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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 7:35 PM 


Unknown date this year

‘TODAY he is a convicted child abuser, but for decades Rolf Harris was greeted with affection when he visited Dorset…

…His charity work saw him receive a £420 cheque from Poole PHAB (Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied) Club in 1998 as president of PHAB….’

(Bournemouth Daily Echo, 04.07.2014)

April 9th

‘CHURCH ATTENDANCE CAMPAIGN: Sir Cliff Richard together with the Reverend Steve Chalke have designed the new ten commandments aimed at helping vicars increase their congregations.’


May 18th

Rolf Harris (President of Physically Handicapped Able Bodied Phab) and Sir Harry Secombe Launch 'phab Gold' and 'The Lions International' Rose at the 1998 Chelsea Flower Show.

July 1st

BBC1 Diana, Princess of Wales Tribute Concert (9:30 – 11:05 pm) with Cliff Richard and Chris de Burgh.


‘…The letter… was sent to the Scotland Yard vice squad. This is an edited version of what it said:

"I supply here information which if looked into by one of your officers will yield a secret life.

"The image that JIMMY SAVILE has tried to portray over the years is someone who is deeply concerned with his fellow man; however, the thrust of this is entirely the opposite.

"His fund-raising activities are not out of altruistic motives, but purely for selfish advancement and an easy living. He has slimed his way in wherever possible. He has tried to hide his homosexuality, which in any event is an open secret with those who know; but did you know that he is also a deeply committed paedophile.

"An incident that happened some years ago (not that long) was when he was involved with a young 'rent boy'. This rent boy followed him to [location named]. JIMMY SAVILE foolishly gave this rent boy his Leeds telephone number [set out in the text] which he has now subsequently changed; this was because he was having threatening calls from this rent boy, who was going to go to the press and expose him for his paedophilia, if he did not give him more money.

"I know at the time he was extremely angry and frightened. How it ended, I really do not know. What cannot be acceptable and must be stopped is JIMMY SAVILE's paedophilia."

The anonymous correspondent tells the police that Savile would be quite open about seeking out rent boys in Leeds after taking part in charity runs.

"He thinks he is untouchable because of the people he mixes with, and again I know from personal experience, that they find him amusing and the butt of many jokes," the letter continues.

"When JIMMY SAVILE fails, and sooner or later he will, a lot of well-known personalities and past politicians are going to fall with him.

"I have done my duty, my conscience is clear, you have the power, time, and resources at Scotland Yard to wheedle him out, and expose him for what he really is."

(Dominic Casciani / www.bbc.co.uk)

October 19th (or?) October 22nd

Cliff Richard and Jill Dando photographed together by Dave Parker at British Airways charity event, Heathrow Airport, London for the departure of Dreamflight to Orlando.

Cliff Richard, Gloria Hunniford and Jill Dando at Heathrow Airport for Dreamflight Charity Flight to Miami

November 9th

‘Cliff Richard has been suffering with a chest infection for a week, but he was able to visit the White Lodge Centre for Disabled Children today in Surrey.

mls Cliff Richard out of black car as it arrives at the centre. mls Cliff shaking hands with woman EXT centre. ws two women playing with children INT centre. ms Cliff hugging small girl who is painting. ms cameraman taking pix. ms iv Sir Cliff. vs Cliff with children.’


November 20th

Sir Cliff Richard and actress Barbara Windsor are photographed at BBC Radio 2 as the Children In Need appeal gets under way.

December 8th

The Variety Club Honours Sir Cliff Richard, London. Among attendees are Mike Read and Tony Blackburn.


February 18th

Jeff Dexter interviewed by Bill Brewster….

BB: You worked with Jimmy Savile, didn’t you? What was it like?

JD: It was great fun, but if I could tell the story of what happened that week he’d be in jail forever.

BB: Well I’ve heard a lot of rumours and stories about Jimmy Savile over the years.

JD: Well they’re totally true.


March 9th

‘Veteran singer Sir Cliff Richard visited children at a Slough primary school who have benefited from his tennis charity.

LT: CLIFF VISIT; B 5481. 1.35. VS school children exercising in gym. MS Sir Cliff Richard entering school. CS IV Sir Cliff Richard. VS school children exercising in gym. VS Sir Cliff Richard teaching tennis with children. CS IV parent. MS IV children and Sir Cliff Richard. VS school children learning tennis. MS Sir Cliff Richard. CS IV Sir Cliff Richard. MS school children exercising in gym. MS school children waving. CS IV Sir Cliff Richard waving.’


May 7th

Interviewed by the police about Jill Dando:

‘POP legend Sir Cliff Richard has been interviewed by detectives seeking key clues to the identity of Jill Dando's killer, it emerged yesterday.

Officers spoke to the star for two hours at his £2million mansion in Weybridge, Surrey, on Friday, according to reports.

Sir Cliff, who was a close friend of the television presenter, provided police with vital information about Jill's friends, lovers and relationships…

Miss Dando became close to the singer after meeting him and sharing a dance with him in a stunt set up by her television bosses.

He became a confidante and was a guest at the party in January to celebrate her engagement to gynaecologist Alan Farthing.

He was also one of the few celebrities invited to her planned wedding later this year….’

(Belfast News Letter, 10.05.1999)

May 13th

‘The police have called Cliff Richard in for questioning a second time over the Jill Dando murder. A little strange don’t you think?….’

(Brian Reade / Daily Mirror)

May 21st

Sir Cliff Richard and TV presenter Gloria Hunniford arrive together for the funeral of Jill Dando, at Clarence Park Baptist church, Weston-Super-Mare.

TV Presenter Miss Dando had been murdered on the doorstep of her Fulham home on April 26th.

May 28th

An edition of the BBC TV show ‘Have I Got News For You’ is broadcast, on which Jimmy Savile is a panellist.

….Savile: “Twelve years I lived in a motor caravan…”

Ian Hislop: “What do you do in the caravan?”

Savile: “Anybody I can lay me hands on.”….

….Savile: “I’m feared in every girl’s school in this country.”


Autobiography of Cliff Richard’s friend, Tim Rice is published. In it, he writes about the relationship that he and Andrew Lloyd Webber had known with music teacher, Alan Doggett - who committed suicide:

‘..Allegations of impropriety with young boys had apparently surfaced (not for the first time). Alan had been arrested and charged, whereupon he wrote a goodbye letter to several close friends and threw himself in front of a train.

I say ‘not for the first time’ but I cannot believe that Alan was truly a danger, or even a minor menace, to the many boys he had worked with over the years. The only previous time in ten years that Andrew and I had come across such rumours concerning Alan, the allegations were proven to be exactly that, as the time and place of the supposed transgression clashed precisely with a recording date at which all three of us were continually present. It has been known for young boys, and more commonly their parents, to manufacture or exaggerate incidents when they know and (understandably) disapprove of a teacher’s inclinations. I am certainly not saying that this was the case with the circumstances that led to Alan’s awful end, or that Alan was squeaky clean throughout his musical dealings with his singers….’

(Ian Pace ‘Alan Doggett, first conductor of Joseph and Jesus Christ Superstar, and the Paedophile Information Exchange’ / Desiring Progress blog, 07.03.2014)

September 28th

Sir Cliff Richard attended All Souls Church in London for a service in tribute to TV presenter Jill Dando, at which he performed the song ‘This Love’. The service was designed as a positive celebration of her life.

November 12th

‘Pop star Gary Glitter has been jailed for four months after admitting to a collection of 4,000 hardcore photographs of children being abused.

The admission comes just hours after the rock idol was cleared of eight counts of sexually assaulting a teenage fan nearly 20 years ago.

Solicitor Henri Brandman said Glitter would appeal against the sentence. He will be placed on the sex offenders register.

Reappearing at Bristol Crown Court, Glitter admitted 54 offences of downloading porn from the Internet dating between 3 January 1997 and 18 November 1997.
He replied "guilty" in a strong, clear voice after the first count was put to him and his voice became less clear with each subsequent charge.

The judge, Mr Justice Butterfield, described the pictures in Glitter's vast library as "filthy and revolting" and of the "worst possible type"….’


November 13th

‘An Audience with Cliff Richard’ TV Special - Jess Conrad in the celebrity audience, as is Rolf Harris, whose question Cliff clearly enjoys answering.

November 26th

Cliff appears on BBC TV’s ‘Children in Need’ performing ‘The Millennium Prayer’.

November 29th

Performs and meets the Queen at Royal Variety Performance.

December 10th

‘Pop star George Michael has attacked the campaign to make Sir Cliff Richard's Millennium Prayer the Christmas number one as "vile".

The former Wham! singer said the publicity surrounding the song was exploiting people's faith, and dubbed the track a "heinous piece of music".

He spoke during a rare radio appearance on London station Capital FM's breakfast show.

Michael told host Neil Fox, Sir Cliff was "always taking his hat off to himself telling you how many hits he's had".

He continued: "Yes, absolutely great achievement, but I think the single and the way it's been dealt with has been vile.

"Just knowing there has been a Christian campaign for it - I think it is so exploitative of people's religion, it really is.

"I think there are people out there who feel it is their duty to buy this record on the eve of the millennium. That is a really horrible reason for a number one record."…..’


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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 7:37 PM 


Unknown date this year

Chris Denning is convicted of abusing seven boys aged under 15.

January 27th

Cliff Richard is photographed with Cherie Blair at the South Bank Show Awards.

February 14th

Broadcast of ‘This Is Your Life’ TV tribute to Dave Lee Travis.

The show starts with Travis being interrupted while he is on air in the Classic Gold studios:

Aspel - Ladies and gentlemen, this is Michael Aspel, and I have joined this programme to say, DLT TIYL. In human terms [the disc jockey goes down from his seat onto the floor], Dave Lee Travis, this is you life, and get off your knees.. We know you’re down there…

Travis - [stands up] Michael [shakes hand] | Aspel - Good to see… | Travis - How are you | Aspel - Very well…

Travis - You’ve got to be kidding me.

Aspel - No, this is it your very own book, Sir.

Travis - Uhm..eh..deh.. I dread to think what’s inside those pages, really!

February 20th

Cliff Richard participates in the York Challenge Cup (tennis) at the London Dockland Arena to raise funds for the Children in Crisis charity. He is photographed with the Duchess of York.

February 27th

Cliff is among those at a Gala Evening to celebrate the life of Jill Dando at the Winter Gardens. The evening raised thousands for Jill Dando's favourite charity.

February 29th

Sir Cliff Richard is photographed with a group of children,, handing over a personally-signed cheque for £1 million, at the Millennium Dome, South London. He revealed that a Millennium children's appeal had so far raised 18.5 million. Sir Cliff's contribution towards the Children's Promise fund came from sales of his number one hit single, Millennium Prayer, and from his New Year's Eve concert in Birmingham.

April 6th

‘The Court of King Rolf’, edited by Martin Walker is published. Among the celebrities paying tribute to Rolf Harris in the book are Kate Bush, Joanna Lumley, Matthew Kelly and Sir Cliff Richard, who is described this way:

‘Sir Cliff Richard was the original president of Phab when the charity started and he still supports the organization today. Alongside Rolf, Cliff is probably the only performer in the UK who has sustained a successful career spanning each decade since the Fifties.’

Cliff Richard, himself, devotes three paragraphs to Rolf in his tribute - excerpts follow:

‘..He is also president of the charity Phab, which is an incredibly valuable thing to do. For Rolf to be prepared to give up his time and put his name to an organization that draws the able-bodied and disabled together is fantastic. I have great respect for him for taking on that job.

Rolf’s career is quite amazing, and he’s now part of the showbiz furniture…

It’s quite amazing that he is able to turn his hand to so many areas of entertainment. That’s what I like about Rolf; he’s always there, and he has my lasting admiration for that.’

April 13th

Jimmy Savile is asked, by Louis Theroux, about the rumours that he is a paedophile on ‘When Louis Met... Jimmy’, a BBC TV documentary -

Louis: So, why do you say in interviews that you hate children when I've seen you with kids and you clearly enjoy their company and you have a good rapport with them?

Jimmy: Right, obviously I don't hate 'em. That's number one.

Louis: Yeah. So why would you say that then?

Jimmy: Because we live in a very funny world. And it's easier for me, as a single man, to say "I don't like children" because that puts a lot of salacious tabloid people off the hunt.

Louis: Are you basically saying that so tabloids don't, you know, pursue this whole 'Is he/isn't he a paedophile?' line, basically?

Jimmy: Yes, yes, yes. Oh, aye. How do they know whether I am or not? How does anybody know whether I am? Nobody knows whether I am or not. I know I'm not, so I can tell you from experience that the easy way of doing it when they're saying "Oh, you have all them children on Jim'll Fix It", say "Yeah, I hate 'em."

Louis: Yeah. To me that sounds more, sort of, suspicious in a way though, because it seems so implausible.

Jimmy: Well, that's my policy, that's the way it goes. That's what I do. And it's worked a dream.


Louis: Has it worked?

Jimmy: A dream......

August 4th

Sir Cliff Richard is interviewed for ITN special programming on ITV on the occasion of the Queen Mother's 100th birthday.

September 30th

‘A Song for Jill’ - a musical tribute to Jill Dando, in which Cliff appears is shown on TV.

October 8th

‘A group of remarkable children left Heathrow for a trip to Florida. The youngsters are all seriously ill and were selected by charity Dreamflight. Sir Cliff Richard was there to see them off.

ms Dreamflight child. ms police escort. mls children at the pre-flight party in a hanger. mls clowns and people dressed up in animal costumes. ms goat and officer of the Royal Scots Guard. vs marching band of the Royal Scots Guard. vs helpers and children. mls Scots Guard band. ms Pat Pearce waving. ls children walking towards British Airways plane. iv Pat Pearce, (Co-founder Dreamflight.) cs Alan Farthing, Jill Dando's fiancé. cs Cliff Richard. ms Cliff holding large birthday card and thanking children. iv Christopher Gate, (presented Sir Cliff Richard with his card.) iv Sean Petty. ls children being led to the plane by the Royal Scots Guard and the goat. ms Christopher and Sean in their seats on the plane. int plane. ls Scots guard entering plane. mls band of the Royal Scots Guard leading the plane to the runway. ms Dreamflight logo on the plane.’



February 9th

‘..in Copenhagen, honorary member of Jomtien Pattaya Rotary Club, Bjorn Falkenbrink met with world famous singer Cliff Richard. Richard was joined by Denmark’s top singer, Richard Ragnvald and both were signing guitars that Bjorn will auction on November 1st at a gala evening to raise funds for the Pattaya Orphanage…

Cliff Richard was presented with a meter long photo of all the children at the Pattaya Orphanage, and he expressed his admiration for the great effort that Father Brennan and his team are making in Thailand. He was delighted with the invitation extended to himself and the Danish singer to visit the orphanage when they came to Thailand. Richard and Ragnvald both agreed that they would certainly like to see the orphanage and learn more about the work being done there.’

(Pattaya Mail)

March 24th

Reed's School, an independent day and boarding school for boys located in Cobham, Surrey had their new Music School officially opened by Sir Cliff Richard.

September 27th

Jonathan King is convicted of multiple sex offences against teenage boys:

‘Former music impresario Jonathan King has been jailed for seven years for sexual abuse.

King, charged under his real name Kenneth King, was found guilty of four indecent assaults and two serious sexual offences against boys aged 14 and 15, committed in the 1980s.

He will have to sign the sex offenders' register for life and will be barred from working with children…

Judge David Paget told a pale and shaken King: "This was a serious breach of trust.
"You used your fame and success to attract adolescent and impressionable boys."

The 56-year-old former television presenter, who lives in Bayswater, west London, was convicted on 27 September.

But reporting restrictions were not lifted until Wednesday because other allegations were being dealt with.

A second trial collapsed on Tuesday, partly because a complainant was unsure of the dates involved….’


‘…In November 2000, one of the victims called Surrey police with the first allegations to be made against King.

Detectives interviewed the star and seized pornographic pictures and videos from his home.

King denied ever meeting one of the victims – a 15-year-old South African -until police produced a photograph recovered from his home showing the boy posing in his bedroom.

The storm of publicity surrounding his arrest was enough to convince other victims to come forward.

One victim, now a 35-year-old blacksmith from Shrewsbury, told how he was abused repeatedly aged 14 and still suffers depression today…’

(Danny Chatfield, courtnewsuk.co.uk)

October 14th

‘Nearly 200 terminally ill and disabled children are about to touch down in America for the trip of a lifetime. The youngsters are going to Disneyworld in Florida thanks to the Dreamflight charity.

