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I love it when an "experienced collector"

February 19 2016 at 12:25 AM

mr moses  (Login 1880snonsports)

with quite a few "better" pieces to sell disavows any real knowledge of the items they are selling. Too easy a way of getting off the hook - especially when likely a piece like this is a marriage..... I've never seen this piece (of course there are MANY signs I haven't seen) but I also have never seen any of the myriad of Omar signs (or most any early tobacco or product advertising sign) where the name of the brand and/or company isn't on the item itself. At the very least it would be on the ribbon in her hair. The frame is of the exact style of the one that accompanies the somewhat plentiful image of the original men in black (tuxedos) smoking. Of course it may be real - but more than likely not.

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Daniel H
(Login PancakeBunny)

Re: I love it when an "experienced collector"

February 19 2016, 8:16 PM 

This is the best "we will take refunds but we aren't taking returns" explanation that I have ever read. It all screams "you'd be crazy to buy from these people" to me. Of course I don't collect this kind of thing so that's easy for me to say.

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