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NSB "FC" Canadian Food Sets...Can you help out?

February 9 2017 at 2:54 PM
Chris Watson  (Login nscards)

Looking over various information that I've amassed over the last 5 years, it is become obvious that I need some assistance with either information or images associated with this topic. I hope collectors will find it in their hearts(and the time) to provide assistance. I suspect that this will be an ongoing list of requests, questions and postings, so have elected to post an ACC category, rather than anyone specific set. I'll gladly tag your name to any quality images that are used in future publications. Thanks in advance. Chris


1960s - Lever Potato Chips Ltd. 57 x 82 mm
Canada 60 numbered cards
[linked image]
Each wax-coated bright orange card is numbered on the upper right hand corner of the front with photographs of the front and back of a coin or paper bill above it’s approximate value as assigned by Jim Charlton’s Canada Coin Exchange which was located in Toronto (the address of this authority is also printed at the bottom of each front) and publusher of the Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens & Fractional Currency. Backs discuss the coins depicted on front, identify the set title (on some, with other noting “Series ‘A’ - 100 Coin Cards”) above a Lever Potato Chips logo. Although cards state that the set totalled 100, no card above 60 has surfaced in any collection or group that has been offered for sale, and it has been reported that London Coin and Collectables once owned a framed grouping of this exact total. No “Series B” appears to have been issued. This set is believed to have been issued during the early 1960s (after the 1959 move of the Canada Coin Exchange to the address shown and certainly prior to 1967 when Level Potato Chips was sold to Granny Goose, a division of Del Monte). Supposedly the Canada Coin Exchange received eleven separate cards along with the coin they depicted in the mail over the years that they proceeded to immediately purchase. Because of the wax coating and bright color, these cards show wear easily and are difficult to find in higher grades. (ACC# FC##)

REQUEST(S): Anybody own or ever seen a card above #60? How about an ACC#....I don't believe that one has been assigned

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FC19 Bird Pictures
(Login nscards)

Re: NSB "FC" Canadian Food Sets...Can you help out?

February 28 2017, 9:10 PM 

Okay that last one wasn't a big hit. How about this one. Anybody know the titles of cards #1 and 32?...These are cool cards by the company that put out the two WWII-era plane sets ("British and United States War Planes and Fighting Ships" and "Planes") - - we'll do those after this one.


1940s - Saratoga Products, Ltd. 64 x 81 mm
Canada 32 numbered cards
[linked image]
Card fronts identify different birds illustrated by black and white photographs. Backs also state the name the bird depicted on obverse, give the card number, provide descriptive information, and contain a uniform manufacturer advertisement that identifies the set title, total and method of distribution (inserted in packages of Golden Saratoga Potato Chips). (ACC# FC19)

Please feel free to post any Canadian "FC" issue....with under eighty numbers handed out, this remains one of the most underrepresented groups in the ACC.

Thanks in advance for participating.

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