Military band playing Thunderbirds theme tune. / children arriving off coach. vox pops x2 children. / children in aircraft hanger. iv Patricia Pearce, (British Airways). ms Charlie Dimmock, (Groundforce TV presenter) dancing with girl in wheelchair. ms Sir Cliff Richard, BA staff sing happy birthday to him. iv Sir Cliff. ms Sir Cliff posing with staff and children for pix. vs children through castle archway and onto aeroplane. ms children up stairs.’


November 4th

Leicester Square, London: ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone’ world premiere:

‘…Among the celebrity fans attending the première were the Duchess of York and her two daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

She said: "It is brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the girls loved it."

Sir Cliff Richard took his young nephew Philip to the screening.

"The whole Harry Potter thing is just great fun. It really opens up child's minds and it's great for their imagination," said Sir Cliff…’


November 13th

Synopsis: Today's programme introduces the hospital and the busy delivery suite. SIR CLIFF RICHARD is a surprise visitor to the delivery suite as his fan club has donated money to buy two resucitaires to celebrate his 60th birthday. One of the resucitaires is used to save the life of STUART and CLARE'S baby and the programme also introduces JACKIE and PAUL as they find out they are about to have triplets.

Series title: BABY HOSPITAL


November 16th

Another appearance by Cliff Richard on ‘Children In Need’.

November 21st

‘…Former Radio 1 DJ Paul Gambaccini, who was a friend at the time, said he never knew about King's activities.

But he believes the industry may have turned a blind eye to his behaviour while he was still "bankable".

Mr Gambaccini said: "Most of the people in the record industry would not have cared.

"For the great majority, what they would have been interested in about Jonathan King was 'What can you do for me?'"….’


“I will try to understand why he was like this. If it is truly too terrible when I have to read all the details then I wouldn’t be able to face him for a while, but I still want to understand him.

I have known men whose lives were terribly affected for many years afterwards after being violated.

It is so difficult to reconcile the two truths of someone who is capable of high amusement and knowledge and also low behaviour.

Previously my closest associates involved in this type of relationship were the people who were victimised and therefore I know only too well how lasting the emotional scars can be.

For something that lasts only 10 minutes it just changes the course of your entire life. What will it be to know someone on the other side of that relationship? I do not know, but I am going to find out.”

(Paul Gambaccini / BBC Radio Five)

November 25th

‘…During all the time I have known him, I had never heard a scintilla of scandal about him. True, I was not part of his close circle (if indeed he had one), nor have I ever really been at the centre of the pop music business, but I have certainly heard a lot of unpIeasant stories about other celebrities over the years and I am certain that dirt about Jonathan King would have reached my ears had it been in wide circulation.
Consequently when I first heard that he had been charged with sex offences against teenage boys I was very surprised. I was aware that he was gay (although come to think of it, I never had any proof of that), but so are many other friends in both the music and theatre world. A short while after he was charged, his lawyers contacted me about being a character witness…

We who had spoken at the first trial as defence witnesses still knew little about the details of the crimes, but knew that in a few weeks' time when the story broke that our support would look pretty unappetising.

And of course the press has had a field day. It has been profoundly depressing reading about my entertainment colleague's crimes, in fact impossible to read more than a few sentences.

Having one's name attached to some of the stories is deeply distressing…

Sad to say, the man voted the Music Business Man of the Year as recently as 1997 is guilty of disgusting offences, serious crimes that have harmed many. How little we know about those we think we know….’

(Sir Tim Rice / The Telegraph)

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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 7:39 PM 


June 3rd & June 4th

The Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations…

Over a million people gathered in London to listen to some of the world's greatest Rock and Pop legends perform at the Buckingham Palace in honour of the Queen Elizabeth II’s 50 years on the throne. Sir Cliff Richard joined other artists at “Party At The Palace”, performing “Living Doll” and “Move It” featuring S Club 7 and Brian May.

On the following afternoon the celebrations continued with numerous floats being driven along The Mall…

‘The celebrity float contained stars such as Sir Cliff Richard, Maureen Lipman, Coronation Street’s William Roache, Sir Jimmy Savile and Keith Floyd….’

(Daily Mirror, 05.06.2002)


In a poll of the ‘Uncoolest Brits‘, Jimmy Savile was voted into 5th place and Cliff Richard 14th.

(Daily Express, 16.07.2002)

July 30th

Documentary ‘The Real Gary Glitter’ is broadcast on Channel 4:

‘A profile of one of the seventies' most flamboyant performers uncovering a tale of ego, tantrums and an interest in teenage girls.’

December 18th

'Cliff Richard Christmas Party' held in aid of Cliff's Tennis charity with Cherie Blair as the guest of honour. The guests enjoy mulled wine before a carol service that is followed by dinner in Hampton Court.

Mike Read is an attendee, as is young clarinettist, Julian Bliss with whom Cliff poses for a photograph.


‘…On this occasion [in 2003], a woman told the Met Police she had been sexually assaulted by Savile in 1973 when she was 15 and had attended a recording of Top of the Pops. He had touched her and when she told him to stop he retorted: "I thought that's what you came here for".

The woman said she would provide a witness statement but said she only wanted to see a prosecution if other victims were subsequently identified. Officers recorded the allegations but nobody interviewed Savile.

But here's the really interesting bit. The record was marked "restricted" - presumably because of Savile's celebrity status…’

(Dominic Casciani / www.bbc.co.uk)

January 22nd

Matthew Kelly is arrested at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, where he has been appearing as Captain Hook in a production of Peter Pan:

‘...Stars in their Eyes presenter.. has said he "emphatically denies" an allegation of sexual abuse against a young boy.

The 52-year-old TV star, of Chiswick, west London, was released on bail.. after being questioned by police.

Mr Kelly is due to answer bail at Guildford police station, where he had been held overnight, on 12 March, a Surrey Police spokesman said…

The former manager of 1970s pop band The Bay City Rollers, Tam Paton, has been arrested in connection with the same inquiry.

Mr Paton, in his late 50s, was arrested in Edinburgh.

Both men were arrested as part of the sex abuse inquiry that led to the conviction of pop mogul Jonathan King….’



Cliff Richard flies to Australia and New Zealand for his “World Tour” concerts and later in February and March tour of Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong China and Thailand.

March 9th

Documentary entitled ‘The Real Cliff Richard’ is broadcast by Channel 4:

Tito Burns

“..The genders don’t mean a thing to him, like, you know, he’s just not concerned about women. Never was.”

Tony Meehan

“Cliff had a very.. close relationship with his mother, which I think precluded any chance, ever, of there being a girlfriend.”

Sir Cliff Richard’s “Wanted Tour” concert on 12th March 2003 at Impact Arena, Bangkok.

On 13th March, after his final concert of the “World Tour”, in Bangkok, Cliff visited a charity project, which helps street children.

July 1st

Sir Cliff Richard and Cilla Black share the Royal Box on the Centre Court at Wimbledon during the Quarter Final Round match between Venus Williams and Lindsay Davenport.

‘The nation's bravest police officers have been honoured for their heroic exploits, above and beyond the call of duty. Fifty of them from 32 forces in England and Wales were guests of honour at a ceremony at London's Dorchester hotel last night, where Cherie Booth and the Home Secretary David Blunkett were among those invited. PC Ian Fielding, from West Mercia police, was named Britain's bravest bobby for rugby-tackling a man who was pointing a gun directly at him.

Police officers posing in line on stage at Police Federation Bravery Awards ceremony (Actress Helen Mirren & singer Sir Cliff Richard among them) / PC Ian Fielding (Bravest officer in England & Wales) smiling as posing / Mirren & Home Secretary David Blunkett MP next Fielding & woman (possibly his wife)’


July 3rd

‘Don't you know who I am?

The youngsters at Wimbledon's 'Kidzone' were left rather bemused on Thursday by the appearance of a couple of ageing impostors.

Celebrity tennis fan Cliff Richard and showbiz pal Lionel Blair turned up and joined in the fun in a bid to raise the profile of the sport among younger Brits.

Their entrance was met by some quizzical looks from the kids, but Blair was not deterred.

He went up to one group and kindly asked "do you know who I am?"

Seeing his audience a little non-plussed, Blair proceeded to demonstrate his world-famous tap-dancing skills.

Not surprisingly, it made little difference.’

(Wimbledon diary: day 10 / Caroline Cheese and Piers Newbery / BBC Sport at Wimbledon)

July 30th

A substantial photo feature in the Daily Mirror compares Cliff Richard with Tony Blair, posing the question in the headline: ‘IS TONY TURNING INTO SIR CLIFF?’

October 13th

Queen Elizabeth II meets Sir Cliff Richard yet again, at Buckingham Palace, during a special reception paying tribute to the contribution of more than 400 pioneers in British life. Representatives from business, community groups, fashion, food, music, science, the arts, government, academia and health were present at the event hosted by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

November 21st

Cliff appears yet again on BBC TV ‘Children In Need’ telethon.

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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 7:40 PM 


January 14th

‘A court's been told that the burning body of a millionaire's son was discovered on an exclusive Surrey estate where many celebrities have homes. The prosecution alleges
Syed Oskui, who was 27, was tortured to death by a gang who went on a spending spree with his platinum credit cards. His body was found in December 2001 on an estate in Weybridge, where Sir Cliff Richard and Michael Aspel live. One man denies murder and his trial continues. The court heard that three others believed to be involved have fled abroad.’



Cliff Richard visits AIDS patients in Phnom Penh, the capital and most populous city of Thailand, for aid agency Tearfund.

April 24th

Stars in Their Eyes' Celebrity Special TV - Mike Read performs as Cliff Richard.


Sir Cliff Richard appears on ‘Songs Of Praise’ to mark 50th anniversary of Billy Graham’s preaching crusade in London, Sir Cliff sings “It Is No Secret” and explains why he sang that song and chose to make his faith public at a Billy Graham rally in 1966.


Tony and Cherie Blair holiday at Cliff Richard's luxury Barbados home.

July 1st

Sir Cliff Richard, Mike Read and Lord Brockett join the Lawn Tennis Association's Bounceathon, at The Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon, London.

Bounceathon is an initiative to get youngsters between four and twelve years old interested in tennis.

July 11th

‘Celebrities including Richard Gere, Angelina Jolie and Ashley Judd bring attention to the AIDS crisis.

In the beginning was Angelina. Then came Minnie, Ashley, Jackie, Rupert, Roger and Cliff.

After decades of war and the genocide of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, Cambodia is back on the tourist map and Hollywood is jumping on the plane, not to mention the bandwagon…

In April, Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan kicked off his role as a United Nations AIDS ambassador with a trip to Cambodia to see child victims of AIDS and landmines, a legacy of a decades-long civil war which finally ended in 1998.

James Bond star Roger Moore has also been spotted deep in ex-Khmer Rouge country promoting iodized salt for the U.N, while squeaky clean British singer Cliff Richard visited AIDS patients in Phnom Penh in January for aid agency Tearfund.

Alas, there is one celebrity Cambodians say they could do without.

Shamed British glam rocker Gary Glitter, who spent four months in jail in 1999 for child pornography offenses, has put down roots in Phnom Penh. Despite efforts by Women's Affairs Minister Mu Sochua to kick him out, he too looks set to stay.’


July 21st

‘CONGRATULATIONS and celebrations were in the air on Wednesday as Sir Cliff Richard came for the topping out ceremony at the Shooting Star Children's Hospice in Hampton.

The pop star laid the final flagstone to mark completion of the 18-month construction in The Avenue.

The ceremony took place in front of trustees, staff, children, supporters, the Mayor of Richmond, Cllr Pat Parsons, and Dr Vincent Cable MP.

Sir Cliff said: "As a patron, I'm hugely proud of the tremendous support from the local community which has enabled this dream to become reality.

"Of course, the opening of the hospice is only the beginning, and I sincerely hope that people continue to support the charity so that its work can develop and progress as time goes on."….’

(News Shopper)

November 6th

Auction in aid of the charity, ChildLine:

‘STARS have put their arts into raising cash for bullied children - by each painting a Wedgwood plate.

Sir Cliff Richard, Cilla Black, Rolf Harris… are among the 10 who took part.

At an auction tomorrow bidding starts at £1,000 for each……’

(Daily Mirror)

December 1st

Mike Read introduces Sir Cliff Richard, who meets fans and signs copies of his latest album "Somethin' Is Goin' On" and DVD "Cliff Richard Live - Castles In The Air", at Harrods.

December 14th

The Royal Variety Performance takes place at the London Coliseum, in the presence of Prince Charles. Cliff Richard and Elton John are among the participants.


March 11th

Sir Cliff performed a concert in Barbados, at The Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium, Wildey, St Michael, in aid of a local children's charity, to an audience of around 3,000.

May 8th

Sir Cliff Richard meets Princess Anne backstage at a VE Day concert, in London, to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War Two:

‘…Scenes of joy and countless waving union jacks covered Trafalgar Square as 15,000 revellers gathered for the free gig. Besides the young, veterans also enjoyed the experience and some were dressed up 1940s military uniform.

Singer Katie Melua opened the show with "White Cliffs of Dover" . Other performers included Will Young, Daniel Bedingfield and Cliff Richard.

However, the highlight of the evening was an appearance by forces' sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn….’


May 16th

Sir Cliff Richard attends the premiere of ‘Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith’ at the Odeon, Leicester Square, London, accompanied by his nephew and other unidentified relatives.


Chris Denning is arrested at Heathrow Airport after returning to Britain from Austria. He admits to five charges of the indecent assault of boys aged under 16 years of age, dating back to the 1970s and 1980s.

November 21st

Sir Cliff performs once again at the Royal Variety Show - at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff - and predictably meets the Queen.

December 7th

‘The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe’ had its world premiere on Wednesday, attended by Britain's Prince Charles his wife Camilla and the whole cast of the movie.

Disney's film version of the beloved 1950 children's book… The story tells of four children, the Pevensie siblings -- Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter -- who travel through a magic wardrobe into the land of Narnia, home to talking animals, a wicked witch and the god-like lion, Aslan…

Sir Cliff Richard Signing Autographs

(Soundbite) Sir Cliff Richard, Saying “Oh yeah, you kidding? I have the whole 'Chronicles of Narnia', I keep them in my house in Portugal and almost every summer I read at least one of them and I've been reading them for years.”


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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 7:43 PM 


January 21st

‘I live near Stoke Mandeville hospital and for as long as I can remember rumours have abounded about Sir Jimmy of Saville handing over cash to the staff there in order to be left alone with the…err…‘recently departed’.


Jimmy Saville: None. More. Wrong.



January 25th

In a Readers’ Digest poll of 5,000 adults, to find the public figures considered to be most trustworthy, Sir Cliff Richard finishes 5th out of 100, two places behind Rolf Harris.


Chris Denning is convicted of the offences he previously admitted to - five charges of the indecent assault of boys - and imprisoned for four years.

April 20th

Cliff Richard discusses his memories of Queen Elizabeth on the eve of her 80th birthday.

“…very unusual when meeting the Queen, all out history is attached to her / applaud her commitment to meeting cast of 50 people back stage - tough saying hello to just 5 or 6 people / she shows interest even though she may not be interested / she must be a genuinely nice person that most of us don't get to see / recalls private lunch with the Queen and others, it was a lovely day / then you get to see the Queen and Prince Philip in a relaxed fashion / she is a genuinely committed person who seems very nice - unforgivable that the press give her a bad time / we should concentrate on the best aspects of people's lives / I try and think positively about everything, certainly about the monarchy….”


June 15th

Sir Cliff Richard honoured to be invited to attend the service at St Paul's Cathedral to mark the Queen's 80th birthday, and then to join the celebration lunch at the Mansion House in London.

July 3rd

'Cliff Richard Tennis Foundation' fundraising event, Spencer House, London, Britain. He is photographed with Charles Althorp and wife Caroline, and Cherie Blair. Others in attendance include: Mike Read, Cilla Black, Jimmy Tarbuck.

October 15th

Two hundred seriously ill children were given a party at Heathrow airport before jetting off for a 10 day holiday in Florida. One or two celebrities were there to send them on their way….

Cliff Richard (Pop singer) interview SOT

- To see children in this kind of situation able to be like other kids / I can't speak enough for the people that go over with them / Some of the kids are extremely ill

Cliff Richard crouched posing next to little girl in a wheelchair

Carer putting toy policeman's helmet on child in a wheelchair



‘Sir Cliff Richard Shares Faith at Crusaders' Centenary

Published 17 October 2006

Crusaders, the youth missionary movement, hosted "An Evening with Sir Cliff Richard" recently in Central London to celebrate its centenary.

