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NSB "H" Advertising Sets...Can you help out?

February 7 2017 at 9:48 AM
Chris Watson  (Login nscards)

Looking over various information that I've amassed over the last 5 years, it is become obvious that I need some assistance with either information or images associated with this topic. I hope collectors will find it in their hearts(and the time) to provide assistance. I suspect that this will be an ongoing list of requests, questions and postings, so have elected to post an ACC category, rather than anyone specific set. I'll gladly tag your name to any quality images that are used in future publications. Thanks in advance. Chris

Here is a good example of the different "types" of stock cards. One can easily envision, a lithographer commissioning or purchasing the rights to original artwork and then selling the concept to different advertisers of printing their specific information on the back (Type 1 - most common type seen for stock issues....think all of those different D52 "Adventures of Mickey Mouse" cards), front (Type II - would involve printing into a specified area or box within the artwork or "overprinting" onto the artwork), or both sides (Type III - typically the least common encountered, presumably due to printing costs) of preprinted sheets of of the sets. For cataloguing purposes, if Burdick didn't originally list under a particular category (D, F, H, K, etc.), then cards are assigned to appropriate category; once more than one advertiser is recognized for a particular issue, then the listing officially becomes a "stock issue" and a known advertiser checklist is formed.


1898 - advertising stock issue 90 x 127 mm
U.S.A. 30 unnumbered cards

The front of each of these stock cards contains a copyrighted color illustration (by Koerner & Hayes, the notable Buffalo, NY lithographer) of an identified U.S. naval vessel in their buff-and-white dress colors presented on a soft, pastel-green seascape surrounded by a white border. Artwork was created for thirty different ships, as advertised on the Galusha Stove issue. The American Card Catalog lists these cards under a generic “Warships” title; however, since all manufacturers’ issues share artwork with that of the Singer Manufacturing Company set (Type I Cards; H620-1) which identifies the above title, the associated ACC main index number has been reassigned. Each manufacturer issue likely totaled either 15 or 30 cards (based on information garnered from review of Type III Cards”). The checklist is generated by the vessel name printed within the artwork at the lower left card fronts. (ACC# H620-1)

Type I Cards
[linked image]
Each card has an unaltered front image, but contains a printed back (typically in black or blue ink) advertisement. In addition, the backs found on the Singer Manufacturing Company’s issue identify the set title above a brief technical summary of the pictured ship, and the notation that “Every American warship carries a sewing mahcine as part of it’s regular equipment...”. Set length remains unknown for each manufacturer, and the most cards identified for any one (Singer issue) totals seven. (ACC# H620-1/I)

(1) U.S. Battleship “Indiana” [D]
(2) U.S. Battleship “Iowa” [B, D]
(3) U.S. Battleship “Massachusetts” [B, D]
(4) U.S. Cruiser “Brooklyn” [B]
(5) U.S. Cruiser “Charleston” [A, C]
(6) U.S. Cruiser “Columbia” [D]
(7) U.S. Cruiser “Minneapolis” [D]
(8) U.S. Cruiser “New York” [D, E]
(9) U.S. Dynamite Cruiser “Vesuvius” [C, D]
(10) U.S. Gunboat “Bennington” [C]

(A) Bower & Bartlett Co. (tea importer)
(B) E.P. Carpenter Co. (piano manufacturer)
(C) Farmer’s Exchange (grocery store)
(D) The Singer Manufacturing Co. (sewing machine manufacturer)
(E) Union Meat Company (pork butcher)

[linked image]

Type II Cards
[linked image]
Each blank-backed card has an overprinted (typically in red ink) advertisement on front. Phrases on two of the adterisements aid in dating the issue release to at least the latter part of 1898. The Hershey’s issue, which is quite sought after, contains the slogan “REMEMBER THE MAIN Thing in Making a Cup of COCOA Is to USE HERSHEY’S”. This not so subtle play on words utilizes nearly the same phrase that the yellow press, led by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer of New York had used to inflame the public (i.e. ‘Remember the Maine’) after the U.S.S. “Maine” was sunk by a mine in Havana Harbor, killing 260 crew members, on February 15th, 1898 and ultimately resulted in the Spanish-American war initiating on April 24th, 1898. The Seattle-based Centennial Flour cards contain the overprinted question ”Have you heard of Manila Harbor? Well, It’s now opened to “Centennial’s Best” Flour.” The Battle of Manila Bay took place during the Spanish–American War on May 1st, 1898. Set length remains unknown for each manufacturer, and the most cards identified for any one (Hershey’s issue) totals three. (ACC# H620-1/II)

