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the ROSAN company - 1960s ?

March 8 2011 at 7:44 AM
Dan C  (Login DanCalandriello)

Can anyone post information on the ROSAN company that made a few sets in the 1960s ?

Can anyone document all the ROSAN sets ?

Was ROSAN a Rhode Island company ?

I can't remember coding any sets for the Gallery, nor remember anyone
posting info on the company. Did they simply close their doors ?

Is there 1-2 Rosan sets that are highly collectible (meaning they
had good graphics or good subject matter )


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Dan C
(Login DanCalandriello)

Army in Action

March 8 2011, 7:57 AM 

mistake...I seem to remember coding the Army In Action set for the Gallery

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Dan C
(Login DanCalandriello)

the blue monster set

March 8 2011, 8:19 AM 

I grabbed ebay images for the above set, as it looked so different,
and have solicited help for cropping.

I hope to post a webpage Wednesday morning in this posting area.

Feel free to send other Rosan set images for webpages.

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Dan C
(Login DanCalandriello)

and here are the 84 BLUE cards.....

March 8 2011, 1:42 PM 

....thanks to Claude Emond's quick cropping assistance...

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(Login TheNewtonian)

Re: the ROSAN company - 1960s ?

March 8 2011, 3:14 PM 

is #27 Peter Falk as Columbo .

Dan C
(Login DanCalandriello)

anyone have the.....

March 8 2011, 3:26 PM 

anyone have the.....
.....purple, green or red monster set's images for me to show in webpage format ?


Now is the perfect time to get them all together.....

Anyone ?

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(Login 1880nonsports)

wasn't it rosan

March 8 2011, 8:22 PM 

that did the JFK set? Also I thought I remembered Brooklyn..... Out of my area though so take it with a grain of salt.

Bill Bengen
(Login billbengen)

Are youse tawkin' to me?

March 8 2011, 9:11 PM 

Hey you,

Waddaya mean a Rhode Island Company? C'mon, everyone from GreenPoint to Bay Ridge to Red Hook nose Rosan was our local boy in Brooklyn. Whatsamadda wid youse, you doan know nuttin?

Dese are some of dere sets, wise guy:

1961 US Army in Action
1963 Terror Monsters
1963 JFK (their best, which ain't nun too gud)
1964 Mugs a Brooklyn

Da last set was so off-center the images were on the edge. We didn't take that kinda cr*p in Brooklyn. Poof! Rosan was no more.

I hopes ya nose I wuz just joshin youse. If I was serious, you'd be reedin this from the ground up.

Doan take no woodin nikkels,

Bill "Bay Ridge" Bengen

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(Login dublin6)

Rosen R.I vs Bklyn.

March 9 2011, 1:42 AM 

E. Rosen also made a soldier set, back of card reads Mfr. in POrovidence, Rhode Island.
Will send sample to Dan.

(Login dublin6)


March 9 2011, 1:49 AM 

Rosen U.S. Army in Action reads Mfr Brooklyn, NY. - Soldier Boy Set, mfr in Rhode Island seems to be an earlier set.


(Login TheNewtonian)

Re: the ROSAN company - 1960s ?

March 9 2011, 5:54 AM 

Hi ,

Theres the E RosEn company out of Rhode Island (that produced the Soldier set ) and theres a RosAn Printing Company company who issued the monster cards .

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Dan C
(Login DanCalandriello)

Did you all know ?

March 9 2011, 6:26 AM 

that one of the "masters of info, Chris Benjamin", often made "questionable mistakes".

I often wondered if it was to elicit responses, or to see who actually read his descriptions
and checklists, or if he was "just double-crossing" publishers of the future that would simply
duplicate his efforts.


I awake this morning, very pleased, to see FOUR replies to the ROSEN/ROSAN companies.

Rarely do I get one reply. So thank you all, each in your own way, of giving this ole
collector the correct info......and thank you, Chris Benjamin for your tactics.


Bill B - any chance you might have 1-2 of the ROSAN sets available for a webpage ?
John M - rec'd your email about images (will reply as soon a I sort things out)
Mark E - rec'd all your 64 "Fav. Monster" front images. (working with them soon)
Henry M. - instead of posting to gum/candy issues, you should be taking dig. pictures
............of your "almost one of a kind" tobacco items.

Dan C - Don't ever forget the joy you got from rooting for Dem Bums and your favorite
........centerfielder of the 50s, the Duke of Flatbush.

Dan C
(Login DanCalandriello)

Favorite Monsters - 1963 - 64 cards

March 9 2011, 6:59 AM 

Can we call this
the " orange set of 1963 ? "
or "brown set of 1963 ? "

thanks to Mark Edmunds (and Dan C)

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Dan C
(Login DanCalandriello)

Mugs a Brooklyn ?

March 9 2011, 7:55 AM 

Well, Bill, NOW you have my NJ attention !

Mugs a Brooklyn ?

I humbly have too ask... was there really a set of that name ?
I did a Google search, found nothing, but sometimes Google
doesn't recognize Brooklyn when Joiseyans search.



(Login GGterps)

RosAn JFK Cards

March 9 2011, 10:17 AM 

Dan - I have most or all of the Rosan JFK cards, I'll try and scan a few tonight. I think the set fronts are the same as the the Topps JFK. I have most/all of each. Assuming the JFK Topps set is NOT already in the gallery, I'll scan it and send it to you.

Dan C
(Login DanCalandriello)

Terror Monster Set

March 9 2011, 6:34 PM 

I've received approx 80 of approx 130 images.
I'll process and display them ..... hopefully tomorrow morning.

Strangely the first part of the set has green borders while
the second part has purple borders. Also I read two card
numbers were not issed, while there may be 2 special cards.
What this means....I really don't know, as I never had
monster cards (I really do appreciate them)

Anyone want to help with images and/or information ?

Kurt ?

Dan C
(Login DanCalandriello)

Terror Monsters (82 of 130)

March 9 2011, 7:16 PM 

Thanks goes to John Moran for all images thus far (82)

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Bill Christensen
(Login willhc)

Rosan Company

March 9 2011, 9:38 PM 

I would bet big bucks Kurt K. has all of the monster sets Rosan ever made. Don't know if he has time to scan them but ask for the three different backs for card #102.

(Login dublin6)

Serious Question

March 9 2011, 10:52 PM 

I asked Dan to check with the Gang, if There are any Tutti Frutti Monster Cards.

Dan C
(Login DanCalandriello)


March 10 2011, 6:29 AM 

No Tutties, John....good question, however.

Seems as though Rosan spent as little as possible
on their production costs.

Don't know where to place Rosan at the Gallery....any ideas. ?

JFK ? sure, send images anytime...I coded a quickie image-page
and it's awaiting any front images anyone might send.

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