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O/T Supporting the hobby

July 19 2012 at 10:26 PM
Joe Marciano  (Login bvb5366)

I got got the latest issue of the Non-Sport Update yesterday. I had been looking forward to it because it is mainly about 50 years of Mars Attacks. Included with my copy, was a reminder that my subscription was expiring. I will renew it although much of the time there is not much covered in NSU that is of any real interest to me. However, that made me think about a comment in a recent post in which someone said they stopped subscribing to The Wrapper because it didn't have much in it about his non-sport collecting interest.

I can understand that point. A few years ago I let my subscriptions to both NSU and The Wrapper expire because I became annoyed at the publishers of each. I wasn't too quick on the pick-up so it took me about a year to realize how stupid I was being. I have been collecting non-sports cards for over 50 year. The first cards I bought and traded in the schoolyard were Freedoms War. And I folded at least 2 tanks. What really hooked me about non-sports cards was that it was actually possible to collect a complete set the things. Money was always tight and collecting several series of baseball cards was out of reach. A set of 60 or 88 cards, or whatever number, was a goal that could be accomplished.

Well, as readers of this board are well aware, non-sports collectors are quirky people. We are I know, if you leave out the "investors", a small group as compared to the sports card collectors. We only have two hobby publications to help keep our hobby connected. The Wrapper gives us the fullest coverage of the non-sports universe. NSU serves an important purpose in that it helps introduce the autograph, relic, parallel set collecting crew to the non-sports universe. Some of them might look further into non-sports and find themselves drawn to other areas of interest.

I do not usually tell others how to spend their money but I would like to suggest that all of us who consider ourselves non-sports collectors should, funds allowing, make it our business to support both The Wrapper and NSU by becoming subscribers. Hey! It's our hobby. Doesn't it make sense to do as much as we can to support those who help keep our playground open.

I know it is only Thursday so I am sorry about the preaching.

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 Re: O/T Supporting the hobbyDave HornishJul 20, 2012, 5:49 PM
 Hey Joe...I heard you folded your tank card down..Charley RamoneJul 20, 2012, 5:55 PM