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Old Canadian Tobacco Cards ??

May 17 2017 at 8:51 PM
tm  (Login agfav)

Hi Guys - I was just looking at my cards from the late 1800's and some how a thought
about Canadian cards came up. Do you think Canada received the same cards as the U.S. in 1895? or did they receive the BAT cards we see from that period? I know they
imported the cigarettes from the U.S., but I'm thinking about the cards. Were there
Canadian companies that had their own cards? Maybe they didn't get any cards.
I'm curious on what others think. Thank you for your time tonight. tm

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May 18 2017, 10:37 AM 

Theres a few hundred sets in the ACC under the "C" classification that were issued in Canada by a number of manufacturers. Chief among them was the Imperial Tobacco of Canada/Montreal. It was a branch of the Imperial Tobacco Company of the UK if I remember correctly. Also Tuckett, Tobacco Products Corp, D. Ritchie, MacDonald, Dominion and more. And the V classification is for candy/gum/chocolate like the E and R classification for the US. Also tons of sets in the V classification. Since Canada has historically had about 10% the population of the US, they don't have as many sets but do have tons of sets out there, some of which are really neat sets. One I particularly like was Lowney's chocolate Sew-Me-On set that had cloth patches affixed to a card. Very tough to find.

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May 18 2017, 11:55 AM 

There will be many more Canadian issues to discover when John Bell publishes his book on Canadian non-sports, hopefully by year's end.


Jack J.
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Old Canadian Cards

May 18 2017, 1:33 PM 

Tom - Can you post an image of the "Sew-Me-On" cards? I've never seen one. - Jack J.
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I sold these.........

May 18 2017, 1:54 PM 

Unfortunately.........I sold these around 2014. Got $200ish a piece out of them I think. Have never seen another. Sorry no back pictures. Almost think they were blank. Sure wish I'd kept a type for my type collection. About the same size as the larger Lowney type cards. Had to dig deep to find them!

[linked image]

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