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March 15 2008 at 2:00 PM
vernon dad 

Response to I LOVE IT

Yo fellas
by KBF (no login)

I'm here. Just got back from vacation. As for whats gone on since I left a week ago, brutal. This is Clark's idea of getting the team ready for the playoffs? Absolutley pathetic to lay all the shit bombs they've laid the last 2 months. I hope they are embarassed and feel like crap. They should.

Its really too bad they had to tease us like this all year and then just revert back to the old Blazer hockey thats been lingering around here like a bad fart after eating 2 big bowls full of Chilli.

These guys have quickly erased all the great things they did the first 4 months.

Glen, mock me if you must because at this point, you have every right to. I don't look at Clark in the same light as I did. Because some of the idiotic moves he's pulled, letting the guys get away with playing like SHIT just because they earned a playoff spot early is unacceptable. And quite frankly, his ass should be gone after the potential beating we might receive from the Cougars in the 1st round.

If once again they fail to get past the 1st round, this time I will officially be off the bandwagon. I'm sorry, I've gone through too many rollercoaster rides that I don't want to go through with anymore and I certainly don't wanna fight off the trolls anymore as thats all I've done the past 7 years with some idiots licking their chops at trying to verbally assault our organization.

I just can't do it anymore. These guys better have their shit together, or else all of them can go take a hike and not return next season, ESPECIALLY Clark.

Posted on Mar 19, 2007, 4:40 PM

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