(1) U.S. Battleship “Maine” [B]
(2) U.S. Cruiser “Newark” [B]
(3) U.S. Dynamite Cruiser ”Vesuvius” [B]
(4) U.S. Monitor”Miantonomoh” [A]

(A) Centennial Flour Co.
(B) Hershey Cocoa (confectioner)

Type III Cards
[linked image]
Each card has an overprinted (typically in black or blue ink) manufacturer advertisement on front and contains a printed back (also typically in black or blue ink) manufacturer advertisement. Information regarding the printing of these cards can be ascertained from the study of two different issues within this “group”. The Galusha Stove Company’s issue is most commonly encountered and their backs, printed in dark blue ink, are uniform and advertise attributes of “Norman” stoves and ranges, identify the set total - stating that a complete set was available for ten cents, identify the manufacturer, and that their products were available from Macy’s. On the other hand, The backs of the George R. Fuller Company’s issue, which advertise artifical limbs, state that “A complete set of these cards (15) illustrating the various ships of the U.S. Navy will be sent to any address on receipt of 15c.” These facts suggest that the print sheet likely contained 15 cards. Set length for the remaining manufacturers remain unknown. (ACC# H620-1/III)

(1) Holland Submarine [C]
(2) U.S. Battleship “Alabama” [C]
(3) U.S Battleship “Illinois” [C]
(4) U.S. Battleship “Indiana” [C]
(5) U.S. Battleship “Iowa” [C]
(6) U.S. Battleship “Kearsage” [C]
(7) U.S. Battleship “Kentucky” [C]
(8) U.S. Battleship “Maine” [B, C]
(9) U.S. Battleship “Massachusetts” [C]
(10) U.S. Battleship “Oregon” [C]
(11) U.S. Battleship “Texas” [C, D]
(12) U.S. Cruiser “Albany” [C]
(13) U.S. Cruiser “Boston” [C, E]
(14) U.S. Cruiser “Brooklyn” [C]
(15) U.S. Cruiser “Charleston” [C]
(16) U.S. Cruiser “Chicago” [C]
(17) U.S. Cruiser “Columbia” [A, C]
(18) U.S. Cruiser “Minneapolis” [C]
(19) U.S. Cruiser “New Orleans” [C]
(20) U.S. Cruiser “New York” [C]
(21) U.S. Cruiser “Newark” [C]
(22) U.S. Cruiser “Olympia” [C]
(23) U.S. Dynamite Cruiser ”Vesuvius” [C]
(24) U.S. Monitor “Miantonomoh” [C]
(25) U.S. Monitor “Terror” [C]
(26) U.S. Gunboat “Bennington” [C]
(27) U.S. Ram “Katahdin” [C]
(28) U.S. Torpedo Boat “Porter” [C]

(A) George R. Fuller Co. (prosthetic limb maker)
(B) Galena Axle Grease Co.
(C) Galusha Stove Co.
(D) Lucas Paint Company/Samuel Emmert (paint store)
(E) Lucas Paint Company/C.Y. Shelly & Bro. (hardware)

[linked image]

REQUEST(S): Obvious one - there must be tons of additions to card or advertiser checklists under the various "Types"...let's compile as many as we can!

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Ken Bush
(Login KenBush)

Re: NSB "H" Advertising Sets...Can you help out?

February 9 2017, 10:58 AM 

Type III cards. The G.C. Keel, U.S. Battle Ship "Kentucky" is 3-1/2" X 5" (90mm X 128mm).
The United States Baking Company, Dynamite Cruiser "Vesuvius" is 3-3/4" X 5" (95mm X 128mm)

[linked image]

[linked image]

H### Movie Actor Photos
(Login nscards)

Re: NSB &quot;H&quot; Advertising Sets...Can you help out?