Alongside Steve Chalke, the President of Crusaders, Sir Cliff shared his personal life and faith, as well as performing a couple of songs from his repertoire….’

( www.christiantoday.com)



Sir Cliff Richard “Here & Now” concerts in Middle East & South East Asia.

Friday 2nd, February 2007 in Dubai
Monday 5th, February 2007 in Hong Kong
Wednesday 7th, February 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand (cancelled).
Friday 9th & Saturday 10th, February 2007 in Genting, Malaysia.
Sunday 11th, February 2007 in Singapore.
Tuesday 13th, February 2007 in the Philippines.
Sunday 18th, February 2007 in Yokohama, Japan.
Friday 23rd, February 2007in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


‘…a former resident of Duncroft - the school linked to Savile's suspected offending in 1964 - told Surrey police that she had seen the DJ assault a fellow pupil. This time, detectives began a proper investigation.

They carried out proper searches on the Police National Computer - the main system for recording crimes - and the then interim system for sharing intelligence short of a provable offence. This appears to be the first time that a record that was searchable by another force was created.

Surrey tracked down the victim who reluctantly confirmed the allegation but asked for the police to leave it. The force however pressed on and contacted 21 other pupils from the same year group. Two further victims were identified. Again, police found victims reluctant to help a prosecution.

Although Surrey felt it was struggling to get sufficient evidence for a charge, it interviewed Savile. He denied the allegations and referred to the fact that he knew senior officers in West Yorkshire…’

(Dominic Casciani / www.bbc.co.uk)

August 4th

Rolf Harris and Ed Stewart attend a Celebration of Offshore Radio, in London.

August 31

Cliff attended the Thanksgiving Service for Diana, Princess of Wales, at the Guards' Chapel.

September 9th

The Heartbeat Hike in Roundhay Park, Leeds.

The event was organised to celebrate Phab's Golden Jubilee.

‘…The ribbon to start the event was cut by The Lord Mayor of Leeds, Councillor Brain Cleasby and Sir Jimmy Savile, who called in to salute Phab's 50 years.

The event was organised by Ann Hart who has supported and helped to raise large sums of money locally in support of Leeds PHAB members over many years.

The Phab Heartbeat Hikes began in 1978 when Sir Jimmy Savile, who at the time was President of National PHAB, said: "Everyone's got a heartbeat even if they cannot walk".’

(Yorkshire Evening Post)


“..We’ve holidayed many times at Cliff’s homes… I think, actually, everybody in my family has a soft spot for Cliff… Just last Christmas we were at Cliff’s for Christmas dinner and Leo was performing for Cliff one of Cliff’s songs….”

(Cherie Blair, Variety Club, 19.09.2008)

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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 7:44 PM 


January 20th

BBC 1 ‘Lifeline’ - Rolf Harris appeal on behalf of Phab.


‘…Sussex Police received a complaint of sexual assault against Savile which took place in Worthing in 1970. The investigating officer discovered the information held by Surrey and the two forces talked.

The HMIC says that officers alerted each other to the "reluctance of their respective victims and both decided that neither was able to support the other.

"As a result, opportunities for mutual support were lost. A copy of the Sussex crime report was faxed to the Surrey officers." ’

(Dominic Casciani / www.bbc.co.uk)

Jimmy Savile started legal proceedings against The Sun newspaper, which had linked him in several articles to child abuse at the Jersey Children’s Home ‘Haut de la Garenne’…. a place in Jersey that Savile denied visiting, prior to the publication of a photograph showing him at the home surrounded by children.


May 5th

‘How Jimmy Savile fixed it for Maggie

Although best known as a cigar-chomping disc-jockey, forever raising money for charity, it appears that Sir Jimmy Savile is, in fact, a much valued behind-the-scenes advisor to the royal family and Lady Thatcher.

In an interview in this month's Esquire magazine, Savile, 81, (pictured) reveals how the Prince of Wales asked him help keep Sarah Ferguson, then married to Prince Andrew, out of trouble. At the time, the Duchess's relationship with the Texan oil heir, Steve Wyatt, was raining embarrassment down on the royals.

Savile says: "I was helping her not get publicity rather than to get publicity. To cool things down. It was all part of my odd ways of going on. The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover."

Many will be more surprised by the veteran broadcaster's intimacy with Lady Thatcher. He claims to have spent "11 consecutive Christmases at Chequers" with the Iron Lady.

"I knew the real woman and the real woman was something else," he says. "The times I spent up there [Chequers] ­ Denis, me and her, shoes off in front of the fire. There was no conversation really. Anyone with that sort of entree might be punting for any number of things, but I hardly said a word. She tippled to that."

Roger Ordish, a BBC producer and co-creator of Savile's long-running TV show Jim'll Fix It, said: "Jimmy has this strange authority without being a person in authority. He is definitely unique." ’


September 19th

Sir Cliff Richard 50th Anniversary Tribute Lunch is held at the Dorchester Hotel, London, in aid of the children’s charity the Variety Club of Great Britain.

Cliff is photographed kissing Cherie Blair (“..Tony, of course plays tennis with Cliff…”).

Among the other famous people attending this celebratory show business reception are Dame Cilla Black (“..It is true what Paul Gambaccini said about him - ‘What you see is what you get’ - he really is a nice guy…”), Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.


September 20th

Cliff Richard unveils a plaque to mark his 50th year associated with Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire. Photographed with Tim Rice, Jess Conrad and others.


Chris Denning is jailed, again:

‘..In 2008 he was extradited from Britain to Slovakia, where he was jailed.. for five years after being found guilty of producing child pornography…’


October 2nd

‘Jimmy Saville is a right dirty perv.

We met him in the 70s at a promo thing and he groped my mum - seriously groped her [yuk]’

Sidge, mumsnet

October 12th

‘2 days before Sir Cliff Richard's 68th birthday, Tony Wadsworth (BBC Radio Leicester) arranged for him to meet Will Chandler, or 'Cliff .. As If' as he is known professionally. Cliff .. As If is possibly the UK's favourite Cliff Richard performing lookalike and tribute act.’

November 15th

Cliff Richard appeals from Wembley Arena for BBC's annual ‘Children In Need’ fundraiser.

December 7th

The Royal Variety Performance celebrates its 80th anniversary as it returns to the London Palladium with a roster of stars from the worlds of music, comedy and theatre, performing in the presence of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Cliff Richard and the Shadows reform especially for the show.


‘…A further separate allegation was made in 2009 to police in Jersey. Police there concluded on legal advice they could not charge Savile - and they had no access to the information uncovered below because of the limited way that forces were sharing intelligence…’

(Dominic Casciani / www.bbc.co.uk)

April 26th

‘…Phab is a national charity dedicated to the integration of people with and without physical disabilities in the community. With Lord Snowdon as Patron, Ed Stewart as President and Rolf Harris and Sir Cliff Richard as Vice Presidents, Phab has provided support and services for its members since 1957, enabling disabled people to enjoy the same opportunities and challenges as able-bodied and bring them together on equal terms…’

(Mark Taylor's Fundraising Page)

circa-November 13th

“Even now the tabloids would pay a fortune for something on Cliff or me, albeit we are not as frontline as we were. His choice is to spend his life in the sunshine. My choice is to spend my life at Leeds Infirmary or Stoke Mandeville. We are not frontline entertainers but we’re still a name. Cliff? He’s single, he’s successful, he’s got a few quid, he’s got a clean, wholesome image, there’s nothing on him.”

(Jimmy Savile, IPS)

December 25th

‘Cliff Richard is actually creepy, isn’t he? He’s swaying away with some mashup of xmas songs and pop and holding hands with children’

DoctorBohemiangirl @Bohemiangirl

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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 7:46 PM 


April 8th

‘..Oh dear lord. Jimmy Savile, Maggie & Denis Thatcher, Cliff Richard, Claire Rayner and ‘keyring’ parties. Scary stuff…’

E @ElaineEdwards

May 10th

‘Cliff Richard once co-authored a series of Christian children’s books about the third world. I know ’cos I’m cataloguing the damn things.’

Ellen Cole @ellcol

May 18th

‘…Rolf Harris has been awarded both the MBE and OBE and is a Member of the Order of Australia. He is Patron of PHAB (physically disabled and able-bodied clubs throughout the UK) and CHATA (Children in Hospital and Animal Therapy Association)…’


May 28th

‘..David Hockney was obsessed with Cliff Richard and kept this headline from the local paper “Children cling to Cliff all night” ’

Karl Maughan @Earlmaughan

June 10th

‘SINGING legend Sir Cliff Richard is supporting a bid by a Chester tennis coach to raise money for Claire House Children’s Hospice.

Gary Ward, 48, of Peel Hall Park, Ashton Hayes, aims to raise a staggering £100,000 for the charity through two fundraising events.

The first, a 24-hour tennis marathon, will take place at Old Hall Country Club and Spa, Aldford Road, Huntington, on Saturday (June 12) – and Sir Cliff is urging people to take part.

He said: “I find it incredibly inspiring that people are pulling together and raising money for a such a great cause in such an innovative way.

“Claire House offers a haven for terminally ill children and I often donate to the charity via my trust. I urge everyone to enter, no matter what your ability or fitness level, as every entrant will help Gary reach his goal.”….’


September 15th

‘Orton couple's novel approach to help African orphans

BORIS Johnson and Sir Cliff Richard are just two of the celebrities set to feature in a new book written by an Eden couple raising crucial funds for children living in Africa.
Retired vicar Christopher Jenkin, 73, and his wife Mary, 63, of Orton, have already tried a variety of fundraising ideas to raise money for street children they witnessed living in poverty and hardship in Uganda…

The enterprising couple have now decided to write a book filled with people’s answers to the question ‘What is your favourite thing?’, with the proceeds going towards the hostel.

The Archbishop of York as well as former politician and BBC presenter Gyles Brandreth, have confirmed their involvement in the book….’

(Westmoreland Gazette)

‘…today he enjoys a life of enormous wealth and privilege following 50 successful years in show business, which he is currently celebrating with the aforementioned 14-date UK tour.

His career is unprecedented in the world of pop music, during which he has recorded an incredible 148 singles, 80 albums and 11 compilations. He has had a No 1 hit record in every one of the six decades of his career and has performed a record number of concerts all over the world…

He has a good circle of friends around St George's Hill and Virginia Water, and has had strong connections with the Christian community in Surrey, especially in Walton-on-Thames. The preacher David Pawson, who was formerly at the Millmead Centre in Guildford, has also had an influence on his thinking.

"One of my backing singers introduced me to a vibrant evangelical church in Walton, but it became difficult to attend church locally, because I was always singled out," he says…

Numerous Surrey charities have been supported over the years through the Cliff Richard Charitable Trust, either through donations or by Cliff making personal visits to schools, churches, hospitals and homes for special needs children. The Chertsey-based White Lodge Centre for children, young people and adults with disabilities, and the Princess Alice Hospice in Esher, for instance, are just two such beneficiaries….’

(Surrey Life)

October 8th

Of his friendship with John McElynn who moved into his house soon after Bill Latham had moved out, Cliff says:

“John shares my passion for tennis and is a great, great guy.

He will always be able to work as a priest whenever he wants, but at the moment his job is to look after my properties abroad. There is a lot of work involved and there is a great trust between us.

When Bill and I lived together, there were always stories about what people believed our real relationship was, but what nobody realised was that Bill's girlfriend was living with us, too.

Nobody asked about that, not that it was anyone else's business. When Bill decided to move out, it was because he and his girlfriend wanted to be alone together, simple as that.”

He likes to think any innuendo goes over his head…

“It used to worry me a lot because it's not fair on the other party. But I don't have to justify anything, and that way the rumour-mongers don't have any power over me.…”

(David Wigg / MailOnline)

October 14th

‘If the TV shows me that picture of Cliff Richard one more time….he’s 70. Great. Now let him get back to his rent boys.’

Adam Toth @AdamToth_

October 23rd

‘When Sir Cliff Richard set off in a double-decker bus in ‘Summer Holiday’, he was accompanied by Una Stubbs and her wholesome chums. When he embarks on his latest tour, he will, though, be joined by a most unlikely figure.

Mandrake hears that the Bachelor Boy, 70, is to undertake a 12-city tour of Germany with Boy George, 49, the cross-dressing Eighties star, who was imprisoned last year for the assault and false imprisonment of a male escort.

"What on earth is he doing?" asks one of Sir Cliff's loyal fans. "When he can fill arenas round the globe, why does he need to headline a tour on which Boy George also features?"

Next month's tour is part of the Night of the Proms festival, at which Sir Cliff, a committed Christian, will perform some of his best-known songs. As well as Boy George, whose band Culture Club enjoyed hits including ‘Church of the Poison Mind’, the line-up will also feature Kid Creole and the Coconuts, who are best known for the song ‘Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy’.

Bill Latham, Sir Cliff's agent, is keen to stress: "They won't, actually, ever be sharing a stage, or anything else, for that matter." ’

(Tim Walker. Edited by Richard Eden / The Telegraph)

December 15th

The annual Carol Concert in aid of Phab, held at St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London is presented by Phab’s President Ed Stewart and James Gaddarn.

Lionel Blair was one of those who gave a reading in the Church.

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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 7:48 PM 


January 3rd

‘Cliff Richard used to sing at my school assemblies #lametofame’

Roz Bott @VirtuallyRoz

March 11th

Visit of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh to the Prince Philip Centre, Leeds Phab Club:

‘Everyone was pleased to receive His Royal Highness on his third visit to the Phab Club, which proudly shares his name…’ (Ann Hart MBE, Club Leader)

March 28th

‘..Is it about Cliff Richard, young boys and a glass table?’

Jack @sven945

June 21st

‘Wimbledon fever is rife on the bus today. A Cliff Richard impersonator has been hired to sing us to work. Confused children cry in terror.’

Betfair Poker @Betfairpoker

July 12th

‘Cliff Richard will have a small cameo in the film version of ray cooneys run for your wife, rolf harris will also appear’

Cliff Richard @SirCliffNews

July 26th

‘..Hockney, ardent admirer of Cliff Richard, once used real headline “2 BOYS CLING TO CLIFF ALL NIGHT” as inspiration for a painting.’

Joe McLaren @JoeMcLaren

August 12th

‘Cliff Richard creeeeps me out. Really. As much as children dressed as adults and puppets’

Alexandra Mann @msalexandramann

September 10th

‘On commenting that Cliff Richard is looking good for his age, girlfriend observes: “All he does all day is play tennis and fuck young boys”.’

Pablo K @PabloK

September 20th

‘LOL i remember when Cliff Richard came to my primary school and sang to us!’

rach @heyimrachel_

October 17th

‘Sir Cliff Richard has suggested he would consider euthanasia if he develops Alzheimer’s.

The singer, 71, said he’d discussed the illness with one of his sisters after watching their mother Dorothy suffer with the disease for ten years.

He also revealed he had made a pact with the same sister to look after each other if they developed dementia.

Speaking in a BBC radio interview, he revealed: “I said, look if this happens to me, I’ll do the same for you if you’ll do it for me, don’t let it go on too long. And just make sure I’m looked after because I don’t want to be a burden on anybody else.”….’


October 29th

‘Enigmatic. Innovative. Original. Eccentric. Passionate. Unfathomable. Patriotic. Inspirational. #Sir Jimmy Savile OBE….’

Mike Read @MikeReadUK

‘National treasure Jimmy Savile is dead. Without meaning to puncture the respectful atmosphere, given all the eulogising going on it is perhaps worth remembering that there was a dark side to this family entertainer too.

Savile, star of children's television favourite Jim'll Fix It, sued the Sun in 2008 over a series of articles linking him to Haut de la Garenne, the Jersey children's home where human remains were found and children were allegedly tortured and sexually abused. He initially denied ever visiting the home, despite photographic evidence to the contrary.

In fact, Savile had close links to managers at the home. A journalist who reported on the case told me there are gruesome revelations waiting to surface that no newspaper felt able to publish at the time, given UK libel law.

And then of course there's Savile's reported friendship with Gary Glitter. (A case for phone hacking if ever there was one.)

Now that Savile is dead and no longer able to issue writs, how long before people start talking?’


October 31st

Death of a Showman : Jimmy Savile 1926-2011

The death of Jimmy Savile marks the end of the line for a man who lived a Jekyll and Hyde like existence.

