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Daniel H
(Login PancakeBunny)

Re: February pickups

February 26 2017, 3:19 PM 


I only have one card with the Burdick stamp on the back but it was great finding it and I wish I had more. Cool card.


I was the under bidder on both of those strips. I'm trying to stay within a budget (as I know you are as well); sometimes you have to keep the bids low and hope that you get something. Nice pickups.

I must say that the volume and breadth of what rolls through these monthly pickup threads is really impressive. Some of you guys must have entire rooms dedicated to card storage. I'll second Jack's sentiment and say thanks to everyone for sharing in these threads.

Jason R.
(Login a71678)

Re: February pickups

February 26 2017, 6:27 PM 

Thanks, Daniel! I'm trying to stick to a budget this year, as well, which is why those are the only ones I ended up with out of the several complete strips that have shown up on eBay recently. The items on my want list I'm still paying what I need to for (within reason). Everything else is getting a low-ball. I've missed out on some good stuff already this year (I'm still kind of halfway kicking myself on a lot of Blony paper items I missed out on at the beginning of the year), but hopefully my wallet will thank me by the beginning of 2018.


Jack J.
(Login fallbrookjack)

February Pick-ups

February 28 2017, 2:30 PM 

Thanks to Marty, I now have half the Red Barn's Space Contest cards. These nicely chronicle an event that I remember well. We sat on the edge or our sectional couch watching our Magnavox television, my folks, brother Leon and sister Bonnie ... all gone now. Different times - exciting times. - Jack J.

[linked image]

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Charley Ramone
(Login oldbubblegum)
temporary moderators

Re: February pickups

March 1 2017, 11:57 AM 

JJ, nice post up and personal memories. I think almost all here can relate.
What an exciting time as Americans it was.

Not much of a science buff , but now (NASA) are talking about the TRAPPIST system which is like 231 TRILLION miles from us!
I can't use my smart devices, Can't find a ligthswitch in the dark!
How can I get my mind around that? ()
"...“Galloping around the cosmos is a game for the young...” (JTK)

The older I get , its the cards AND the back stories that get me.

" showing the love since 1962 "

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