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1938 Krug Bakery NYWF Issue

April 17 2011 at 11:32 PM
Rick P  (Login oldtix)

I couldn't find any mention of this in previous please forgive me if this is old news. For ten years, I have owned a 1938 Krug Baking Company booklet titled "ALBUM OF THE WORLD'S FAIR PICTURES - 1939". It was issued in 1938, so in essence it was a preview of the future fair using artist concepts. I have always assumed that the book was issued with all the pictures included, but tonight I noticed a statement that indicates the 36 pictures needed to fill the book were issued in "Krug's Weekly Bulletin". Luckily, the original owner used corner mounts to insert the pictures rather than gluing them in. On close examination, the pictures appear to be handcut. Most of the 36 pictures are blank-backed, but two have "This Week's Suggestions" information on the back. So it seems to complete the set, you had to hit the bakery every week.

Anyway, here are a few pictures. I'm missing four of the 36.

[linked image] [linked image] [linked image] [linked image] [linked image]

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Todd Riley

Re: 1938 Krug Bakery NYWF Issue

April 18 2011, 7:03 AM 

I have always liked this set. Here is how the cards came on the bulletin:

[linked image]

An interesting variation exists. I have found nearly all of them as both factory cut blank backed versions that are numbered on the front and hand cut from the bulletin (except the oversized ones - those I believe only came with the album - not on the bulletins). I assume since this was a promotion that went on for some time if you mailed away for the album later in the promotion the company included the missing blank backed cards with the album. It's the only thing I can think of to explain these blank backed varieties. The later you mailed off for the album the more blank backed ones came with it.

So, here is one of the machine cut blank backed cards:

[linked image]

Notice how the number is on the front. The ones cut from the bulletins are numbered outside the card border and are usually missing off the hand cut cards (see the bulletin).

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Rick P
(Login oldtix)

Re: 1938 Krug Bakery NYWF Issue

April 18 2011, 9:22 AM 

Fantastic, Todd. All but two of mine are of the "numbers in" variety.

Should have known I couldn't stump the band! Thanks!

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