by Rich

Well like I said before, I have been here since the link was put up at the Giz's old site, its been in my bookmarks since and will stay till Bullseye decides to destroy the archives here. That is the biggest reason I wanted this site to stay and I have even said as much. You mentioned that I didnt say anything before when there was talk of moving, that is simply not true. You even mentioned that if I had spoken up maybe things would have stayed here. I just want you to know I have tryed to make my thoughts known, emails up the wazoo (probally over a 100 over the past few years), mentioning it on the board and I even went so far as to offer to purchace this site and make it addvertizement free. All my corispondance has been ignored. That pretty much told me where I stand and if my help was wanted. Thats fine, if my help is not wanted I can live with it, just dont say I did not communicate my thoughts because I did that and more.

I appreciate the offer to come to the new site. Again I have to say no thanks. I am at www.rimfirecentral alot and even thought they dont have a specific MKII room (it was talked about and was not wanted, they just wanted to mention in the title of a post if it was about MKIIs) but they have a ton questions and answers over there. On top of that, they dont have anybody on his high horse thinking they are gods gift to Ruger pistols. Thanks for the offer all the same and of course I invite you to stop in to RFC, its a nice place.

Again, I will take over this site just to keep the archives, I wont make it add free if you have the new site but I will maintain it. I offered before and was ignored, I imagine it will happen again but at least I tried. Here is the link to back when the adds were discused and I offered to buy it, note the responce I got...



Posted on Apr 25, 2003, 4:12 PM

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