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Old Cardboard Magazine

May 24 2017 at 12:36 AM
Joe G.  (Login Joe_G..)

I posted a similar message on Net54 baseball forum but realize many here may not venture to Net54 yet would have interest in the latest issue of Old Cardboard.

I wanted to bring your attention to one of the four articles in the Spring 2017 issue. The article pulls hobby content of interest from an old Tobacco Weekly Journal that I was able to study (May 1889- May 1890, a narrow window over a long run of publication). The content of the journal includes accurate dating of numerous card issues, albums, banners/posters, new cigarette brands and more. The Journal also provides a detailed entry on cigarette packaging; the conversion from paper packs to slide and shell packs. Another entry shares drawings and description of a pack not known in the hobby (that included baseball cards). The time period also coincides with the ATC merger and its impact on the tobacco industry. So if you are interested in accurate dating of N29 and numerous other sport/non-sport cards, Goodwin’s exploits, or cigarette packs, you might find the article of interest.

Issue #34 is now available for purchase at Old Cardboard here:

[linked image]

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Peter D'Luhosch
(Login dluhop)

Re: Old Cardboard Magazine

May 24 2017, 1:57 PM 

Joe, can you tell me if there's an issue of "Old Cardboard" that has an article on 1951 Bowman baseball?

Joe G.
(Login Joe_G..)

Re: Old Cardboard Magazine

May 24 2017, 7:07 PM 

Old Cardboard typically caters to pre-WW2 so '51 Bowman is out of scope. I suspect Sports Collectors Digest and/or other hobby magazines may have done a piece on them (too new for me).


mr moses
(Login 1880snonsports)

in defference to you and Lyman

May 24 2017, 7:28 PM 

I just purchased a copy. I have a full run thru 32(?) but declining storage and card specific BB interest so I stopped there. Looking forward to what I'm sure will be an informative and well researched article from you about a subject I still enjoy.

(Login wdmullins)

Re: Old Cardboard Magazine

May 24 2017, 10:21 PM 

Issues of the Tobacco Weekly Journal are scanned and online at HathiTrust.

From the Jan 10, 1890 issue:

A new departure in cigarette advertising is the quadruped banner issued by this
week by Allen & Ginter. It is considerably longer than is usual, and contains
fifty pictures of various quadrupeds grouped round a skin on which is advertised
Virginia Brights, and Straight Cut No. 1. The portraits are good, being
fairly correct, and give a good idea of the animal represented, while the coloring
is excellent. The small cards of quadrupeds are issued in the packages.

Joe G.
(Login Joe_G..)

Re: Old Cardboard Magazine

May 24 2017, 10:44 PM 

Thank you Henry for the kind words and supporting OC.

wdmullins, there are a couple online sources for the Tobacco Journal, volume 8 & 9 (hoping more will surface). I pulled over 100 entries for the article but had to downsize. The Journal is a truly fascinating study, worthy of more print than we could afford. Your entry from Jan 10, 1890 is included in the article but as a single line entry denoting the card set and banner; one of many entries of interest.

[linked image]
(Premier Login autograf)

Old Cardboard..........

May 25 2017, 10:36 AM 

Old Cardboard is a FANTASTIC magazine if you collect baseball at all. The quality of the magazine is bar none the best in the business. The articles, by folks like Joe, are detailed looks at issues that many times have not been looked at as closely. I just ordered some issues to get me current with the publication. Look forward to reading your article Joe...........

Bill C
(Login bill.cornell)
temporary moderators

Re: Old Cardboard Magazine

May 25 2017, 2:52 PM 

Not to mention that the cover article on D381's in this issue was written by one of the nicest of all hobbyists, i.e., me happy.gif

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