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MASTRO-list of crininals...

February 2 2016 at 2:38 PM
marty quinn  (Login mighty-q)

Hey folks,
The list and i think its 103 page's of court doc's are out for public viewing, i see steve lucas was listed as a shill bidder for mastro, how nice...along with names in the sports card hobby that are pretty big. Not a pretty list, the shill bidders have been exposed, wonder how they respond? i didnt really know? mastro fooled me, etc etc....this only MASTRO that was caught, safe to say many other auction co's have shilled. From what i hear this is maybe a fraction of the real damage and extent of what MASTRO had done, somebody told me maybe 5-10% got out, the rest was destroyed when MASTRO burned their records....

Alex Sawchak
Alex Sawchak and William Vangelos
Andrew Caparelli
Andrew Filipowski
Andrew Filipowski and Mastro Auctions
Andy Tuttle
Barbara Simmons
Bill Boehm
Bill Mastro
Bill Mastro and Andrew Filipowski
Bill Mastro and Jeffrey Marren
Bill Mastro and John Reznikoff
Bill Mastro and Millard Fisher
Bill Mastro, Mastro Auctions
Bill Mastro, Rich Mantia, Mastro Auctions
Bill Mastro, Ryan Friedman
Brian Bigelow
Brian Marren
Cardboard Coll.
Cardboard Collectibles
Chad Dreier
Chad Vandemark
Chris Porter
Chris Porter and Kirk Wagonlander
Cliff Kakelik and Mastro Auctions
Cliff Kekelik
Craig Helling
Cynthia Graves
Darryl Abramowitz
Dave Forman
Dennis Beechy
Derek Ihnat
Diroberto, Helling
Diroberto, Marronpot
Doug Allen
Doug Allen and Andrew Filipowski
Doug Allen and Bill Mastro
Doug Allen and John Reznikoff
Doug Allen and Mastro Auctions
Doug Allen, Reznikoff Mastro
Edward (Josh) Petrie
Eric Grigson
Frank Diroberto
Frank Diroberto, Marronpot
Frank Simmons
Greg Floyd
Henny Steinbach
Irv Lerner
Irv Lerner CPA
Irv Lerner, CPA
Jay Dyer
Jay Dyer and Shane Mooney
Jay Dyer, Mastro Auctions, Inc, and Shane Mooney
Jeff Marren
Jeff Marren and John Reznikoff
Jeff Marren and Mastro Auctions
Jeffrey Marren
Jennifer Stein
Jerry Zuckerman
Jerry Zuckerman and Ralph Deluca
Jerry Zuckerman, Joe Demattio
Jerry Zuckerman, Ralph Deluca
Joe Demattio
John Reznikoff
John Reznikoff and Mastro Auctions
John Reznikoff
Jorge Marce
Jorge Marce and Andrew Filipowski
Jorge Merce
Kevin Keating
Kevin Keating and Bill Mastro
Kevin Keating and Doug Allen
Kevin Keating, and Mastro Auctions, Inc.
Kevin Keating, John Reznikoff
Kevin Keating, Reznikoff / Mastro
Kevin Keating, Rich Mantia
Kevin Struss
Kirk Wagonlander
Kirk Wagonlander and Mastro Auctions
Kirk Wagonlander, Mastro Auctions
Kristin Straub
Les Perline
Les Perline and Henny Steinbach
Les Perline and John Reznikoff
Les Perline
Les Perlne
Les Perlne and Mastro Auctions
Loraine Cordes
Marc Held
Mark Irodenko
Mark Irodenko and Andew filipowski
Mark Irodenko and Andrew Filipowski
Mark Theotikos
Mastro Auctions
Mastro Auctions and Doug Allen
Mastro Auctions and Shane Mooney
Mastro Auctions Inc.
Mastro Auctions, Inc and Steve Lucas
Mastro Auctions, Inc.
Mastro Auctions, Inc. and Bill Mastro
Mastro Auctions, Inc., and John Reznikoff
Mastro Auctions, Inc., and Mark Irodenko
Mastro Auctions, Inc., and Ryan Friedman
Mastro Auctions, Ryan Friedman
Mike Mallon
Mike Mallon and Dennis Beechy
Mitch Rosen
Nicholas Dawes
Nick Dawes
Nick Dawes and Mastro Auctions
Nick Dawes, Mastro Auctions
Nick Dawes, Rich Mantia
Niel Feltz
Peter Calderon
Peter Calderon, and Chris Porter
Peter Calderon, Bill Mastro
Peter Garcia
Peter Spaeth
Ralph Deluca
Ralph Deluca and Jerry Zuckerman
Ralph Deluca, Jerry Zuckerman and Joe Demattio
Random Treasures
Ray Canales
Reznikoff/Mastro John Reznikoff
Rich Mantia
Rich Mantia and Mastro Auctions
Rich Mantia, Kevin Keating and Bill Boehm
Richard Consola
Rob Hughes
Robert Bordan
Rocco Loconte
Roco Loconte
Roco Loconte and Nick Dawes
Ron Oser
Russ Pardy
Russ Purdy
Russ Purdy and Kevin Keating
Ryan Friedman
Shane Mooney
Shane Mooney, Jay Dyer, and Mastro Auctions, Inc.
Stephen Spector
Steve Forman
Steve Lucas
Steve Lucas and Brian Bigelow
Steve Lucas and Mastro Auctions, Inc.
Steven Turner
Teale Laney
Tim Frystak
Tim Frystak, Brian Marren, Chris Porter
TJ Schwartz
Whit Rutledge
William Schonsheck
William Vangelos
Zach Rullo

