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This is a discussion forum and a Trading Post for all Abysmal Diablo players to discuss about any subject regarding the mod, and to trade their legit items with another players. Discussion is limited to Abysmal Diablo with it's all versions only, and is NOT a regular Diablo discussion forum. Discussion regarding other mods or regular Diablo is accepted, but should be avoided to keep the discussion in topic. The posting guidelines can be found from Abysmal Diablo homepages at http://www.battlegrounds.com/guidelines.htm
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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Free Stuff For AnyoneFree_Stuff on May 16
 yeh rightjames on Aug 18
 I need good stuffEvan Prohaska on Oct 26
trouble Downloading the modJoshua Brown on May 16
sigh...Crack on May 12
 damn straitpunkroqr on Jul 23
download whiters editor and diablo hack here------hackerZZZZZZZZ on Apr 20
 Re: download whiters editor and diablo hack here------this is not a whites editor on Apr 26
  RDCHANCE on Jul 11
 you retardH4X0R on May 14
MisnamedCyn on Apr 9
Whitesnathan on Feb 11
i need a whites editor******* ***** ****** on Jan 29
 Re: i need a whites editorsteve on Mar 28
i ahve free stuffmisty on Jan 2
 Re: i ahve free stuffAnonymous on Jan 14
 Free???????DaDuck on Mar 27
 Re: i ahve free stuffgive me on May 16
make whites in noxeec on Nov 27
Diablo and v1.09Rob on Nov 14
 it worksnightblade on Dec 29
I Need UN ID WFVilearsenic on Sep 26
Selling 8% WF........VileArsenic on Sep 25
SELlING Unident GrandFatherAG_Uni on Sep 25
I have tons of shit email me and ill giva a wf u dirty bastard cum suckin ass fuckin homoEric on Sep 1
 Re: I have tons of shit email me and ill giva a wf u dirty bastard cum suckin ass fuckin homoAnonymous on Jan 14
Where can I get Abysmal Diablo?Fenthorn on Jul 10

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