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Marhoefer Indy (more than you really wanted to know)

May 21 2014 at 3:10 PM
Jon Hardgrove  (Login carbking)

As I just acquired a copy of the last known Marhoefer Indy cards, I am releasing checklist information.

1961 Indianapolis Drivers:

Chuck Arnold, Tony Bettenhausen, Duane Carter, A.J. Foyt, Elemer George, Gene Hartley, Len Sutton, Johnnie Tolan, Rodger Ward, Wayne Weiler.

1962 Indianapolis Drivers:

Chuck Arnold, Don Branson, Bob Christie, Don Davis, A.J. Foyt, Elmer George, cliff Griffith, Gene Hartley, Roger McCluskey, Dick Rathmann, Lloyd Ruby, Eddie Sachs, Len Sutton, Jack Turner, Rodger Ward, Wayne Weiler.

1963 Indianapolis Drivers Prototype???:

Elmer George

1963 Indianapolis Drivers (known cards):

Chuck Arnold, Don Branson, Bill Cheesbourg, Bob Christie, Allen Crowe, A.J. Foyt, Gene Hartley, Chuck Hulse, Bruce Jacobi, Roger McCluskey, Dick Rathmann, Chuck Rodee, Lloyd Ruby, Paul Russo, Eddie Sachs, Bud Tingelstad, Jack Turner, Rodger Ward.

1964 Indianapolis Drivers:

Johnny Boyd, Don Branson, Duane Carter, Bob Christie, A. J. Foyt, Chuck Hulse, Ralph Liguori, Roger McCluskey, Al Miller, Dick Rathmann, Jim Rathmann, Chuck Rodee, Johnny Rutherford, Troy Ruttman, Eddie Sachs, Len Sutton, Bud Tingelstad, Bobby Unser, Rodger Ward, Dempsey Wilson.

1965 Indianapolis Drivers (known cards):

Johnny Boyd, Don Branson, Duane Carter, Bob Christie, Bill Cheesbourg, Ronnie Duman, Norm Hall, Bob Harkey, Art Malone, Roger McCluskey, Chuck Rodee, Lloyd Ruby, Johnny Rutherford, Troy Ruttman, Chuck Stevenson, Len Sutton, Bobby Unser, Rodger Ward

1963 Review of Famous Racecars:

1911 Marmon, 1913 Peugeot, 1928 Miller, 1937-39 Thorne Engineering, 1939-49 Boyle Special, 1948 Pat Clancy Special, 1949 Novi Mobil, 1952 Cummins Diesel, 1957 Belond Exhaust, 1962 Harvey Aluminum.

1964 Review of Famous Racecars (Marhoefer documentation):

1915 Mercedes, 1921 Frontenac, 1922 Murphy Special, 1925 Duesenberg, 1930 Miller-Hartz, 1940-41 Bowes Seal Fast, 1946 Fageol Twin Coach Special, 1947-49 Blue Crown Special, 1953 Fuel Injection Special, 1956 John Zink Special.

1965 Review of Famous Racecars:

1912 National, 1914 Duesenberg, 1915 Stutz, 1925 Junior 8, 1937 Gilmore Special, 1941 Miller Special, 1946 Ross-Page Special, 1951 Balanger Special, 1952 Agajanian Special, 1964 Hurst Floor Shift Special.

For those wishing pictures, how to tell the which set is which, specifications, sizes, etc.: click this link, then scroll down to Marhoefer:

Scarcity, value, etc.

There are NO common Marhoefer cards. Adding to the scarcity of these cards is the fact that most were inserted as the bottom board for weiner packages. Many were saved by young collectors only to be thrown out by mothers with sensitive noses (for awhile, the cards stunk!!!)

I have no data as to number of cards produced. Today, there seem to be more drivers cards available than the car only cards. Perhaps the young collectors went to greater lengths to save the drivers cards???

However, as the car only cards appear to fewer collectors, even though they seem to be more scarce, they also seem to be less expensive.

As to relative scarcity, the 1965 drivers set seem to be the least common.

As to value: generally depends on how many individuals are still looking for a specific card when the card surfaces. Rarely will a nice individual drivers card sell for less than $100., with some of the more well known drivers bringing significantly more. The highest price I have seen paid (not me) was for an A.J. Foyt card in really nice condition, which sold for $900. I was able to acquire a similar card a few years later for only $600. Generally, nice individual car cards of the 1963 and 1964 sets will bring $125~150; whereas the 1965 car only cards will bring maybe $100 each. The 1965 car only set is the easiest of all to complete.

The checklists above, with the exception of the two 1964 sets for which I have Marhoefer documentation, are cards known to me. Others may exist. I would like to hear from anyone that might have a card that I have not listed.

For those that would like more information, I have researched the cards, and have a database of car numbers, drivers, sponsors, etc. that is available.


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