February 18 2017, 11:28 AM 

Tom's recent acquisition got me thinking about this set.... any additions or information about other advertisers would be very welcome.


1910s - advertising stock issue 50 x 87 mm
U.S.A. 56K unnumbered cards
[linked image]
[linked image]
Borderless card fronts, utilize the same black & white photographs of actors and actresses from the silent era as the subsequent listing. The vast majority are identifed in all upper case letters printed in a very small font. Cards are printed on very thin white card stock. The method of distribution likely was as advertisements for a business or manufacturer’s product, meant to be distributed much like a business card. All backs are standardized and do not mention a set title or total. The set is labelled by the title present on the card backs in the previous listing. Ten of the cards found in the checklist (noted with asterix) are not known for that D1 issue.
(ACC# H###)

(A) Chattanooga Medicine Co. [patent medicine]
(B) The Espelin Floral Co.

(1) Mary Anderson [A]
(2) Carlyle Blackwell [A, B]
(3) Holbrook Blinn [A, B]
(4) Mary Boland [A, B]
(5) Frank Borzage [A]
(6) Francis X. Bushman [A]
(7) Mary Charleson [A]
(8) Marguerite Clark [B]
(9) Marie Empress* [A]
(10) Douglas Fairbanks [A]
(11) Dustin Farnum [A, B]
(12) Francis Ford [A]
(13) Alan Forrest [A]
(14) Mary Fuller [A]
(15) Dorothy Gish [A]
(16) Lillian Gish [A]
(17) Florence Hackett [A]
(18) Ella Hall [B]
(19) Robert E. Harron [A]
(20) Ormi Hawley [A]
(21) Alice Hollister* [A]
(22) Helen Holmes [A]
(23) Elsie Janis [A]
(24) J.W. Johnston [A]
(25) Edgar Jones [A]
(26) Jack W. Kerrigan [A, B]
(27) Florence LaBadie* [A]
(28) George Larkin [A]
(29) Gretchen Lederer* [A]
(30) Robert Leonard [A, B]
(31) Louise Lester [A]
(32) Elsie MacLeod [A]
(33) Harry Millarde [A]
(34) Matthew Moore* [A]
(35) Mae Murray [A]
(36) Miriam Nesbitt [A]
(37) Mabel Normand* [A]
(38) Arline Pretty [A]
(39) Billie Quirk [A]
(40) Herbert Rawlinson [A]
(41) Vivian Rich [B]
(42) Cleo Ridgely* [A]
(43) Ruth Roland [A]
(44) Jackie Saunders [B]
(45) Marguerite Snow [A]
(46) Myrtle Stedman* [A]
(47) Edith Storey [A]
(48) Norma Talmadge [A]
(49) Mabel Trunnelle* [A]
(50) Charlotte Walker [A]
(51) Henry B. Walthall [A]
(52) Pearl White [A]
(53) Velma Whitman [A, B]
(54) Crane Wilbur [B]
(55) Clara Kimball Young [B]
(56) Ben Lee Ilson (script) (?)* [A]

Troy Kirk
(Login moviecard)

Distinguished Players

February 18 2017, 12:35 PM 

The actors set you mentioned is a set that I have done quite a bit of work on recently on my Moviecard Website as follows:

I think all the movie theater sets with the title "Distinguished Players" are part of this set as well as some others that don't have this title. There are other sets that share similar characteristics that are not part of this set such as the Kromo Gravure cards. There are also a lot of shared movie star pictures that may be from other sets and are not necessarily part of this set, I don't know until I see a large enough group to confirm that all are matches.

Russell B
(Login RussellDB)

Koerner and Hayes Great White Fleet Trade Card

September 29 2017, 8:25 PM 

Hello, I also collect these type of trade cards from the Great White Fleet by Koerner and Hayes. I think they made 39 different versions of the ships. Do you have images of the U.S. Cruiser Charleston, Wisconsin, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Petrel, and Raleigh?

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