On the one hand Jimmy was the flamboyant pop presenter who appeared regularly on TV and radio and seemed to personify much of the Swinging Sixties. On the other was a far less well known man who inhabited a hidden world where figures from politics and entertainment mixed alongside criminals to gratify their perverted lusts…

However, the abuse wasn’t confined to the Catholic clergy. A well-known IRA man during a deathbed confession sacrament told of kinky parties in Dublin and London, where young boys were brought by a well-known figure in the underworld who, my sources affirm, was East End gangster Ronnie Kray.

Apparently Kray had access to many London care homes and would have boys delivered to parties at DJ Alan ” fluff” Freeman’s large flat over a music shop in East London. There they would meet with show biz types and DJs including Jimmy Savile, Joe Meek and on occasion Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

Savile was among several men well known to local police, in fact Savile instigated the DJ disco genre solely to gain access to boys, and at that time, many of the DJs wanted access to androgynous scooter riding boys with their make up and Carnaby Street clothes…

Young persons counselor, Karen Porter, said last night: “many young boys in various care homes can sleep easier in their beds now that Jimmy Savile has gone”. ’

T Stokes London


November 3rd

>> Now then, now then <<

A Jimmy Savile mini-special

Since Popbitch launched in 2000, we've
often been asked which celebrity we'd had
most stories about. It's not David Beckham.
Nor even Paul Danan. "Jimmy Savile", was
always the answer. Among a host of strange
rumours is this one, the strangest. It
involved Mr Savile, a penchant for
necrophilia... and access to the morgue
at Leeds General Infirmary which, the
story went, he was given in return for his
charity work. We've been told this story
by probably 100+ people - including two
DJs, six journalists and a member of the
House of Lords - it was even supposed to be
one of Larry Grayson's favourite yarns. But
most often it was told to us by a Leeds
resident, the Rev Goatboy, late of this
parish, who always promised to leave
the evidence to support this wild theory
with one reliable person, on condition
we'd only use it after Savile's
death. Sadly, none of us can remember
who was supposed to have been the guardian
of this evidence. So we have none.
We'll have to add this magnificent
rumour to the pantheon of apocraphal
celebrity stories for now. Unless it's you
that has the evidence...

(popbitch issue 568)

November 9th

‘A host of famous faces from the world of showbusiness turned out to pay tribute to Sir Jimmy Savile at his funeral this afternoon.

Among the celebrities arriving at St Anne’s Cathedral in Leeds for the 2pm service were boxer Frank Bruno and veteran DJs Tony Prince and Mike Read.

Entertaining the crowd with impressions of Sir Jimmy, former BBC Radio 1 host Read said: “Today should be a celebration. He'd have loved it, a showman to the end.

"You don't want it to happen but if it's inevitable, the bigger the crowd the better. It's extraordinary.”

Read also brought a gift for his old pal, a Union flag card signed by the Bee Gees, who also sent flowers.

DJ Prince, 66, added: "He was my mentor. He was the mentor for DJs in Europe.

"He was unique throughout his life and he's a testament to kindness and goodness and being a damned good DJ.

"If there's a heaven, he'll be laughing now if he's got time. Because if there is a heaven, he'll be introducing Elvis on the clouds."…

Sir Jimmy was found dead at his flat in Roundhay, Leeds, on Saturday – just two days before his 85th birthday….’


November 10th

‘Have been in an edit suite...

Chris Evans | 14:25 UK time…

...for most of the morning, laying down a voice track for a Jimmy Saville doc that airs tomorrow night.

It is very very good. And very much an antidote to some of the less kind things that have been suggested about this famous and much loved son of Leeds.

He really was a one off, both the first and last face to be seen on Top Of The Pops - forty years apart. Set your recorders now. 8.30pm BBC1 tomorrow night.

Peace and Love




November 11th

‘Off to Birmingham for opening night of new Eighties Mania Show. Haven’t seen my 80s impressions of me, Geldof and savile we shot months ago’

Mike Read @MikeReadUK

November 13th

‘The sight of Cliff Richard make you want to hide your children’

Sláine Decamps @slaineyMINAJ

November 17th

BBC Radio 2 : Children In Need : Chris Evans request show : Cliff Richard

November 18th

Cliff visits BBC Radio 2 studios in support of the ‘Children In Need’ telethon.

December 1st

‘Bloody hell cliff richard is looking pretty damn sinister holding a wee tealight candle! Quick sway with children look friendly. Scary man!’

Carrie Bell @CrazyWeeBint

December 16th

‘#dtbd11 cliff richard likes choir boys POONANNY’

Stephen Springate @SJASpringate

December 19th

‘t’s Christmas time, so the first things that come into Cliff Richard’s head are: mistletoe (kissing), wine (getting drunk) & children (hmm)’

JonPerkins™ @Perkins1975

December 25th

‘Cliff Richard looks like he should be waiting outside children’s schools! #randomtweet’

: ) Iron Hobbit : ) @Eliseylou4

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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 7:56 PM 


February 8th

BBC Jimmy Savile "Cover Up Scandal" Coming

Whispers in the wind of a potential BBC scandal developing. Guido understands that tomorrow's edition of The Oldie magazine will shed some more light on rather unpleasant allegations about the late Sir Jimmy Savile and why a Newsnight report suggesting that he molested underage girls was mysteriously spiked.

Apparently The Oldie will reveal that the Newsnight report contained evidence that the abuse of minors involving Savile that took place on BBC premises in the 1970s and that two other celebrities both still alive were involved as well. Boom

The BBC said in December that Newsnight's report was never aired because there was not enough proof, but that line is now looking shaky. The article will allege that Mark Thompson has known of this contentious story for weeks. It seems there could be some intriguing questions for the DG to answer in the coming days.


February 13th

Harry Redknapp and Cliff Richard are among a host of celebrities who have rallied to support a campaign by an eleven year old cancer sufferer. Harry Moseley raised more than half a million pounds for brain tumour research by selling beaded bracelets. He sadly lost his battle with the disease in 2011. Now some of the celebrities who admired his passion and share his name are aiming for the million mark in his memory.


March 31st

Phab Limited

Trustees Report and Consolidated Financial Statements Year Ended


The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Snowden, GVCO


Ed Stewart

Vice Presidents

Mrs Margaret Benson
Lord Boswell of Aynho
Robert Brook, CBE
Hon. James Butler
Richard Cooper
John B W Corless, OBE
Anthony Engel
Francis H G Farmer
Michael Fitt, OBE, MI Hort, DMS, MI Mgt.
Princess George Galitzine OBE
Ronald P Hancock, FBIBA, ACII
Rolf Harris, CBE, AM
Michael Hollingsworth, FRGS
Lady Jean Mackensie, CBE
Sir Bert Massie, CBE
Sir Gerard Peat, KCVO
Dave Prowse, MBE
Sir Cliff Richard, OBE
Sir Hugh Rossi
Sir John Smith, QPM
Ashley Stephenson, LVO, MI Hort.
John M Taylor

May 16th

‘Sir cliff richard sang at my school, yes I said sir cliff richard #school memories’

jay @jayfynn

‘just remembered when cliff richard sang at my primary school, aww’

emily @_emilywilson

May 18th

‘…Some of Sir Jimmy’s door staff from the Spinning Disc worked with me at The Cats Whiskers Leeds. At the mention of his name they would smile, look up to the heavens and say “Ah! Jim”.

If they had stories to tell they were staying silent.

His autobiography “Love is an Uphill Thing” is a candid and intelligent book. There are chapters where he could perhaps have told us more, but not Sir Jimmy.

As a true member of MENSA – it was only proper that he left us some puzzles….’


May 30th

‘Incredible day with Sir Cliff Richard patron of @SSChospices With a fab sing-a-long of Summer Holiday with the children. V moving & special’

Karen Sugarman @KazSugarman

June 4th

Cliff Richard takes part in the Diamond Jubilee Concert.

Others participating include - Rolf Harris, Tom Jones and Elton John:

‘Cliff Richard ‘The Peter Pan of pop’…..Yeah because he hang’s around with a fairy and Lost boys #jubileeconcert’

Mr C @ZuluMcMuffin

‘Cliff Richard. Please stick to your vineyard, you’re frightening the children (and everybody else).’

Laura @laurien13

‘What’s the crack with Cliff Richard? Does he touch children?’

Megan Jones @megforehead

‘Rolf said he’s going to do “Two Little Boys” later……Cliff Richard says he is too…’

Ken Barlow @I_am_KenBarlow

‘I met Sir Cliff Richard when I was 8. He opened my school and then sang Yellow Submarine :D’

becs @electricalbloom

‘Fun fact: cliff richard performed at fern hill school once #jubileeconcert’

Katie @KatieLouiseeMay

‘can’t believe Cliff Richard came to my primary school to perform for us haha’

Brooke Tafazolli @brooketafazolli

‘Awww seeing Cliff Richard reminds me of when he came to my primary school, sang and opened the extension building happy.gif

Hayley Nash @hayley_baby94

June 5th

‘Cliff Richard is the sort of thing that children have recurring nightmares about. #jubilee’

Sarah @Username_Sarah

June 29th

‘Only disappointment is that Sir Cliff Richard didn’t come to meet my animals. He was in school for a concert but walked on by. #snubbed L’

Jonathan’s Jungle @JungleJonathan

June 30th

‘OH BABY! Starstruck new mums met pop legend Sir Cliff Richard when he paid a surprise visit to a Birmingham hospital.

The evergreen singer chatted and signed autographs at Birmingham Women’s Hospital’s neonatal unit hours before he ran with the Olympic flame last Saturday.

Aminata Sarr and her son Ibrahim, who was born prematurely, were among the families who met the 71-year-old.

“He was a really nice guy and spent around 15 minutes with us asking about Ibrahim’s health,” said Aminata, aged 37 and from Sparkhill.

“He even held his hand. It was a complete surprise to meet Sir Cliff but a really nice one.”…

Sir Cliff has visited the hospital on a number of occasions and members of his fan club have raised thousands of pounds for it…

Hospital Trust chairman Elisabeth Buggins added: “With Sir Cliff’s busy schedule as one of the torch bearers, we didn’t expect him to make time to visit us as well.

“But he spent an hour on the unit meeting parents, their babies and staff, taking the time to talk to people and have his photograph taken.

“We are so grateful to the fan club and Sir Cliff and we look forward to our continuing association with them.” The Cliff Richard Fan Club hopes to raise £15,000 for the hospital’s Tiny Babies Big Appeal, which is raising cash to support maternity and neonatal care.’

(Birmingham Mail)

July 8th

‘Cliff Richard there, wearing his special coat made out off the skins of all the children who have died in his attic.’

JB @NewsManc

‘In a random memory I’d repressed for 23 years cliff richard came to my school when I was little to teach us to play tennis.’

Adam Rymer @beatthatmyheart

August 1st

‘Just had to verify that we used to do concerts with Cliff Richard, at school, for a friend. Why would you pick him, if you were making it up?’

Alex Cutmore @alex_cutmore

August 16th

‘I have lights working but no power at the sockets. I need it like Cliff Richard needs the blood of children.’

Larry Forsyth @Oranjjuicejones

August 26th

‘..And Cliff Richard was arrested for “interfering” with boys by Sutton Police. Who were told to “drop it” by MI5 #Smokescreen ?’

Barry Checkley @Titteryenot1

August 29th

‘Google Rolf Harris and the wiki side-bar says that other people searched for Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard #just saying’

Steve Oliver @SteveOliver76

September 7th

‘Cliff Richard became a pop star so he could touch children all over the globe.’

Ben Elliot Lee @BennethKranagh

September 9th

‘…Ah #Scarborough memories of the #RadioOneRoadshows & @SmileyMileyUK have a good day there. Jimmy Savile country.’

Mike Read @MikeReadUK

September 20th

Jimmy Savile OUTED as a PAEDO OCT 3rd


Senior Member

‘Now then now then now then!!!???!!!



Wots been appenin' now then now then now then, come sit on me lap that one, the 13 year old!!!

Now then now them now then, as it appen's, boyz "n" girlz?!!!???

Now then now then now then!!!???!!!



I'm fooked, me!!!???!!

Jimmy Savile accused of sexually assaulting girls on ITV1 documentary…

ITV1 is to air a documentary featuring claims that Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted teenage girls in the 1970s.

Several women have alleged that the TV presenter, who died last year, abused them as underage teenagers, the Radio Times reports.

The women's interviews will feature in the programme, which is due to be broadcast on October 3 as part of ITV1's 'Exposure' documentary strand.

An ITV spokesman explained that the show was still being edited and refused to comment on reports that the alleged incidents - said to range from indecency to unlawful sex - involved girls as young as 13.




September 23rd

“I have no issue with age differences. I’m young at heart, so it’s a soul affinity that matters.”

“I behaved very, very badly. I’ve lived a promiscuous life but I’ve also had 30-odd years of a loving marriage to Sara. I can look at both those and say the faithful life is the best life.”

(William Roache, Sunday Mirror)

September 28th

‘Jimmy Savile Sex Abuse Exposed

BBC "Cover Up" Allegations Mounting

Guido has hinted at the coming BBC Jimmy Savile cover up scandal previously, and things are certainly hotting up today. The final edit has just been made of an explosive new documentary alleging that Savile sexually abused up to ten girls as young as thirteen while at the height of his fame. On BBC property.

As Guido reported in February it is claimed Savile molested underage girls in hospitals, schools and BBC studios, allegedly giving his victims seats in the audience in return for sexual favours. The spotlight will now fall on what the BBC knew and when, why a Newsnight report containing the allegations was mysteriously spiked and why they failed to inform the police about the evidence they had uncovered. New York Times president Mark Thompson, then the BBC Director General, has some very difficult questions to answer…’


October 1st

‘..Gambaccini said the world of showbiz had been aware of the claims of abuse by Savile for decades.

He added: “I’ve been waiting for this to come out for 30 years…”….’

(Daily Mirror, 02.10.2012)

October 2nd

‘..others find the present claims easier to believe. “These rumours were widely known in the Seventies and Eighties,” says one Fleet Street old-timer with inside knowledge. “He targeted vulnerable young girls, knowing that if there was any trouble it was his word against theirs and he was more likely to be believed. Journalists openly talked about it and there was no definite proof and people were scared of pursuing it.”….’

(Daily Express)

October 4th

‘…It’s very easy, now women are coming forward to state they were molested by Savile, to get angry at those who suspected his crimes and did nothing.

Very easy to say that the BBC, Paul Gambaccini – who claims he knew of his colleague’s proclivities for 30 years, the TV producer who saw him with his hand up a 14-year-old’s skirt and the executive who knew he’d spent the night in a hotel with a 12-year-old, are all complicit in the most heinous of crimes.

But the truth is, many of us, including journalists like myself, suspected and did nothing….’

(Brian Reade / www.mirror.co.uk)

October 5th

‘…DJ party fears

FORMER Radio 1 star Ed Stewart told last night how he and other BBC DJs
avoided parties thrown by Jimmy Savile because of rumours about him and
young girls.

“Stewpot”, 71, said Top of the Pops hosts warned each other not to get

He went on: “Rumours went around — don’t go to any party, or do anything,
where Jimmy is. There were girls of all ages there and you couldn’t be sure
how young they were.”….’


October 9th

‘Pete Townshend: 'I can get a bit self-righteous now'…

The only time he stonewalls is when I mention the allegations against Jimmy Savile:

“I don't want to comment on him because I know too much. I know him from the past, and I don't want to comment on him because he's dead.”….’

(The Guardian)

‘Freddie Starr did appear on Jimmy Savile show with accuser

By Daily Telegraph reporter

The video, originally broadcast on the BBC programme Clunk Click in 1974, showed a 14-year-old Karin Ward appearing in the background alongside Mr Starr.

He has previously refuted all allegations he touched Miss Ward inappropriately, and denied ever meeting her on the show.

Last night, Mr Starr conceded he had appeared on the programme, with his lawyer releasing a statement saying he had been "mistaken"...

...Mr Starr previously said he had met Savile only twice and added: "Don't tar me with the same brush as a scumbag and a paedophile."

The comedian, 69, strongly denied meeting the teenager who this week accused him of molesting her at the gathering.

An injunction banning reference to claims relating to Freddie Starr was overturned by a High Court judge….’

