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More, More, more...NOT the Disco song

June 10 2012 at 3:47 PM

Charley Ramone  (Login oldbubblegum)
temporary moderators

Response to Swedish Sea Raiders? Who Knew? + #45 update

Yes sir..More and more...These SR's are just gushing forth...even the hard highs...
I stayed out of the fray...saw the ending to this movie before.(sigh)

I just can't see pony up that kind of money..especially the low numbers..really not that great condition..going strong at 18 to 20 per... Did not check after auction pricing yet...

Tis not me Geoff...Did you get mangled?

These can be had A LOT NICER ( low numbers) for these prices..and with the "flow" of the High numbers recently..I see prices coming down for rounded,wear cards...even IF they are "hard" high #'s

The new owners will be flipping out whatever they upgraded. As daniel mentioned weeks ago...Beaters going strong..I would settle for a little more wear and a 50% reduction in price...just me.

Of course, I never saw Google going what do I know? (pssft!)

"showin the love since 1966 "

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