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Traveling boxes suggestions

August 3 2010 at 11:29 AM
Jon Hardgrove  (Login carbking)

First, this thread is absolutely not a complaint, and should not be construed as such. I am grateful to Tony for restarting the boxes with cards of his own (and especially grateful for the MGA card).

However, I would like to offer a suggestion to the procedure.

I don't know how many countries are represented by those on the list of receivers, but at the very least, both Canada and the USA are represented.

In my business, we gave up trying to utilize the US mail outside of the USA many years ago, using UPS instead. However, to send the box, we went ahead to our local post office (please understand we are in rural Missouri). It took approximately ONE HOUR at the local p.o. to mail the package to Canada!

So, the suggestion: since the boxes need to travel between the two countries, why not determine all of the receivers resided in each country, and leave the box in one country for all then sending to the other country. This way, the aggravation will only be felt once in each direction.

Using UPS is MUCH simpler; BUT MUCH more costly.

Again, NOT a complaint, rather a suggestion to make something good even better. And possibly other p.o.'s are more used to mailing to Canada.


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(Login WarHoundR69)

Re: Traveling boxes suggestions

August 3 2010, 12:21 PM 

The key to sending packages to Canada is to have the Customs Declaration filled out & ready to go (Saves a lot of time if you fill them out at home). Then to prevent the addressee from having to pay high import taxes (Tony Fryer & Mark Edmonds can tell you about that), mark the package as "GIFT" contents as "OLD BUBBLE GUM CARDS". I usually assign a value of $10.00. Follow those steps & it is easy both for you & the person getting the box.

Wouldn't recommend this for Ebay sales but we are dealing with friends here.

Jon Hardgrove
(Login carbking)

Re: Traveling boxes suggestions

October 21 2010, 3:26 PM 

Just sent the last of the three traveling boxes away, and this is the second that went to Canada.

While I really appreciate Tony starting the boxes, and I really enjoyed getting cards to physically inspect (like a personal card show); I will not be participating next time.

The reason is mailing.

In my business, we finally gave up on trying to mail anything to Canada. Its UPS or come and get it, although we try to explain the issue somewhat more tactfully!

Since we are among friends here, could not do that, and used the u s postal misservice. I started this thread after sending the first box to Canada. I suggested future traveling boxes could circulate through all participants in one country prior to crossing country boundaries. This time I kept track of the time spent. Between waterproofing the package (totally necessary for mail in our area), driving to the post office, standing in line, filling out customs, etc. I invested a little over 2 hours.

The monetary cost is not important. But the time is. Shipping the same box UPS would have taken approximately 3 minutes. Unfortunately, UPS to Canada requires the receiver to pay brokerage fees or I would have shipped UPS and swallowed the approximately 10 dollar additional cost.

I can understand that the post office might work better in other areas of the country, but I don't plan on moving (way too much junk to move!).

So, while it was fun, and I did get one scarce card I did not have out of the 3 boxes, count me out next time.


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