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Richard L.
(Login nsaddict)

Re: MASTRO-list of crininals...

February 2 2016, 3:31 PM 

Quite disturbing to say the least Marty. The list was published in another thread here. And a monster thread on the baseball side with 600+ postings. I am curious how this will play out? Any fallout or business as usual? A few thoughts:

Golden Auctions owner is on that list. Just concluded an auction a few days ago. Will it affect his future consignments/bidding? He has paid advertising banners on some sites, will those owners continue to accept the $$ for ads? Will the ah exec come out and make some statement?

PSA has 3 employed shillers on the list that are current autograph experts. What should Joe O do about this?

I am certain this is the tip of the iceberg and continues to this day, what could be done to minimize this?

I am disappointed Steve is attached to this.

I won't pretend to know the law, but any possibility for restitution on any level?

And there are those that will crucify these shenanigans on a soap box and name names, but when an item appears on their "holy grail" list, will bid away after the fact!

None of this crap was going on when high grade R90's were going for 10 bucks each happy.gif


(Login boxingcardman)

Re: MASTRO-list of crininals...

February 2 2016, 6:00 PM 

FWIW, Chad Dreier didn't shill anything. Allen used Chad's account to place a phantom bid on an item Chad was winning in order to run up the eventual price Chad paid on the card in question.

This message has been edited by boxingcardman on Feb 2, 2016 6:00 PM
(Premier Login autograf)

Re: MASTRO-list of crininals...

February 3 2016, 3:23 PM 

You don't think Chad would notice if he'd bid on something though?

Not saying he shilled because I don't believe that one either. Just odd that it was his ID. And you'd think that would have been done numerous times if that was the case. Maybe it was outside of this timeframe.

This message has been edited by autograf on Feb 3, 2016 3:24 PM


Charley Ramone
(Login oldbubblegum)
temporary moderators

Small sample size.

February 3 2016, 3:59 PM 

I too find it hard to believe that Chad knew of or participated in such knowingly. I mean with the dollars that were flying from that family into cards and related creating a most astounding collection..who could keep track?

As others here have mentioned; this list is just a small slice of a LONG timeline. I'm afraid we'll never know the full extent of what went on.

MQ: you mentioned privately and publicly you had suspicions concerning these folks. It would seem they are now confirmed. (sigh)

nother matter:

Beyond some of our own "nonsportsmen" & "baseball" guys ..I'm more upset with AH's jackassery and the unholy alliance with TPG's (ie SGC & PSA)

I think Joe O. and Forman and their respective TPGs are forever tarnished. As if they were "lilly White" beforehand! (pssft!)

Just one mans opinion.

The Green monster rears its head once again. Envy AND greed ($$$)

Life goes on.

" Tellin it like it is since 1960 "


(Login Monsterwax)

Re: MASTRO-list of crininals...

February 4 2016, 1:01 AM 

I wonder how Mastro bribed them to do the shilling. Discount on cards they were buying? Cash payments? Sexual favors? (Just kidding. Mastro would never pay them cash, heh-heh.)

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