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Update:Need help with an air balloon back overprint on a T206 Elberfeld Wash. Port.

January 25 2011 at 8:44 AM
Steve  (Login Captainhask)

I am usually on the sports side of Net54 but the folks over there said that I should post the overprint question on the Non-sports side for identification.

I recently purchased a T206 Elberfeld Washington Port. off of ebay and from the small photo I thought that the card had some glue or paper gain on the bac

I received the card in the mail today and to my suprise the markings on the back are an overprint of an airship. I used some photoshop magic to take out most of the piedmont printing to get a better look at the image. If anyone has any comments as to how this could end up on the back of a t206 baseball card or they know what series this is from please feel free to contact me or post below.

[linked image]
[linked image]

I have larger scans on page 2 of thr

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Bob Forbes
(Login forbesrs)

Some thoughts

January 25 2011, 12:24 PM 

Without having the card in hand to see closely, I can only offer some thoughts:

1 - there were a number of early candy & gum, BATC, Canadian, etc. sets of airships & dirigibles so the added image on the T206 could be in one of those issues(though I wasn't able to make an exact match with what I've got on hand).

2 - the tobacco companies (and other manufacturers) used different printers to make the cards. A printer, particularly if it was a large operation, might have a number of orders from multiple companies that they were printing at the same time. Therefore, it wouldn't be surprising that a sheet might have gotten run incorrectly or that a sheet that had a partial print might have been re-used. These were give-aways & quality control wasn't always the highest priority. Printing registration for cards of this era is often off a bit & the cutting process was variable. There were lots of production errors that made it into distribution so this might be one of those.

3 - a speculation: There are transfers known in this era (the technology existed) and this might have been someone using a transfer on the back of this card (or it was stacked together and dissolved off onto the T206 back over time). Maybe someone with further info can comment.

(Login Captainhask)

Re: Update:Need help with an air balloon back overprint on a T206 Elberfeld Wash. Port.

January 27 2011, 8:33 AM 

Another net 54 member also has a t206 with a balloon on the bcak this one is differentfrom mine. But also has the printing of 1843 on the card, maybe this will help to locate the set these came from. Link to the new scan can be found at

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