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Jman...did .you sleep through this?

July 3 2011 at 9:57 AM

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The only good that can come from this pathetic exibition on HBO is that maybe Pay Per View will go away as fans may finally start to realize the sport needs them more than they need the sport (for 50-75 bucks anyway). Kinda surprises me that more comments have not been made over the years here on UIC given horse racing and boxing would make me think they go hand and hand (from a wagering angle anyway)...

The best part of the fight was the commentary of Larry Merchant! Mike Tyson would have beaten both these stiffs at the same time...any buzz in Vegas on the upcoming Judah/Amir Kahn fight Jason? Should be a good fight, the big boys offer nothing. If I were years younger I'd get into boxing...NOTHING out there to stop a good heavyweight from making tons of scratch if he's any good at all...

Klitschkos lackluster victory and the sad state of heavyweight boxing...

This was the best fight heavyweight boxing can offer us?. Wladimir Klitschko (56-3-0, 49 KOs) defeated another challenger to continue the Ukrainian stranglehold on the heavyweight division.

David Haye (25-2-0, 23 KOs) has fought only four rounds in the heavyweight division but he was the best challenger out there for Klitschko. All the other heavyweights were all too raw, too fat, or too long on the tooth for the champion. Haye did a tremendous job in promoting himself. He did win the WBA world title but his other three opponents in the heavyweight division were all cakewalks. He got the fight against Klitschko basically because he irritated the Ukrainian. For his efforts, he got a shot at the unified championship and a 50-50 split purse. Not too shabby.

Haye did not go into this fight to win it. He came hoping to steal it. He talked endlessly about proving to everyone that Klitschko is a bum by knocking him out. In the end, his bite didnt measure up to his bark. The former WBA heavyweight champion connected with about two or three good punches per round then spent half his time and effort in bobbing and weaving and moving his head around to evade Klitschkos jabs and straight rights, the other half was spent on diving to the canvass every single time Klitschko nudged him.

Referee Genaro Hernandez bought Hayes dramatics and even deducted a point from Klitschko in the seventh round. This is where Klitschkos head trainer, Emmanuel Steward, stepped in and lashed at the referee for allowing Haye to take dives. After this, the referee started seeing it the other way and he even scored a knockdown for Klitschko in round 11 after Haye threw himself to the canvass again.

For Klitschko, it was indeed a win but it was not a pretty performance by any stretch of the imagination. He showed us that he finds it difficult to connect against a fighter who has any semblance of head movement. Most of his past opponents have been stationary targets and thats how Klitschkos found it so easy to knock them out. The unified WBA, IBF, and WBO champion didnt do anything other than throw jabs and right straights, his combinations never went above four punches, and he was unable to wobble a much smaller opponent.

Basically, the two combatants went into this fight as safety first fighters when all they talked about before the fight was about knocking the other guys head off. Haye did not know what to do against Klitschko and the Ukrainian did not want to open up because he didnt want to get caught with a big punch. The result was a lackluster unanimous decision victory for Klitschko with the scores of 117-109, 118-108, and 116-110.

This fight was supposed to be the one that will usher in the start of a resurgence in heavyweight boxing; it ended up as the biggest proof that the division is in horrible condition. It is really sad that what was once boxings most interesting division has been reduced to this. --

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Re: Jman...did .you sleep through this?

July 5 2011, 2:24 PM 

Terrible fight. Really disappointing too. I haven't been excited about a heavyweight fight in a while and I was really looking forward to this.

I watched the first four rounds, saw that Haye didn't come with a gameplan and fast forwarded to the decision. Reminds me of when David Tua fought Lennox Lewis. Thought Tua had a "punchers chance" and apparently that's all he thought he had.

The Klich brothers make it look so easy. They are physical mismatch for every heavyweight out there and on top of that they actually come to the fight in shape. Now there's a concept. They are really boring though, so it's understandable for my why their following stateside is so limited.

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