October 10th

‘It has been well kept secret that Jimmy Saville is a pedo and necrophiliac. I was told by a showbiz friend that knew the editor of a tabloid newspaper that was silenced. This is back in 1985. I remember telling my friends in school and they all scoffed and laughed. The same whistle blower also told me George Micheal was gay and it was being suppressed. I remember telling girls in my class but they wouldn’t believe it. Im telling you all now Jimmy Saville also interfered with dead bodies. The man was a complete monster and it has been suppressed by the media for over 40 years. Ooh personal friend of Prince Phillip by the way old pedo Jimmy was.’

(JEFF / comment on merovee.wordpress.com)

October 12th

‘So, they won’t show any Savile #totp show but tonight’s is presented by Ed Stewpot Stewart, some of us have red is autobiog. Just saying.’

Jerry Thomas @lushattic

October 14th

The David Icke Newsletter, October 14th, 2012

Hello all

Something of massive significance has happened in Britain in the last two weeks which might have been lost on most of the rest of the world. It concerns the revelations about serial child abuse over decades by a man considered by many to be a British 'icon' and 'national treasure'.

His name is Jimmy Savile and the reason the significance of what is happening may have passed most people by outside the UK is that Savile was a major figure in these islands, but little known beyond them. What, and who, he was involved with, however, is global in nature and has the potential to expose both the staggering scale of child sexual abuse and many of the mega-famous names for whom it is a way of life...

I was first told about the real Jimmy Savile in the late 1990s in conversations with people who had serious insider knowledge about the British royal family and they said that Savile had been a close friend of Prince Philip until they had fallen out after a 'big row'.

When I questioned why someone like Savile would be so close to the royal family I was told about his paedophilia and necrophilia (sex with dead bodies) and, of course, his famous voluntary work at hospitals would have given him potential access to the mortuaries......

October 15th

‘Are there no “national treasures” left? It will be Cliff Richard and Lionel Blair next!’

Brian Williams @BriW74

October 16th

‘In the gruesome Savilean scheme of things, the Hairy Cornflake accusations may seem comparatively trivial. Neither involves paedophilia, though the alleged victims are entitled to be less sanguine themselves. One woman, the newsreader Vivien Creeger, relates how he once popped into a Radio 4 studio and "jiggled my breasts" as she was broadcasting live to the nation. Another, unnamed at the time of writing, has given a police statement in which she unfondly recalls how, in 1977 when she was 17, he cordially invited her into his own studio and put his hand up her skirt.

Far be it from me to offer damage limitation advice after the event, but Mr Travis's denial would not, I think, impress Max Clifford or Malcolm Tucker. Having stoutly dismissed the claims as "utter bollocks", DLT whom a female interviewer recently alleged that he touched many parts of her body unbidden would have done well to leave it at that. Instead, before bolstering the denial with a steadfast "I refute any impropriety", he arguably compromised his own wholly gonadic analysis with a reflection on the prevailing sexual mores of the era. "It was a different world in the 70s," said Mr Travis. "All institutions were the same back then."

If by "institutions" he intended to refer to the minimum-security psychiatric hospital for terminally delusional self-perceived sex gods which Radio 1 increasingly appears to have been, hats off for letting that shard of insightfulness pierce the protective bubble of righteous indignation.…’

(Matthew Norman / The Independent)

‘Cliff Richard came to my primary school one time to give us some tennis equipment, im pretty sure he went to a lot of schools doing this.’

WestÖbee @Westobee

October 22nd

Lesley-Ann Jones

Monday, 22 October 2012


Three things allowed Jimmy Savile to become one of the most notorious sex offenders of all time: apathy, a blind eye and a mute tongue. Within a culture of indifference, a refusal to acknowledge what they saw or to speak up about what they knew, the DJ, TV presenter and charity fundraiser's friends, colleagues and even family members colluded with a monster. Vile Savile, we now know, used and abused the weak, the vulnerable, the ignorant and the under-age. Many people knew what he was doing. Not only fellow BBC employees, but good, clean record company folk, no strangers to sex and drugs and rocknroll, mind - the likes of an old chum of mine, a former EMI executive, who confesses to me today, 'A lot of us know too much. We may not have known at the time it was all happening the full depth of his depravities, the alleged necrophilia and so on ... but we knew he was coercing girls and some boys under the age of consent into sexual activity. There was a mutual dislike between him and we industry personnel. He kept his distance from us.'

I bet he did.

Another music business pal responded to my email today to say, 'What investigations have uncovered thus far is but the tip of the iceberg. I know everything, and I truly wish that I didn't. It disgusts me, and it makes me lose sleep. It has done for years. I always think, what if it had been my own kids? But I'm keeping my distance from any Savile association, sorry.'

Isn't this precisely why and how he was able to get away with it for so long? And aren't such people, my friends though they are, as guilty as Savile himself?...


October 23rd

‘Jimmy Savile’s former BBC radio colleague Paul Gambaccini claimed on Tuesday it was known among staff that the late presenter targeted vulnerable, “institutionalised” young people.

And he alluded to claims Savile had been involved in “necrophilia” and questioned why newspapers had failed to run stories about suspicions while he was alive.
Gambaccini worked with Savile at Radio 1 where he had first heard stories about his abuse of under-age girls.

He told Radio 5 Live presenter Nicky Campbell…

“The expression I came to associate with Savile’s sexual partners was either one used by production assistants or one I made up to summarise their reports ... ‘under-age subnormals’,” said Gambaccini.

“He targeted the institutionalised, the hospitalised - and this was known. Why did Jimmy go to hospitals? That’s where the patients were.”…

“It was considered so far beyond the pale that people didn’t believe it happened,” he said during the 5 Live Breakfast Show.

And he said the problems with failing to call Savile to account went well beyond the BBC.

He questioned why newspapers had not acted when he said a tabloid reporter had boasted that his colleagues were aware of a story linking Savile to “necrophilia”.

Campbell pointed out: “That particularly lurid accusation that you have just brought to people’s attention is one that has not been in the public domain.”

Gambaccini agreed and asked “why not?” And he asked: “Who vetted the knighthood? Coco the clown?”….’

(The Huffington Post)

October 26th

‘Cliff Richard
Bobby Ball
Simon Mayo
Brucey forsythy
Dave lee Travis
Feddie Starr’

‘A mate of mine was telling me a story that his ex-girlfriends dad used to know DLT a little and was invited to a party where there were quite a few radio stars, DLT being one of them. My mate said that his ex-girlfriend said that DLT was a proper perving all over her and that she was about 13 at the time. She said he was a very creepy man.’

(Peado sweepstake / The Libertines Forum)

October 26th

‘I’m a Christian and I always got a bad vibe from Billy Graham. David Icke has called him out now. It is so sad how they twist the word of God that even Christians are fooled.’

(andiliz / What is Cliff Richard? / David Icke Forum)

October 28th

Gary Glitter, former singer (real name Paul Gadd), is arrested over allegations of sexual offences dating back to 1977, as part of Operation Yewtree:

‘Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations, predominantly the abuse of children, against the British media personality Jimmy Savile and others. The investigation, led by the Metropolitan Police Service, started in October 2012. After a period of assessment it became a full criminal investigation, involving inquiries into living people, notably other celebrities, as well as Savile…’


‘…The Metropolitan Police declined to say what led to his arrest, which comes after claims Glitter raped a girl in Savile's dressing room in front of the television presenter.

The Yard has launched a criminal investigation into allegations that Savile was part of a sex ring, with other members who remain alive.

The Met police's investigation involves 400 separate lines of inquiry and more than about 300 alleged victims.

Earlier this month it was alleged that Glitter raped a girl of 13 in his dressing room at BBC’s television centre.

The attack, in the 1970s allegedly took place as Savile was groping a 14-year-old in the same room at the corporation….’

(Andrew Hough, The Telegraph)

October 30th

‘...and, of course, the further news that came out, was about his brother, Johnnie, who was my neighbour, for over 15 years! He did lots of 'good works' with children, too! He was supposedly charged and taken to court over molesting a child in a local psychiatric unit! They certainly know how to pick their targets, these disgusting men! I can't remember anything about that but my son said he'd heard about it, as soon as Johnnie moved into our road! He put on many parties for kids at Richmond Hill Hotel, always sponsored by the local police!!

What astounds me is that the mother could've raised two boys who grew up to become child molesters!! What on earth went on in that family? Everyone's saying how sorry they are for his, Jimmy's, family.. I don't, for one! The mother must've known of her sons' proclivities? Ugghh..doesn't bear thinking about.…’

(diosh / Virtual Tourist - Miscellaneous Forum)

November 2nd

‘RT“@SkyNewsBreak: Sky Sources: Cliff Richard has been arrested by police in connection with the Savile investigation”’

hash @QuiGonJah

November 3rd

‘THE paedo radio legend outed by John Simpson has been named as Derek McCulloch - the voice of kiddie’s favourite Larry the Lamb…

…the London Review of Books yesterday named McCulloch.

The star… was Uncle Mac in BBC Radio’s Children’s Favourites and Children’s Hour, and played Larry in Toytown.

Simpson uncovered the presenter’s depravity while researching his obituary. An unnamed woman branded him “an evil old bastard”.

The respected London Review of Books said: “The Corporation turned a blind eye, just as it later would with Savile…”…’

(The Sun)

November 7th

‘Spotted in Heathrow: Cliff Richard coming in from Thailand… A name I’ve heard in connection with something topical.’

Dave @TheDaveSilver

November 24th

‘the cliff richard secret. scotland yard keeping secrets. SECRETS. won’t someone think of the children?’

Miss Spooky @MissSpookySpook

December 6th

Max Clifford arrested:

‘The publicist was held at his Surrey home at 7.40am on suspicion of sexual offences and taken to Belgravia police station in central London for questioning.

He was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, the investigation into allegations of sexual offences surrounding Savile and others, before being released at around 9.20pm on Thursday.

Speaking outside the police station, a shocked-looking Clifford said: "These allegations are damaging and totally untrue.

"On a personal level, they are very distressing for myself, my wife, my family and loved ones.

"Anyone who really knew me all those years ago and those who have known me since will have no doubt that I would never act in the way that I have today been accused."….’

(Channel 4 News)

December 13th

‘“Christmas time/Mistletoe and wine/Children singing christian rhyme” Cliff Richard celebrates giving poisoned alcohol to brainwashed minors’

Daniel @DMCSarf

December 19th

‘By Tom Pettifor

Jimmy Savile's friend 'Uncle Ted' arrested: Police quiz ex-BBC producer for 11 hours on suspicion of sex offences

Jimmy Savile's ex-producer Ted Beston was arrested in a dawn raid today.

It came on the day an inquiry revealed BBC bosses were warned about pervert Savile's "darker side" while he was still alive.

Beston, 76, who the late star dubbed Uncle Ted on his radio show, was quizzed for 11 hours on suspicion of sex offences.

He is the eighth man to be arrested by Operation Yewtree cops probing abuse allegations in the wake of the Savile scandal.

Police say dad-of-four Beston, who worked at the BBC for three decades, was being probed as part of their inquiry termed "Savile and others" meaning the claims are linked to the shamed star.

Widower Beston worked with the paedophile DJ on various Radio 1 shows including Savile's Travels a programme from 1968 to 1973 featuring Savile as he journeyed across Britain in a caravan….’

(Daily Mirror)

December 20th

‘@realshanerichie I went to Copland school many many years ago before we moved to Leicestershire. I bet it has changed cliff Richard came x’

Lesley A Field @lesleyAField

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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 7:59 PM 


January 13th

‘1 of the world’s most famous singers is to be arrested by Savile Cops accused of abusing primary school boys, my money’s on Cliff Richard!!!’

Miss Orry @missorry

February 14th

To promote the film ‘Run For Your Wife’ in which they appear, Sir Cliff Richard, Rolf Harris and Barry Cryer busk, and are also interviewed by Vicki Michelle outside the Shaftesbury Theatre, London.

Among many others with parts in this flop film are Christopher Biggins, Lionel Blair and Jess Conrad.

March 9th

‘my dads is retired police he told me once about cliff being caught in the back of a van in a layby, doing sex acts with a man. he said it was all hushed up but common knowledge’

(hells bells / chrisspivey.org)

March 26th

‘Coronation Street actor Bill Roache has spoken out to condemn public attacks on celebrities who have been accused of sex crimes.

Speaking on Monday night on a TV show in New Zealand, the actor called for stars to be allowed to keep their identities secret.

The warning from Bill, who plays Ken Barlow on the soap, comes just days after he said sex abuse victims 'brought it on themselves' due to actions in their past lives...

Bill is referring to a string of celebrities who have been charged with offences against children since the Jimmy Savile story broke.

These include his Corrie co-star Michael Le Vell and veteran broadcaster Stuart Hall, while Jim Davidson has been arrested over sexual offences claims.…’


April 19th

‘Rolf Harris arrested. Now police need to ask what committed Cristian Cliff Richard was doing at child-abuse B&B #elmguesthouse! Unsavoury!’

Dame Alun Roberts @ciabaudo

April 26th

North Yorkshire Police arrest Jimmy Tarbuck for questioning over an alleged sexual assault on a young boy in the late-1970s. He is let out on bail.

June 6th

‘A POLICE force has released a song encouraging residents to protect their homes from burglars this summer.

Bedfordshire Police have launched their own version of Cliff Richard’s hit tune ‘Summer Holiday’, with their lyrics telling people to lock their doors and windows when they go out.

It was recorded by volunteers and the force said it was ‘produced to grab peoples’ attention in a light hearted way’.

E-communications manager Andrea Briggs helped create the burglary reduction song.
She said: “People know what to do to protect their homes but they don’t always remember to do it.

“This song is a light hearted way of grabbing their attention and giving them a gentle reminder to take action themselves and Stay Safe.

“No-one wants to have their holiday ruined because they failed to take a few easy steps to secure their home.

“You don’t have to be a fan of Cliff Richard to enjoy the song but we do hope people will listen and have a laugh as they lock their windows and doors properly!”’

(Luton on sunday)

July 9th

‘Nazareth City – British pop and rock and roll icon Sir Cliff Richard recently paid a visit to the city of Nazareth. Sir Cliff Richard , the English singer was in Israel to perform two concerts as a part of his Still Reelin’ and A-Rockin’ tour. Two days before his concerts in Tel Aviv, Richard made it a priority to visit Nazareth, where he was welcomed by Mr. Ramiz Jaraisy, the mayor of Nazareth, and Mr. Tareq Sheada, the director of the Nazareth Cultural and Tourism Association…

His visit was organized by the Nazareth Cultural and Tourism Association, and included a tour of the city, as well as a reception at the local YMCA…

At the end of the day, the municipality held a reception for Richard at the local YMCA. Richard, an avid tennis player, admits that his love for the sport leads him to encourage and nurture young tennis players. In past years, Richard has been a staunch supporter of the Nazareth Tennis School, a local tennis association with more than 200 students. Through his philanthropic efforts, Richard donated two tennis courts to the city, which allow the young tennis students to practice and develop their skills. The day’s activities concluded with a friendly tennis match between Richard and Mayor Jaraisy on one of the courts that Richard had donated.’


August 21st

‘what has to be remembered cliff richard was spoken to by yewtree and fernbridge concerning child abuse at elm guest hse’

james reeves @reeves3915

September 4th

Cliff Richard is interviewed about Princess Diana:

“…All I know is a very sweet and beautiful woman who was in desperate need of help in dealing with the press; and then she learned how to deal with them and then they didn't like her another way because they then felt manipulated. Whereas when they were manipulating her it didn't seem to matter, so it all evens out in the long run….”


September 12th

‘@ExaroNews Can you confirm that there is active police file on Sir Cliff Richard going back decades by Scotland Yard and others forces.’

Martin Walkerdine @mwalkerdine

‘Just Googled Rolf Harris and it suggests I also look up Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter and Cliff Richard. Cliff must be a kiddy fiddler’

Miles @Miles_Tarbox

September 16th

‘To all my followers in the U.K.: Sir Cliff Richard was at my school’s football game last Saturday. I saw him on the sidelines. Who is he?’

Danny Shapiro @DannyShapiro13

September 17th

‘Photo: Fairfield school GCSE students being congratulated by… Cliff Richard? tmblr.co/Z7kaWyvHepTh’

Mark @marktristan

‘@marktristan I wonder what % of GSCE students know who Cliff Richard is?’

‘@marktristan Perhaps he polls highly at Fairfield school’

Jonathan @jonathanmorgan

September 19th

‘The Met has now officially confirmed that Cyril Smith was a patron of #elmguesthouse child abuse brothel. So what about Cliff Richard?’

