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Interesting Card is an "Understatement" Mr. Finn

April 1 2012 at 5:41 PM

Allen McHenry  (Login allenmc)

Response to April Pickups

Unique find, Mark....for a variety of reasons.

As you know, Roscoe Turner was sponsored by Gilmore Oil. Roscoe also named his pet lion cub, "Gilmore"....and it looks like "Gilmore" the lion cub is pictured on the card. Also, it looks like Turner, not Hawks is pictured. Turner had a unique uniform, and I'd bet that's Turner with Gilmore in front of the plane.

The "57" shown on the wing is also another trait shared with Turner. Turner's tail number incorporated "57" on his plane that was entered in the World's Greatest Air Race (The McRobertson Air Race of 1934).

The print code looks the moment.

Unless memory escapes me, I believe Hawks did travel with a pet dog named "Speed"... Hawks was also sponsored by Texaco (short for the Texas Oil Company I think). Hawks famously flew the Texaco 13 Mystery Ship among others.

So, Turner and Gilmore the Lion Cub featured on front, and Hawks bio on the back of the Heinz card...there must be a good story surrounding your purchase?

Unique is an Understatement...

allen mc

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