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Using catalog codes and omitting the series title (why it's frustrating)

June 24 2012 at 10:37 AM
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Kurt K.  (Login Monsterwax)

While it makes sense to include catalog numbers for added identification purposes, would it be too outrageous to encourage everyone to state the actual name of the series in the thread titles? Most of them do, but many of them don't. I bet I'm not the only card collector who doesn't memorize all the catalog numbers, so a lot of those thread titles just look like Greek to me. I also suspect it alienates new visitors as well, since they have no clue what it means. (Heck, many visitors have never seen those older catalogs, so how would they know?)

Of course, it saves significant keystrokes to use shorter catalog numbers in the numerous replies, and I'm not saying we shouldn't take shortcuts like that in the actual discussions, but how hard is it to include the full name in the main thread title? (I know: The rebuttal is: "How hard is it to memorize all the codes?") While I don't have a snappy answer to that point, I do think it would make the forum more inviting to those who are not already seasoned veterans of older cards, or who are just bad with numbers in general (guilty as charged!). Let's face it: if we don't bring new people into the fold, the entire hobby could die when the last of us does. I can't count the number of times I've seen the codes with no card title, wondered what the series was, read the back and forth discussion, and STILL couldn't figure out what the series was! (Thank goodness for Google! But why make people go search the web just to figure out what the thread is about?)

Admitting my ignorance isn't my favorite pastime on this forum (although demonstrating it is another matter), but in the interest of recruiting new members, doesn't it sound like a simple, common sense effort we could try to instigate? Feel free to disagree-- I won't be offended-- but I don't see any downside to adding the series title to the thread titles.

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