Dame Alun Roberts @ciabaudo

October 10th


Friends of PHAB Leeds received Royal recognition from HRH Prince Andrew at the Duke of York’s Community Initiative ceremony held at the Spa Royal Hall Bridlington…’ (Phab, Winter 2013 newsletter)

October 20th

Dream holiday for ill children: Sir Cliff Richard meets staff and children before boarding a British Airways Dreamflight plane before it flies to Florida, USA.

He is interviewed at Heathrow Airport about the UK charity based Dreamflight Trip. Two Hundred seriously ill and disabled children will be flown from London to Florida for a two week trip. Cliff is shown on ITV News greeting some of the children at the airport.

He also performs a special rendition of ‘Summer Holiday’ on the plane to the children.

• Cliff flew into Heathrow recently to wave off 192 seriously ill children for their 10 day Dreamflight holiday to Disney World in Florida. Cliff has been Patron of Dreamflight - a charity supported by British Airways - for 20 of its 27 years and in that time over 5000 chronically sick and terminally ill youngsters have experienced the excitement and magic of a dream holiday.


‘@DailyMirror @Holborncompany haven’t the kids been through enough?’

tellurianna @tellurianna

‘@DailyMirror @Holborncompany now then now then’

Chris Dennigan @amazd_at_it_all

October 29th

‘Let it be Cliff Richard, please let it be him. My money for the other chap is on Lionel Blair - hope it isnt, but look at him ffs! #yewtree’

Newton @WastedTrucker

‘A former BBC chauffeur, who was found dead on the day of his trial for child sex offences, was a prolific paedophile with 22 previous convictions for offences against boys, it has been revealed.

David Smith, 67, who was charged with sex offences as part of the Jimmy Savile inquiry, was found dead in his home in Lewisham, South London on Monday.

Mr Smith, 67, who drove for TV personalities including Savile in the 1980s, had been due to stand trial for allegedly abusing a 12-year-old boy in 1984.

When he failed to show a warrant was issued for his arrest, with officers discovering a body when they arrived at his home.

There are fears that he took his own life, the Sun reported…

Smith was the first person to be charged under Operation Yewtree, the national investigation prompted after claims were made against disgraced TV presenter Savile…’

(Hayley Dixon / The Telegraph)

November 1st

It is reported that Paul Gambaccini has been arrested on suspicion of historical sexual offences - the 15th person to be held under Operation Yewtree, launched in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal. He was released on bail and his spokesman said that he denied the allegations.

November 3rd

‘Smoothy Jess Conrad, who spent most of the Seventies in Godspell and Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, feels he’s come full circle in his career: he’s been asked to play a child molester.

“I’ve gone from playing Jesus to a paedophile,” says the actor. “It’s for a movie called Mob Handed. I die in the end so it’s OK.”….’

(Adam Helliker / Sunday Express)

December 1st

‘December. Traditionally the time of year Cliff Richard climbs out from under his rock, that just happens to be outside a primary school’

SuperFriendly @SuperFriendly

December 9th

‘Cliff Richard’s nephew is a family friend but that doesn’t stop me wanting some rum rumours to come out about him immediately.’

geps @edgardavidsgeps

December 14th

‘In 300 years the story will be told that every year at Christmas Cliff Richard breaks into the homes of naughty children’

Scott Malthouse @scottmalt

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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 8:07 PM 


February 2nd

‘Paedophile Jimmy Savile's claims to be close to the Queen's cousin were hushed up by police, it has been claimed.

The disgraced ex-Top Of The Pops presenter told Surrey Police detectives in a 2009 interview that the first time he attended Duncroft Approved School for Girls in Staines, Surrey, was with Princess Alexandra, now 77.

It is claimed that Savile abused girls at the school.

All mention of Princess Alexandra, the youngest granddaughter of King George V and Queen Mary and the widow of Sir Angus Ogilvy, was blacked out when transcripts of the police interview were released in October.

But following an appeal by the Daily Star Sunday the Information Commissioner's Office, Surrey Police have released fresh transcripts with at least four mentions of her.

He told detectives: '... right I went there, with Princess Alexandra, and Alex was a friend of mine anyway, still is.'

Savile later added: 'Now that was a great day we all had, the first time I ever went there.'

Chillingly, Savile wrote in 1974 biography: 'Princess Alex is a patron of a hostel for girls in care. At this place I'm a cross between a term-time boyfriend and a fixer of special trips out.'….’


February 4th

‘My lunch companion’s opening gambit: “Did I ever tell you my Cliff Richard/ Gary Glitter story?” Er, no, but go on…’

Kevin O’Sullivan @TVKev

February 8th

‘Police are set to review information they received from "a number of other people" during the trial of Coronation Street star William Roache, who was cleared of historic sex offences against five women.

Roache, 81, who plays Ken Barlow in the ITV soap, was found not guilty by a jury of two counts of rape and four counts of indecent assault following a four-week trial at Preston Crown Court.

Lancashire Police said they had been contacted with "further information", but said there is "no current investigation".

A spokeswoman said: "During the course of the trial of Mr Roache, a number of other people have contacted the police with further information.

"This information will be reviewed to ascertain what action, if any, needs to be taken in relation to it.

"Mr Roache was acquitted of all the charges in the trial and there is no current investigation."

It has been reported that the information came from three women….’

(The Independent)

February 16th

‘The wife of disgraced BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall is said to be divorcing him after allegations that he raped two teenage girls have emerged.

Despite standing by her husband of 56 years after he was jailed for 30 months on a string of sex offences last year, Hazel Hall, 76, is now said to want to 'move on with her life'.

It comes as former It's a Knockout star Hall, 84, faces 15 fresh historic sex assault claims against two teenage girls.

The Sunday Mirror reports that Mrs Hall has instructed lawyers to initiate divorce proceedings.

The former It's A Knockout host was jailed for 15 months in June but, after widespread public outrage over the 'unduly lenient' prison term, his sentence was doubled at the Court of Appeal.

At the time Hall was described as an 'opportunist predator' by the Crown Prosecution Service.

The 84-year-old from Wilmslow, Cheshire, admitted 14 counts of indecent assault against girls aged between nine and 17 over a period of almost 20 years after initially denying the allegations.

Lancashire Police later confirmed that they had received 'further allegations' about the veteran broadcaster.

He now faces 15 charges of rape against two teenage girls - one allegedly between 1976 and 1978, and the second between 1976 and 1981.

Both were claimed to have happened in the Manchester area.

It has also been revealed that Hall - who was last year stripped of his OBE by the Queen - is being sued by seven of his victims….’

(Amanda Williams / MailOnline)

March 24th

North Yorkshire Police announce that Jimmy Tarbuck will not be charged with any offence related to his arrest in April last year.

March 30th

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice issue statement on paedophile associate:

‘Alan Doggett was the music master at Westminster Under School, where he taught Andrew’s younger brother Julian. He became a friend of the Lloyd Webber family when Andrew was twelve.

‘Doggett asked Andrew in 1967 whether he and Tim would write an end of term concert piece for the preparatory school Colet Court. The consequence was “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

‘Doggett had a track record of success with schools music. His choir had recorded previously the Daniel Jazz and the Jonah Man Jazz which were considered successes in the schools music field in the mid 1960s.

‘At the time of his death we had not seen him for some time. His suicide in 1978 and the fresh allegations that were made around that time came as a complete shock to us.

‘Neither of us had ever heard of the Paedophile Information Exchange until very recently and obviously had no idea that Alan Doggett was connected with it or that he could be a danger to children.’

(Norman Lebrecht / slippedisc.com)

April 1st

‘had a dream that I was back at Ayr academy for a school disco and Cliff Richard turns up and starts belting out heart of glass, everyone ran’

Nadine Robertson @naddoggg_

April 8th

‘Still looking for information on what happened with Alan Doggett at City of London School and London Boy Singers’

Ian Pace Campaigner @ian_pace

April 11th

‘@lsherrington1 I once saw Cliff Richard in my school hall. Not sure who arranged it but I WILL get them..’

Jack London @jacklondonexile

May 2nd

‘Max Clifford, the celebrity publicist who made his name helping the most famous people protect their reputation, has been sentenced to eight years for a string of indecent assaults.

The 71-year-old was found guilty on Tuesday by a jury at Southwark Crown Court, becoming the first person to be convicted under sex crime investigation Operation Yewtree.

He was convicted of eight counts of the crime against four women between 1977 and 1984.…’

(Channel 4 News)

May 7th

‘I see Freddie Starr got the let off that he was seeking.

Quite why he got let off the sex abuse charges when he was clearly caught out fucking lying about one of the cases, is beyond me.

After all, when he was first questioned he categorically denied ever meeting Karin Ward (14 or 15 years old at the time), let alone sexually assaulting her, which would indicate that he was aware of whom the police were talking about when he was being questioned.

It then emerged that not only had he met Karin, he was in a video clip with her:

Last night Starr's lawyers issued a statement admitting the mistake, but still strenuously denied the "awful allegation" of abuse, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Therefore, that initial strenuous denial calls his guilt into question as far as I am concerned.

Yet Karin wasn't the only one accusing the comedian.. There were another 12 alleging that he sexually abused them!

So, after going through the ordeal of coming forward and making the allegations an act that is incredibly brave and horribly daunting for an abuse victim all 13 are now told in so many words that they wasted their fucking time.

Well twelve of them are anyway. The other one was told that "it wasn't in the interests of the public" to proceed with the case.…’


June 26th

‘..A series of internal investigations published yesterday charted how the DJ became the most prolific sex attacker in living memory.

The mass of NHS reports into his crimes published yesterday revealed how Savile boasted about having sex with corpses and had jewellery made from glass eyes he removed from their bodies.

The sick paedophile also gloated to others that he enjoyed 'posing' with the corpses and said that he would 'wheel them around' at night at Leeds General Infirmary.

Investigators discovered the late DJ and Top of the Pops presenter claimed at least 103 victims aged between five and 75.

Starstruck NHS workers allowed Savile free reign to sexually abuse patients and hospital staff 'didn't want to hear or believe' what his young victims were saying, the report said.

They detailed his 50 year reign of terror at 28 institutions including Leeds, Broadmoor and Stoke Mandeville hospital….’

(Chris Greenwood and Martin Robinson / MailOnline)

July 2nd

‘BEFORE his conviction this week on 12 counts of indecent assault Rolf Harris had been planning an album of duets with fellow stars. In autumn 2012 the disgraced entertainer proudly announced: “I’m recording an album of folk songs including duets with Sir Cliff Richard, Kate Bush, and Bonnie Tyler.” Is it safe to assume this project has been placed on the back burner indefinitely?’

(HICKEY, Daily Express)

July 6th

‘Linda Nolan claims Rolf Harris groped and LICKED her when she was 15

By Claire O'Boyle

Linda Nolan shuddered as she relived the chilling moment sex predator Rolf Harris pounced on her when she was 15.

The budding star was beginning a six-week tour with her singing sisters working as a support act for the pervert entertainer in South Africa when he cornered her in a backstage corridor.

She was wearing only a dressing gown and on her way to get ready for their performance when Harris, then 44, moved in.

"I had been to the loo and was walking to our dressing room," said Linda, 55, speaking for the first time about the ­terrifying encounter.

"He suddenly came out of nowhere and in seconds his hands were all over me.

"He came right up to me and got me in a huge bear hug. His arms were all over my back, right around me so his hands were touching the sides of my breasts...…’

(Daily Mirror)

July 8th

‘Cliff Richard came to my primary school to give us all a “tennis lesson”. Looking back that doesn’t seem so innocent now…’


‘@ian_pace Cliff Richard visited City of London School. Friend of Tim Rice.’

Daniel Transit @danieltransit

July 29th

‘…Apart from his annoying god-bothering warblings, he became of comic value owing to his sexuality. Or rather, his shyness about it. His memoirs are full of love and affection about the man he lives with and goes nearly everywhere in the world accompanied by, ex Catholic priest Father John McElynn. Apparently he’s his ‘companion’. Yet, Cliff Richard would neither confirm nor deny he was gay.

This public haziness was similar to the smokescreen put out by Jimmy Savile. After Savile’s death and the subsequent quite horrific revelations, a lot of people, myself included were not only shocked by the revelations, but also shocked that he didn’t seem to have been exclusively homosexual. I’d always assumed he was. So had most people. Yet, Savile wasn’t. He was awful.

Cliff Richard surrounds himself with an almost identical haziness to Savile’s…

Yet, it’s very interesting watching Facebork and t’internets as those who hate him and those who love him battle over his innocence.

Old women will frantically post and re-post anything that appears to profess and confirm his innocence. Bitter old men will frantically post and re-post anything that appears to profess and confirm his guilt.

Yet, none of them actually know, do they?

It would make more sense for these people who don’t know Cliff Richard to say, “I hope that…” or “I don’t know”.
Instead they write angrily and adamantly as if they have studied surveillance tapes from the last 40 years, or been part of Cliff Richard’s inner circle, or even one of his, er, shadows. They haven’t….’

(Christopher England)

July 30th

‘@YoungN_Inspired users thank Sir Cliff Richard Charitable Trust for donation! 800 children thank you!’

Young And Inspired @YoungN_Inspired

August 2nd

‘…Many years ago I had a florist business (1980s) and one of the guys who worked with me was Gay. He told me that Rock Hudson was gay, which I refused to believe. Then Hudson died of AIDS, and it was revealed that he was, indeed a gay man. He told us about many other celebrities that were gay as well, but I make this clear being gay does not mean the person is a paedophile, nor does contracting AIDS mean a person is gay. Cliff Richard’s penchant for young boys revealed to me back then, but was never revealed in the main news media. The secrets I have locked up in my head need a few more facts before I start to investigate and write about them, but sadly there are people we ‘love’ as actors who are yet to be outed.’

(Dave Knight / comment on ‘Does This BANNED Video Prove Cliff Richard is a Paedophile?’http://www.theduckshoot.com/does-this-banned-video-prove-cliff-richard-is-a-paedophile/ )

August 8th

‘The plastic surgery/Botox/ whatever it is on Paul McCartney & Cliff Richard on Graeme Norton tonite is scaring the children.’

Mike Anderson @mikeachch

August 14th

‘ 'The allegations are completely false': Cliff Richard speaks out as police search his home amid claims underage boy was sexually abused at rally hosted by Billy Graham in 1985

By Sam Webb and Dan Bloom For Mailonline

Sir Cliff Richard has today vehemently the claim that he committed a sexual offence with a boy under the age of 16 in the 1980s.

The 73-year-old's luxury apartment in Sunningdale, Berkshire, was searched today for five and a half hours by eight plain-clothes police officers.

A police spokesman said the allegation involved a boy under 16 years of age and dated from the 1980s in the South Yorkshire area.

Sir Cliff released a statement calling the allegation 'completely false' and says he will 'co-operate fully' with the police investigation.

It is understood the alleged abuse is claimed to have taken place at a major rally at Sheffield's Bramall Lane stadium in 1985, which was hosted by the US evangelist preacher Billy Graham...

The search ended at around 3.30pm, five unmarked cars, each with three to four people inside, were seen leaving the gated development.

Police are believed to have been at the property for around five hours...…’

‘I remember Cliff Richard coming to my school….it was an all boys school #PaedoCvnt’

Matty Nemesis @MattyNemesis

‘@MattyNemesis He came to may school circa 1971, was a friend of a teacher who also happened to be a scout master. Also an all boys school.’

rob perrin @Bluemoon1956

‘@Bluemoon1956 My school was Paedo Central Fred Talbot was our Biology Teacher!’

Matty Nemesis @MattyNemesis

‘Cliff Richard & Rolf Harris both opened my Primary School fetes…’

Doctor Whizzago @Doctorwhizz

‘Cliff Richard came to my school years ago, he got pelted with pennies and told to jog on. Today I’m proud of that kid I once was!’

Tom Davis @BigTomD

‘I always wondered y cliff Richard used to always ask boys to work the shaft in his visits to David Lloyd back in the day! #tennis #touching’

Ross Phillips @Rossi_Phillips

‘There have been allegations regarding Cliff Richard’s activities with young boys in West Yorkshire, Sussex & Richmond. Join the dots #Hydrant’

Andy Barnett @AndyBarnett6

‘It’s quite dark that cliff Richard lived opposite a school’

Marty Mcfly @georgel1892

‘“@Telegraph: Sir Cliff Richard insists: I am not a paedophile” oh what a tangled Harry Webb we weave ….’

