yes, I could have shaved a few dollars off this meal but I didn't want to.  Some week when money is super tight, that might be a choice I'll make.  It served 4 adults, one toddler, then the toddler took it for lunch and there was enough left for 2 adult servings last night.      

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(Login Stacey_K)
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I haven't calculate a price per meal

August 24 2012, 1:08 PM 

The last one I cooked yesterday involved a bunch of asparagus $3.69, a red bell pepper $1.50, some left over onion, a zucchini $.50, can of tuna $0.89, some applesauce, and some cucumber $0.38 each. The veggies are enough for about two more side dishes. I could have subbed a green pepper instead of red, but I like reds.

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(Login TrinaOR)
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Last night

August 24 2012, 1:16 PM 

DH grilled riblets we get them for 1.88 a lb, about 3.00. I made a coleslaw, and white herbed rice, dessert was watermelon.

Ribs 3.00
rice .75
coleslaw 2.00
watermelon 1.00
Total 6.75

DH and I both had dinner, he took it again for lunch. We still have several servings of coleslaw left and enough rice for one dinner side or 4 breakfast add ins...

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(Login conchokitty)
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no clue

August 24 2012, 4:06 PM 

let's see.. there's the I had some frozen spinach since forever and stale bread and milk I've kept too long and a bit of cheese and eggs (just bought).. all put together to make four meals.

then there's the rice and egg and leftover meats from a meal out for probably three meals worth.

I am cheap to feed

Myra in West Texas

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(Login SheilaPCT)
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August 24 2012, 4:31 PM 

I made grilled chicken breasts. 1.5 lbs of sale bought chicken at $1.99/lb = $3

1 cup of white rice... I bought this a long time ago but I want to say $.50?

1/2 an aldi bag of mixed veggies. Was $1.00 so $.50

Little bit of a bottle of italian dressing to marinate it and a little bit of butter for the rice and veggies- so call it $.25

$4.25 for dinner to feed 4 people

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(Premier Login MaxineS)

Tonight is cheaper than usual

August 24 2012, 5:11 PM 

Hillshire Farm smoked turkey sausage--$2.33
Home fries made from fresh potatoes--let's say .40
Fresh green beans--about .60
So about $3.33

Last dinner I cooked was:
rib eye steak--about $6.50 (sale meat)
package of Rice-a-Roni--.89
The first half of the fresh green beans--about .60
So about $8

I aim for $4-$6 for 3 adults. Eight bucks was still cheaper than fast food and a whole lot better--and quicker, too.

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(Login KimAB)
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Tonight was

August 26 2012, 7:18 PM 

leftover chicken converted into soup. Also a couple cups of leftover frozen veggies went in, a couple cups of new frozen veggies and a couple old onions. Anyone remember the huge bag of onions I got- this is the end of them. I'm down to the last dozen or so.

I couldn't tell you a cost- I had everything in the house for a month or more except for the rutabaga that I put in and that was about .80

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(Login SingingSkies)
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Oh about $70....

August 27 2012, 4:38 AM 

that was not typical!! We had snow crab legs, and pizza for my sons bday, lol.

Good question though, I'm going to have to do some calcualtions and see what we spend on an average meal.

I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without their motives being questioned.

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Sandy in NJ
(Login SandyinMI)
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I don't ever calculate it that way

August 27 2012, 8:40 AM 

I could try it because I keep grocery receipts and could refer back to them but I'm content to just have a goal for the amount I spend on groceries. Right now we're around $300-$325 a month for two adults and a 9yo. We rarely eat out. Dh takes his lunch to work and ds takes his to school during the school year. Over the last year we've been eating less meat and fewer unhealthy snacks so that has reduced the food bill a bit.

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