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Nucard 1961 Horror Monster #102 card Question

February 18 2016 at 8:59 AM
Amit  (Login docsdrillers)

Hi Guys

Just curious if someone knows if redemption card # 102 had two variations.

Until recently I thought that there was only one variation with a redemption for 100 Wrappers but someone just posted a card on Ebay for 10 Wrappers.

Secondly,if there are two variations is one rarer than the other.

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(Login docsdrillers)

Still Curious

February 18 2016, 9:27 AM 


Did a quick Google search and found this on a site called

"According to long time collector Emil Tierno (who opened many boxes) there was a bonus card in every orange box, and they also came in denominations of 50, 25, and 10. The front of card #102 is the same for all cards, bonus or otherwise."

Has anyone seen a 50 or 25 redemption card?


Bill Christensen
(Login willhc)

card 102

February 18 2016, 8:14 PM 

Amit, FWIW, as a kid, I only remember seeing the 100 bonus variation along with the regular back, so, I am quite sure the 10 wrapper version is much scarcer to find. I do have a 100 bonus in my collection but no 10 (or 25 or 50 and never heard of those variations until now). Emil T. used to sell in the Wrapper thirty to thirty-five years ago.


Jack J.
(Login fallbrookjack)

Nucard Horror Monsters variations

February 18 2016, 9:07 PM 

Todd shows the 100 wrapper and 10 wrapper variations on his site. - Jack J.

Amit Benyovits
(Login docsdrillers)

Thanks Bill

February 18 2016, 9:13 PM 

I too have only owned a 100 variation and regular back and never knew others existed.

Unfortunately PSA only lists the graded cards as a Bonus no clue what has been graded.

Hopefully someone from the board steps up and shows us the other backs found.

dave p
(Login lotsastuff)

Nucard 1961 Horror Monster #102

February 19 2016, 8:59 AM 

there currently is a 10 wrapper back card for sale on ebay. certainly looks nice but not for the money being asked.


(Login Monsterwax)

Re: Nucard 1961 Horror Monster #102 card Question

February 20 2016, 1:56 AM 

Emil was a fun fellow and I miss seeing him in The Wrapper. He was a regular at the shows too, often sharing a table with Bill Karsmidt. (Probably spelled that wrong.) Both those guys had great monster card collections and loved talking about them and sharing memories. Sadly, Emil left collecting after getting ripped off by a crooked subscriber from The Wrapper. The thief ordered a set of Shock Theatre (around $500) and Emil mailed it to him priority, but this was before automatic tracking on all priority packages. The crook claimed he never got it, and threatened to raise hell unless he got a full refund. Emil gave him the refund and stopped selling. He was just sickened by the entire experience. Encouraged by his success, the thief went on to repeat the practice with several more dealers until finally, someone stood up to him. I'd say who it was, but I don't want to speak out of turn (I don't think he would mind, he should certainly be proud of what he did-- but I'll let him mention it himself if he doesn't mind). Suffice to say, the dealer who blew the whistle on the rat and got him kicked out The Wrapper is quite a presence on this site and has one of the best reputations around. Les was very quick to act as well, once he heard the background on rat fink. It was all a happy ending but it didn't bring Emil back. It just goes to show that that evil 1% really can mess everything up for everyone else. Kinda like Ossama-- he's dead and rotting now (yippie!), but his low brow shenanigans are still making flights a pain for everyone.

(Login TerGom)

Re: Nucard 1961 Horror Monster #102 card Question

February 20 2016, 8:13 AM 

Kurt—I remember Emil and Bill very well. I met both around ’93 at the Parsippany show (my favourite go to show of all time, by the way). Emil was also the one who got me started on Topps test issues at that time. They were both great people and very knowledgeable. Emil did end up on Ebay though. His handle is et40, I believe. Bill K. disappeared after what I understand was a messy divorce. I wish both of them were still active in Wrapper. I was sorry to see them depart from its pages…I didn’t know about the crooked deal that happened to Emil. I can understand how it could turn someone off the hobby.


(Login Monsterwax)

Re: Nucard 1961 Horror Monster #102 card Question

February 21 2016, 2:01 AM 

The Wrapper has so many terrific people, but sometimes one bad apple can wander in and really take advantage of that. I'm sure Emil was a LOT more cautious on eBay (in part, do to that bad experience) but it must have been a terrible shock when it happened in our own little Wrapper neighborhood. Since issue #106 (early 1990s when I first started subscribing), I only had one semi-close call, a fellow who sent me some cards on approval and then said he thought I swapped them when I returned them. But later on, I heard he accused several people of the same thing, but unlike the other guy mentioned earlier, my guy had mental issues and wasn't trying to scam anyone. (I heard he was cut off from subscriptions as well. Les doesn't tolerate that kind of mischief, regardless of the motivation.) But that was many years and hundreds of transactions ago.

Thanks for reminding me about Bill and Emil's TEST card fetish. They were BIG into that stuff alright, so much so, it was kind of funny. I'm sorry to hear that Bill got of out of the hobby after a messy divorce. You would think that would be the only consolation to divorce, that you finally have time to waste on your hobby since you're now completely alone. But such is not often the case. You are not only alone, you are also broke, and cleaned out of your favorite pastime. Hearing his fate makes one wonder if his cards had something to do with the divorce-- he certainly wouldn't have been the only guy who's hobby drove the wife batty! Or if she made him sell everything for spite and profit. Husbands beware! If you try to pacify your wife about your card addiction by telling her "this stuff is REALLY a good investment, you have no idea what it's worth!" That kind of rethoric is music to a divorce lawyer's ears! They will find out EXACTLY what it is worth when you're force to sell it-- and then split everything her and her lawyer!

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