Greg @ New Farm™ @greg_new_farm

‘Friend who worked in Kenya years ago, told me many things about #cliffrichard. Only a matter of time.’

Penelope Read @Jandouglan

‘So Charters in on the news..’

robyn snowden @robynsnowden

‘@robynsnowden why?!’

Ciara @ciara_gj

‘@ciara_go something about Cliff Richard and he lives opposite school I think’

robyn snowden @robynsnowden

‘Cliff Richard’s apartment complex, disguised as a school it seems.’

Ricardo Autobahn @ricardoautobahn

‘[Cliff Richard’s home] is opposite a secondary school, with no other homes within 400 yards of the main gates. express.co.uk/news/uk/499479...’

Troy @snowfaked

‘Don’t believe Cliff Richard is the type. If it had been Giles Brandreth or Christopher Biggins then I would’ve believed it.’

Nedward @Ned_Stevens

August 15th

Police investigating a claim of an historic sex offence by Sir Cliff Richard said today the media coverage of his home being searched has led to a number of people coming forward with information.

‘My mum knew a friend of singer Russ Conway, who told her in the 1960s, that Cliff Richards had a strong sexual preference for young boys. She was really shocked but said the person had no reason to lie…….I have always been suspicious of him since I first heard that over 30 years ago…’

(sweety pie / comment on ‘Does This BANNED Video Prove Cliff Richard is a Paedophile?’http://www.theduckshoot.com/does-this-banned-video-prove-cliff-richard-is-a-paedophile/ )

August 16th

‘For a taste of what Cliff is going through, read NO FURTHER ACTION by Jim Davidson or see his show: frank, funny, revealing, disturbing’

Gyles Brandreth @GylesB1

August 17th

‘Praying for the ball boys at Wimbledon next year if Sir Cliff Richard turns up’

Mike @yologainz

August 18th

‘Sir Cliff Richard has hired the solicitor who represented Max Clifford at his indecent assault trial to help him clear his name over an allegation of child sex abuse.

The singer, who vehemently denies the claim that he molested a young boy in 1985, had a five-hour meeting with Ian Burton after flying him out to his home in Portugal on Monday.

Mr Burton, whose clients also include Nigella Lawson and Mohamed Fayed, is the founder of the law firm BCL Burton Copeland and is regarded as an expert in “nipping investigations in the bud”…

Sir Cliff, 73, who has remained at his home on the Algarve since South Yorkshire Police searched his flat in Berkshire last week, had until now relied on the advice of the civil law firm Michael Simkins, but on Monday morning Mr Burton, 67, a criminal lawyer, arrived at Faro Airport and was driven to Sir Cliff’s villa in Guia….’

(Harriet Alexander / The Telegraph)

September 2nd

Chairman of the committee Keith Vaz questions the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, David Crompton as he appears in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee at the House of Commons, London where he answered questions regarding his forces handling of the raid on the home of Sir Cliff Richard.

September 9th

‘..I haven’t watched any of the films from Elm Guest House, and I don’t want to. However, the police have in their possession film of Kitty at EGH, I don’t think they, both Kitty and LB, appear together.’

(Dave Knight / comment on ‘Is Cliff Richard a Paedophile?’ http://www.theduckshoot.com/is-cliff-richard-a-paedophile/ )

September 10th

‘So Cliff Richard’s Berkshire home is LITERALLY right opposite my old school. I hated that damn school.’

Ian Morris @IanMorris78

September 23rd

‘Veteran BBC DJ Dave Lee Travis has been found guilty of indecent assault after groping a female TV personality's breasts.

The ex-Top of the Pops presenter was cleared on a second charge of the same offence. The jury were unable to agree a verdict on another charge of sexual assault and were discharged.

Travis, 69, had faced a retrial after jurors failed to reach verdicts on two of the charges earlier this year, but was convicted of a new charge which involved an indecent assault behind the scenes at the Mrs Merton Show in 1995.

Judge Anthony Leonard QC warned the former radio star that he was looking at 'all options' when he considered his sentence….’

(Richard Spillett / MailOnline)

‘On Tuesday afternoon, Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis was found guilty of indecent assault at London's Southwark Crown Court despite having so loudly and publicly protested his innocence.

After having been cleared earlier this year of a number of other charges, Lee Travis stated:

"I've been through a year-and-a-half of hell with this, which includes costing me so much money... I had to sell my house to do it... I did lose my reputation as well, which I may try get back later. I want to say I had two trials: one by media and one by crown court, and I have to say in all honesty that I preferred trial by crown court. All I want to do now is go home, relax with my wife and daughter who has also been suffering with me".

Mr Lee Travis gained sympathy at the time as many believed he'd been treated unfairly and was a "victim of a witch hunt". With this verdict, it is time to reassess such thoughts and to accept that here, again, is yet another example of a personality who wrongly considered he was above the law.’


September 24th

‘Dave Lee Travis is facing fresh accusations of sexually abusing a primary school pupil, just a day after he was found guilty of groping a woman behind the scenes of a television show.

The alleged victim is understood to be preparing to bring a civil action against the former Top Of The Pops host, 69, claiming his abuse had caused her 'life-long consequences'.

Her claim, dating back to the 1970s, is believed to be one of seven separate allegations against Travis that prosecutors chose not to pursue, but her lawyer says she is determined to take her case to the civil courts.

Alan Collins of Slater & Gordon told the Daily Mirror: 'One of the victims we represent alleges extremely serious abuse by Travis when she was a child.

'She was particularly vulnerable at the time and the abuse has had lifelong consequences.

'She complained to the police and DLT denies the assault, but she wants this man's actions to be brought to light and for him to answer for them.'….’

(Damien Gayle / MailOnline)

‘...Some people saying it's crazy to even consider sending him to prison, because if you look at the Savile scale the guys not even on it... but, then the odd story just coming out here, which is of concern.. it's an e-mail from Deborah - again not her real name - saying DLT groped my mother in the 70s when she was 15. She was in a club with friends.. she was called up onstage to be part of a 'lovely legs' competition. She was then pushed backstage by two of DLT's cronies. He was drunk at the time; but, then my young mother managed to escape.

She never went to the police and whenever he came on the TV or radio, my mum would turn him off - so, I am delighted he has been convicted.…’

(Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2)

October 6th

‘@ian_pace @Edwina_Currie @woodmouse1@jackaranian @Sunnyclaribel Cliff Richard visited CoL school where Doggett taught. Friends of Tim Rice.’

Daniel Transit @danieltransit

October 10th

‘BBC broadcaster Paul Gambaccini will not face action over alleged historical sex offences, prosecutors say.

The 65-year-old was held at a south London address in October last year as part of the Metropolitan Police's Operation Yewtree investigation.

The Crown Prosecution Service said the inquiry followed claims of sex offences against two teenage boys in the early 1980s.

Mr Gambaccini said he has suffered "12 months of trauma".

He has always denied the claims….’


October 30th

‘Back in 1971 Cliff Richard visited the college (school then). See esra-magazine.com/blog/post/clif…. One of those boys is now our chair of governors.’

Woodhouse College @WoodhouseCol

October 31st

‘@ciabaudo @DailyMirror I heard, that many years ago cliff richard used to spend alot of time with gary glitter in Barbados’

(((H))) @trinitymandalay

November 10th

‘@AngybriTony @TinaQ60 @reeves3915 Cliff Richard was arrested in 1983 by Sutton Police, for ‘interfering’ with young boys?!’

Jigsaw Man @Jigsawman2014

November 22nd

Reunion dinner with Dave Lee Travis, Tony Prince and others:

‘Now what was that Arrival song???
11pm, car park in Cookham last night after a wonderful reunion dinner with DLT (who sends greetings and gratitude to so many of you who showed him support just when he needed you most).
Here's Timmy Mallet, The Wooly Wesley, Paul Burnett and I flanked by the Hairy Cornflake. Lynda Mallet took the iPhoto, Timmy provided the super trooper lighting, As ever Burnett and Dave provided the laughs. Our wives, Christine, Marianne, Nicole, Pierette and Lynda helped to make it s very special evening.
It's good to laugh especially when you've spent two years never wanting to laugh again!
Dave told of his plans to clear his name. He may be broke financially but they haven't broken the man.
P.S. Arrival - "Friends" 1970 Number 8.’

(Tony Prince / facebook)

November 30th

‘After 60 years in show business, all-singing, all-dancing Lionel Blair has long been a staple of family entertainment.

But the former panto favourite, who had a starring West End role as the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, says he will now no longer work with children.

Following a harrowing experience on stage, and over fears of being accused of inappropriate behaviour, the 82-year-old refuses to perform alongside youngsters.

He sighs: “One of my favourite things in pantomime was getting the kids up on stage with me. With little girls, I’d say: ‘Can I have a kiss, please?’ and with little boys I’d shake hands.

When I was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, there were always loads of kids in and they would come up to the side of the stage.

There was this one little boy who used to come up to me every night to give me a hug and in the end I had to say to the matron, ‘I love him but will you please stop him doing that?’

It only takes one stagehand to say ‘Lionel Blair is touching the kids backstage’ and that’s your career over….

Despite being married to his wife Susan for 47 years, Lionel admits he was “not always a good boy” before meeting her.

He says he feels “lucky” not to have been embroiled in the investigation into historical sexual allegations.

“Oh God, but never anything to do with children,” he quickly adds. “That would be the last thing… I love kids.”…..’


December 1st

‘imagine where i could be right now had i taken up Cliff Richard’s invitation to his school of tennis when i was 8 years old..’

Ben Mair @Bmair21

December 11th

‘A DJ friend of Jimmy Savile who raped a teenage girl with the disgraced television presenter was branded a 'monster' as he was jailed for 25 years for a string of historic sex offences against 11 women today.

Ray Teret, of Altrincham, Greater Manchester, used his celebrity status in the Manchester club scene in the 1960s and 1970s to prey on many of his victims.

The 73-year-old, known as 'Ugli Ray', was sentenced at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court today after earlier being found guilty of seven rapes and 11 indecent assaults, which took place between 1963 and 1979...

A jury at his trial last week heard how Teret was mentored by Savile in the early days of his career and he was described as following him around 'like a shadow'….’


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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 8:09 PM 


January 2nd

‘while, savile was living, in a hotel, in EUSTON, LONDON DECADES AGO, cliff, richard, was visting a young boys house, in EUSTON, HELPING HIM,HOMEWORK?’

james reeves @reeves3915

January 12th

‘The trial of former pop star Gary Glitter, who is accused of a string of historic sex offences against three girls, has been adjourned.

The 70-year-old, whose real name is Paul Gadd, faces 10 charges relating to alleged crimes committed in the 1970s and early 1980s.

He appeared at London's Southwark Crown Court, today, on the day his six-week trial was due to start….’

(Belfast Telegraph)

February 25th

‘British police investigating allegations of historical sex crimes against Cliff Richard, one of Britain's best-known entertainers, have said their inquiry into the singer had "increased significantly in size".

Officers raided the home of 74-year old Richard in Berkshire, west of London, last August, when he was on holiday, over allegations which dated back to the 1980s and involved an under-age boy.

Richard was later interviewed under caution but not arrested or charged with any crime. He said on Wednesday (February 25) all the allegations were "absurd and untrue".

David Crompton, the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, said his force's inquiry had now expanded.

"This is an investigation which has increased significantly in size since its inception," he wrote in a letter to the chairman of parliament's Home Affairs Committee which was written two weeks ago but only made public on Wednesday (February 25).

"Sir Cliff Richard's lawyers are aware that there is more than one allegation," the letter added. "It would be premature and potentially misleading to predict a likely date when it will be concluded. However, we are progressing as swiftly as possible."…’


‘What’s this about Cliff Richard? He visited my school around 74 & sang God songs at us. No wonder I hated school so much.’

Vega head @VeganNeil

February 26th

‘Sir Cliff Richard performed at a special charity event in Barbados over the weekend with his lifelong friend John McElynn.

Sir Cliff played a set in front of fans on the Caribbean island in aid of severely brain damaged children for St Michael's parish on Saturday night.

The 74-year-old singer, who has denied allegations that he targeted a young boy in the 1980s said: 'I have never, in my life, assaulted anyone.'…’


February 27th

‘Cliff Richard plays children’s charity concert despite ongoing investigation ind.pn/1LRtzuF Who thought this was a good idea?’

Sam @SamAmbreen_

‘@SamAmbreen when I was in primary school Cliff Richard used to go to a tennis centre a few miles away. One teacher knew him and invited him’

///expired film/// @sophiejdalston

March 13th

British television weatherman, Fred Talbot is sentenced to five years in prison.

He’d been put on trial in January ‘..accused of abusing four former pupils at Altrincham Grammar School and a fifth schoolboy from the Newcastle area, during a canal boat holiday in the 1970s…’ And (at the end of that trial), had been ‘..found guilty of indecent assault against two teenage boys at the school…’


March 23rd

‘Just passed Cliff Richard’s home and it’s directly opposite a school. HMMMMMM’

alice @allehgator

April 21st

‘@sinky077 cliff,richard, is living in fear, too much known, about his sex abuse of children, he alsoleads lead to politicians, aristocracy, abusers’

james reeves @reeves3915

April 29th

‘Allegations are surfacing about Cliff Richard and Danesbury Approved School’

Martin Walkerdine @mwalkerdine

May 17th

‘…Savile ran many marathons for PHAB, including the half marathon round Hyde Park, undertaking PHAB sponsored walks in Jersey and Northern Ireland. During Haywood’s time in 1970 PHAB had launched a TV fundraising appeal with Cliff Richard fronting the advert. Cliff along with Savile, Rolf Harris and Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart were to become four major entertainers appearing publicly for PHAB fundraising.

Did Savile have access and opportunity to abuse vulnerable children and teenagers (some of whom had physical disabilities) at NAYC and PHAB Discos? Will these two charitable organisations be able to safeguard children against abuse by celebrities or public figures in future if they haven’t already reported on how Jimmy Savile or Rolf Harris came to be involved in their fundraising, invited into positions of authority by whom?….’


May 31st

‘A troubled Sir Cliff Richard looked frail as he touched down in Britain today on a rare visit home from his bolthole in Portugal.

The 74-year-old star, who faces claims of historic sex abuse, arrived at Stansted Airport at 2am alongside his sister Joan, who he calls his 'rock'.

Sir Cliff looked exhausted as he walked through the terminal with his luggage after facing a seven-hour delay to his Ryanair flight from Faro…

His return to Britain in the early hours of Thursday morning was for a 'family visit', rather than because of the police inquiry involving three alleged victims, the Sunday Mirror reported…

Sir Cliff sees 65-year-old Joan - the youngest of his three sisters - as a 'rock' and is particularly close to her.

A friend said: 'Cliff calls Joan his rock. He has increasingly turned to her over the past few months.

'She has been a tower of strength and support for him during the dark days he has faced. She is always there for him.'….’

(Ollie Gillman / MailOnline)

August 20th

Sir Cliff Richard is among 300 close family and friends at Cilla Black's funeral ceremony in Woolton, Liverpool. Cliff pays tribute to her life in a speech and tells several anecdotes about their friendship before singing the song ‘Faithful One’.

Cilla Black had been found dead after a fall in her villa in Spain on August 1st.

(The Telegraph)

‘Christopher Biggins, Paul O’Grady and Cliff Richard doing readings at Cillas funeral. Wouldn’t fancy being a choirboy in church today’

RuthyWire @RuthyWire

‘Cliff Richard, Biggins, Tarbuck and O’Grady all in one room. Could have been an opportunity for a clear out.’

Andrew Langstone @2ndcitysuit

August 22nd

‘A disgraced former Radio 1 DJ today pleaded guilty to 21 historical sexual offences as part of a police investigation into a youth disco.

Chris Denning admitted at Southwark Crown Court in London that he had abused 11 children, some as young as eight, between 1969 and 1986.

The prolific paedophile pleaded guilty to 21 sexual offences, including indecent assault of men and boys and inciting boys under 16 and 14 to commit acts of gross indecency….’


September 29th

‘@birminghammail @Starbucks @Bullring Who let Cliff Richard into Edgebaston High School ?’

Laffin @ Mirror @veniviedivici

October 7th

‘Cliff Richard hurry up and die you weird paedo cunt - so the weak can say “oh yeah we knew all about it but couldn’t say anything” ’

Frank Lee Spoken @RantRambo

October 15th

‘Cliff Richards 75th birthday concert at the Albert Hall was sensational, simply the best, the audience rocked. Critics take note.’

