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Two Different Types of R73 Base Sets Are Possible

February 12 2011 at 8:45 PM
Jerry  (Login WarHoundR69)

This hobby is supposed to be fun and I'm having a blast with the R73's. While working on my R73 Master Set/PSA Registry project it dawned on me that their are two different types of R73 216 card base sets possible:

1. "A PURE SET" where all 24 cards in any subset have the same series designation i.e. All cards numbered No. 1 to 24 are Series of 48 as opposed to a set where you have any Series Designation plugged in so that the No. 1 to 24 have any mixture of S24's, S48's or S96's. Any given subset of 24 cards must have the same Series Designation to qualify as "A PURE SET" repeated through all nine subsets you need for a complete base set.

2. "A MIXED SET" where Series Designations are completely ignored and in any 24 card subset you have a mixture of Series Designation.

This probably does not matter to anyone but me but IMHO a "PURE SET" is more elegant and appeals to my sense of order. Just thought I would share my thoughts.

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(Login hfire)


February 12 2011, 10:33 PM 

will we see your article in the Wrapper? I am looking forward to reading it!


(Login egbeachley)

Re: Two Different Types of R73 Base Sets Are Possible

February 12 2011, 11:10 PM 

Jerry, you're thinking too hard and losing track of the obvious. Just about any set that has a regular set and a master set can be thought of this way.

American Caramel Presidents - all red, all orange, all blue, or all orange-red is just a simple example. N86 Perilous Occupations - 4 different colors. N9 Allen & Ginter flags - Allen & Ginter, Allen & Ginter's, Virginia Brights, Right Bowers. Old Judge or Goodwin backs. Allen & Ginter or Goodwin backs. N462 New Discovery with regular backs or Cameron & Sizer Successors backs. Gail & Ax or Honest Long Cut for dozens of sets. Regular or blank backs. T59 Flags with about 80 different combinations using brand, colors, factory, designs. Etc. Etc.

Just about every "N" and "T" set has more than one different brand listed on the back.

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