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Re: UK ebay auctions

May 28 2012 at 11:39 AM

Jeff O.  (Login hires48)

Response to UK ebay auctions

Mark I know I didn't pay for insurance in the truer sense of the word; but I paid so that hux could prove he mailed the item if that was needed, and that was insurance for him. My problem with this is why does the buyer have to pay the whole price in higher shipping to cover the seller; the least he could do is split the cost.

As far as high priced item, only a fool would ship without insurance; to protect both the seller and buyer. But that being said, paying $10.00 shipping for a $20.00 item is high, in my opinion.

Now I have bought from hux before and will continue to bid on some of his auction; just not as many because of the high shipping. I hope that this discussion does not get me blocked by hux/murray from bidding on his auctions.

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