‘Will Hodgkinson of The Times reviewing Sir Cliff, what was he on, he can’t have seen the same show we saw last night, must have lost his way.’

Christopher Biggins @onebiggins

October 20th

‘Last week I It was my great honor to sing with my dear friend Sir Cliff Richard on his 75th birthday…’

Olivia Newton-John @olivianj

November 6th

‘Singer Sir Cliff Richard has been re-interviewed by police investigating alleged sexual assaults, his spokesman has said.

The entertainer, 75, was interviewed under caution last year by detectives investigating a claim of a sex crime involving a young boy in the 1980s.

He has never been arrested or charged.

His spokesman said the allegations were "completely false" and the star had co-operated fully when he voluntarily met South Yorkshire Police this week.

"Other than restating that the allegations are completely false and that he will continue to co-operate fully with the police, it would not be appropriate for Sir Cliff to say anything further at this time," he said.

Sir Cliff was first interviewed last summer, after a high-profile police raid on his apartment in Berkshire.

Since then, police have confirmed to a parliamentary committee that their investigation has expanded, but said this meant no date could be given for when it would be concluded.

The singer has described the claims he faces as "absurd and untrue".

It is not known what police questioned Sir Cliff about on this occasion.’


December 17th

‘I firmly believe Cliff Richard is guilty & sooner or later it will all come out. I’m the same age has him & remember clearly back in 1959 his name was linked to the late Russ Conway. I’m very suspicious of the fact that he is living with John McElynn a former missionary. Cliff Richard was quoted as saying in 2008 “John & I over time have struck up a close friendship, he has also become my companion which is great because I don’t like living alone, even now” …. We all know what a bunch of paedophiles priests are!!!’

(Maria Owen / comment on ‘Does This BANNED Video Prove Cliff Richard is a Paedophile?’http://www.theduckshoot.com/does-this-banned-video-prove-cliff-richard-is-a-paedophile/ )

December 22nd

‘..was savile, child sex abusing boys AT, GCCH, he was seen there so was cliff richard’

james reeves @reeves3915

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Re: Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb

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September 29 2016, 8:13 PM 


January 29th

Funeral of Ed Stewart at St. Peter’s Church, Bournemouth….

‘..Among the personalities to say their goodbyes to the Crackerjack presenter were former DJs Mike Read and Adrian Juste…

Mike Read, 68, said: “It was a fantastic turnout from all sectors of the industry and lots of fantastic tributes.

Ed was part of the broadcasting family. He straddled the worlds of radio and television very well, and not everybody can do that.”..’

(Daily Express)

February 7th

‘IT HAS emerged that the police investigation into Sir Cliff Richard could drag on for many more months, and his friends are jumping to his defence…

His friends are now speaking out, calling what is happening a celebrity witch-hunt.

On Saturday his close friend David Wigg said: “It is really appalling it is taking so long. As far as I’m concerned Sir Cliff has had an unblemished life.

“I don’t believe any of these accusations. I don’t understand why this is taking so long.

“I think it’s awful for him and it’s been a tremendous strain not having any conclusion for so long.”…

Sir Cliff’s close friend Paul Gambaccini, 66, said: “If Cliff is ever convicted of offences, down to and including traffic violations, I will eat my hat. None of his friends believe a word of what the South Yorkshire Police are peddling.”…

Actor Anthony Andrews, 68, and TV star Christopher Biggins also leapt to the defence of their friend…

Biggins, 67, told the Sunday Mirror: “Not to do anything after 542 days, it’s outrageous. It really is upsetting to him – he is the most amazing man.

“I saw him at his birthday at the end of last year. I know Cliff is deeply distressed by it all. You can tell there’s a strain there.

“For the police to treat him this way is just dreadful. To do nothing and keep this man on edge is just appalling. You wouldn’t treat an animal like the way they’re treating him.”….’

(Daily Record)

March 4th

‘SIR CLIFF RICHARD has allegedly threatened to sue the BBC after the News at Six broadcast old footage of him, its been reported.

The archive film - shown last Thursday - featured the 75-year-old with Jimmy Savile on Top of the Pops.

The clip was included in a report about Dame Janet Smith's investigation into sex abuse at the corporation.

In the instalment, Savile's voice was heard saying Richard's name, something the latter claims was unnecessary and potentially libellous.

The singer's lawyers are believed to have written to the BBC claiming that what they did was defamatory.

According to The Sun, an email was sent to staff at the corporation titled "early legal warning".

It is believed to have stated: "The libel complaint says the inclusion of archive footage of Jimmy Savile stating the words 'Cliff Richard' is defamatory of Sir Cliff Richard, causing the viewer to believe that there were missed opportunities at the BBC to apprehend Cliff Richard for wrongdoing."….’

(Jessica Earnshaw / Daily Express)

April 6th

‘SIR Cliff Richard once lent Tony Blair’s family his home in Barbados… Now the pair are enjoying relaxing together.

Globe-trotting moneybags Blair joined Sir Cliff in Dubai at the flamboyant four-day wedding of Sanjay Arora, whose hotel tycoon father Surinder is a mutual pal.

After singing at the cocktail reception in a skin-tight animal print shirt, orange trousers and pink trainers, Sir Cliff joined guests on the dance floor and showed that he can still impress with his moves at the age of 75.

Open-necked Blair seemed to enjoy meeting Bulgarian model Slavena Mihaylova… It’s not known whether Cherie was in attendance.

It’s good to see Sir Cliff looking so relaxed. More than 600 days since his Berkshire home was raided in a sex abuse investigation, police still haven’t sent a file to prosecutors.’

(Daily Mail)

April 7th

‘I worked in the radio industry 10 years ago and a presenter told me then that Cliff was a peado. They were friends with one of his body guards who had resigned because he couldn’t deal with what he was expected to turn a blind eye too. This was way before any abuse rumours and I thought then it was crazy. Now I believe it’s true.’

(Emma / comment on ‘Is Cliff Richard a Paedophile?’http://www.theduckshoot.com/is-cliff-richard-a-paedophile/ )

April 8th

‘BBC Radio Leicester couple Tony Wadsworth and Julie Mayer face child sex charges

Two BBC Radio presenters have been charged with sex offences against four children in the 1990s.

Married Tony and Julie Wadsworth have presented on BBC Radio Leicester and BBC WM in Birmingham.

The couple from Leicestershire are due to appear at Warwickshire Magistrates' Court on Wednesday 11 May.

A BBC spokesman said: "We understand the charges do not relate to their conduct or position at the BBC." He said both presenters remain off air.

Mr and Mrs Wadsworth are accused of offences against boys aged 11 to 15 that are alleged to have taken place in Atherstone, Warwickshire, between 1996 and 1999.

Mr Wadsworth, 68, of Old Mill Road, Broughton Astley, has been charged with five counts of inciting a boy under the age of 16 to commit an act of gross indecency.

His wife, 58, whose on-air name was Julie Mayer, has been charged with seven counts of inciting a boy under the age of 16 to commit an act of gross indecency.

They both also face one count of committing an act outraging public decency.’


April 9th

‘TV legend Lionel Blair is showing no signs of slowing down, even after 60 years as a top entertainer, writes the Sunday People.

The eternally young 84-year-old is still looking forward to new challenges but admits he checks his pulse every day.

Yet he is not so self-obsessed that he does not think about fellow veteran stars facing tough times, such as old pal Sir Cliff Richard.

Lionel is firmly behind Cliff as he fiercely denies claims he sexually abused two boys in the 80s.

Lionel said: “He’s one of the ­nicest sweetest gentleman. For that to happen in this day and age is frightening. Well it’s awful, I can’t even begin to think how he must feel. But not Cliff, no way.”…

There are areas of fame today that frightens Lionel – Twitter and the internet – but he has a clear conscience as Susan, his wife of 49 years, has kept him on the straight and narrow….’

(Janine Yaqoob / www.mirror.co.uk)

April 23rd

‘Born in Hertfordshire, Una Stubbs, 78, went to dance school at 14 and became a chorus girl at 16. In 1963, she starred with Cliff Richard in the film Summer Holiday; she was later cast in Till Death Us Do Part and Worzel Gummidge…

Which living person do you most despise?

Tony Blair….’

(The Guardian, The Q & A)

May 8th

‘Veteran television star Lionel Blair has blasted claims linking him to a VIP paedophile ring after he was questioned by detectives.

The 84-year-old entertainer reportedly spoke to Metropolitan Police officers at his home in Surrey.

It came amid reports he had enjoyed a drink at Elm Guest House, in Barnes, south London, which is believed to have hosted child sex parties for VIPs in the 1970s and 1980s.

According to The People, Mr Blair has said that he has never even heard of the guest house and a friend said the tap dancer denied the claims 'in the strongest possible terms', describing them as 'absolutely laughable'.

The friend added: 'He can’t understand where these allegations have come from.

'As far as Lionel is concerned this is somebody just trying to cause trouble and he is bemused as to why the police would waste time on it.'

MailOnline has made requests for a comment from Mr Blair this afternoon. The Met refused to comment.

Police are probing claims that the former Elm Guest House in Barnes was used as a VIP brothel. Disgraced former Liberal MP Cyril Smith, who died in 2010, was a regular there….’

(Julian Robinson / MailOnline)

May 10th

‘Finally Cliff Richard, AKA Kitty, will be brought to justice. The oddball came to my primary school to teach us tennis. I felt weird vibes.’


June 16th

Singer Cliff Richard, one of Britain's best-known entertainers, will not face criminal charges over alleged historical sex crimes because there is insufficient evidence, British prosecutors said on Thursday.

Britain's Crown Prosecution Service was handed a file of evidence by police in May relating to allegations against Richard, 75.

"The CPS has carefully reviewed evidence relating to claims of non-recent sexual offences dating between 1958 and 1983 made by four men," said Martin Goldman, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Yorkshire and Humberside.

"We have decided that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute."

June 22nd


Breakfast show presented by Susanna Reid, Piers Morgan, Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher. Sir Cliff Richard talks to Susanna about being investigated by the CPS after claims of historical sex abuse were made which have since been dropped, and the physical and mental stress it has put him under.

THIS MORNING Presented by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Sir Cliff Richard talks to Gloria Hunniford about the torment he has undergone while under investigation for claims of historical sex abuse, which were dropped by the CPS earlier this week.

A Loose Women TV Special. Sir Cliff Richard talks exclusively to Gloria Hunniford about the events of the last two years.

July 1st

‘Just watched some Loose Women clips of kitty. Reputation management in my opinion, he has the same sincere face on him as he does when he sings, good actor.’

(Maria2 / comment on ‘Is Cliff Richard a Paedophile?’ http://www.theduckshoot.com/is-cliff-richard-a-paedophile/ )

‘I watched the Gloria Hunniford interview with Cliff Richard. She’s his friend! The questions were all soft questions, not one about his association with Lord Boothby, The Krays, Elm Guest House. Interview? It was a white wash.’

(Dave Editor / comment on ‘Is Cliff Richard a Paedophile?’ http://www.theduckshoot.com/is-cliff-richard-a-paedophile/ )

July 10th

‘Harriet Webb A.K.A Cliff Richard is threatening to sue the BBC and the police. Bring it on Kitty you will lose one way or another. Either you will totally lose the case or the cost will be enormous even for you. The most likely scenario is that the two public Corporations i.e. the BBC and the Police will pay him damages out of taxpayers’ funds. A good lawyer could unravel his deception, but I doubt we will ever see him in the dock….’

(Dave Editor ‘Cliff Richard Will Have To Die For The Truth To Out’ http://www.theduckshoot.com/cliff-richard-will-have-to-die-for-the-truth-to-out/ )

Among the Centre Court crowd watching Andy Murray's victory today was Sir Cliff Richard. Earlier the singer had confirmed his intention to sue the BBC and South Yorkshire police over the TV coverage of a raid on his home.

July 29th

‘Rolf Harris appeared in court today accused of indecently assaulting young girls over a period of more than 30 years.

The former TV entertainer allegedly attacked seven women and girls, one of whom was aged under 13, between 1971 and 2004.

Some of the offences were allegedly committed by the Australian-born 86-year-old at the BBC Television Centre in White City, West London…

He will face a pre-trial hearing on December 15 and is due to stand trial on January 9 next year….’

(Mark Duell / MailOnline)

August 2nd

‘My brother was a taxi driver in London in the 70’s, he told me there were rumours about Cliff and his ‘boys’ way back then. When I asked why the News of the World hadn’t exposed him I was told Cliff had protection at the highest level. I truly believe the truth will come out one day. Funny that his name is on the same sordid ‘hotel’ guest list as Leon Brittain and Cyril Smith. You couldn’t make it up! Also, very strange that Jill Dando is shot when she is in the middle of investigating a high profile Paedophile ring (fact). The truth will come out one day just like it did with Cliff’s mate Saville!!!’

(Chris / comment on ‘Cliff Richard Will Have To Die For The Truth To Out’ http://www.theduckshoot.com/cliff-richard-will-have-to-die-for-the-truth-to-out/ )

August 27th

‘BBC bosses have told Sir Cliff Richard they will not be rolling over in their £1m legal fight with him.

The legendary singer is suing the corporation following their infamous decision to screen a live broadcast of the moment police officers raided his home two years ago.

Sir Cliff - who is set to start a new week-long run of performances onboard a Mediterranean cruise ship - instructed lawyers to take action after accusing the tax-payer funded broadcaster of “misuse of private information”.

But the Sunday Mirror can today reveal the BBC has now responded to Cliff’s lawyers maintaining their decision was justified as they claim showing the footage was in the public interest…’


August 30th

‘Sir Cliff Richard’s abuse claims hell continues as one of his accusers has challenged the decision not to prosecute him.

Evidence against the star, 75, is being reviewed – two months after the case was dropped. He will learn whether that decision is upheld in the coming weeks…

The CPS examined evidence from four men who claimed offences took place between 1958 and 1983.

But earlier this month one of the men asked for the decision to be reviewed.

Sir Cliff was told of the challenge a short time before the death of his sister Donna Goulden, 73, following a long illness….’


September 1st

‘John Coatman MBE - the Crusaders and Urban Saints Youth Group Leader - has been found guilty of sexually abusing a 14-yr old boy.

Donald Wiseman worked for military intelligence.

Wiseman worked with the Christian Crusaders organisation.

He was leader of the class at Finchley, which included Cliff Richard.



September 9th

‘The Crown Prosecution Service said last month it was reviewing one case after a request by a male complainant, and another has now requested a review.

In June it said there was "insufficient evidence" to prosecute Sir Cliff over sex abuse claims made by four men.

A spokesman for the singer said: "Sir Cliff reaffirms his innocence."

Both cases are expected to be reviewed together, with the outcome expected this month, BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw said.

Alleged victims of crimes are entitled to a review of decisions not to charge suspects under a scheme set up by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in England and Wales in 2013.…’


September 19th

‘..The 75-year-old hopes to end “witch hunts” against high profile figures and claims he was treated like “live bait”.

He will lobby the House of Lords, demanding a law change that would give anonymity to anyone suspected of rape or sexual assault, unless charged…

The star said that changing the law would “make all that I’ve been through almost worthwhile” if it “saves someone else going through the same thing.”

Speaking in July, Sir Cliff said: “Having suffered the experience that I have, I firmly believe that privacy should be respected and that police guidelines are there to be followed.

“That means that, save in exceptional circumstances, people should never be named unless and until they are charged.” ’


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Cliff Richard : Mother : The Tangled Webb

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December 6 2016, 3:14 PM 


His parents were Rodger Oscar Webb, a manager for a catering contractor that serviced the Indian Railways, and the former Dorothy Marie Dazely.

Tony Meehan:

"Cliff had a very.. close relationship with his mother, which I think precluded any chance, ever, of there being a girlfriend."

[linked image]

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Cliff Richard : Sister : The Tangled Webb

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December 6 2016, 3:18 PM 

[linked image]

[linked image]

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Cliff Richard : Savile : The Tangled Webb

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January 8 2017, 5:51 PM 

[linked image]

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Re: Cliff Richard : Savile : The Tangled Webb

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January 8 2017, 5:56 PM 

[linked image]


Published on 14 Nov 2016

NME Concert 12th May 1968
Filmed on standard 8 camera

More information here - NME 68 including some Stones:


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Re: Cliff Richard : Savile : The Tangled Webb

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June 2 2017, 10:39 AM 

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

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Re: Cliff Richard : Savile : The Tangled Webb

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June 3 2017, 5:29 PM 

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

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