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Could use some help--Best Auction house

June 2 2013 at 9:38 AM
Anonymous  (Login arm2311)


We have about 1200 non-sports tobacco cards from 1907-1911 in various categories. These are part of a family collection that included a large amount of baseball cards, which were sold in the 2008 REA auction. We had an great experience with REA, but these cards fall into a variety of categories that are outside of their specialties. For non-sports cards, which are the best/most reputable auction houses?? Thanks to everyone in advance for the advice!!


Arm & Hammer Soda - Birds
Auto Drivers Series #1
Billiards Players
Birthday horoscopes Fortune
E251 - Nea-To-Gum
Emblem Cigarettes - Military Series 1-50
Fable Series 1-50
Fez - Military set
Hassan - Animals
Helmar - Seal of the US & Coat of arms Countries
Island Series
John H Dockman & Sons - Wild West Gum
John Player - Birds
Khedivial Co/Oxfords/Surburgh - Prize Fight Series #101 25 Subjects
Little Cigars - Between the Acts
Mecca - Golf Champions
New Series of birds - Brids
Pan handle Scrap - Oxford - Prize Dog Series #102
Pan handle Scrap - World Champion Athletes
Red Sun Cigs -Puglists Subjects
Riddle Series
Rochester Baking - Mail of all nations
Scottish Clans
Scout Gum Premiums
Set of 24 Rulers
Sovereign - Birds
Sovereign - Fish series
T114 - US Marine - Up To Date Comics
T118 - Hassan -World's Greatest Explorers
T218 - Hassan -Champion Athletes and Prizefighters
T30 - Hassan -Arctic
T51 - Murad - College Series 126-50
T53 - Hassan -Cowboy Series
T59 - Sub Ros/Sweet Caporal - Flags of all nations
T68 - Pan handle/Royal Bengal - Heroes/Men of History
T69 - Helmar - Historic homes
T73 - Hassan -Indian Life in the 60's
T77 - Hassan -Lighthouse Series 1 to 50
T88 - Sovereign - Mutt and Jeff
T99 - Pan handle Scrap - Sights and Scenes of the world
Tolstoi - Military Series
Turkey Red - Butterfly Series
Turkish Trophies - Fortunes
United Cigar Stores - Aviators
Van De Carr - Aviation
Van De Carr - President's
Wills - Aviation
Wills - City Coat of Arms
Wills - World Dreadnoughts
Wills - Arms of the British Empire
Wills - Celebrated Ships
Wills - Coronation Series
Wills - Fish and Bait
Wills - Naval Dress and Badges
Wills - Royalty Series
Wills - School coat of arms
Wills - Signaling Series

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(Login egbeachley)

Re: Could use some help--Best Auction house

June 2 2013, 7:14 PM 

How many do you have after removing the UK cards such as Wills, John Player, and John Dockman? Those are pretty much worthless and I don't think any auction house would bother with them. And then in what condition are the rest?

Richard L.
(Login nsaddict)

Re: Could use some help--Best Auction house

June 2 2013, 7:37 PM 

I would disagree with the Dockman's, depending on condition can sell well and I know the Red Sun boxers are pricey. If you posted pics we could give better advice.

(Login egbeachley)

Re: Could use some help--Best Auction house

June 2 2013, 9:01 PM 

My bad on the John Dockmans. I was confusing them with another UK brand. The Scottish Clans should be included with the UK stuff.

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