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Card Collector's Bulletin and hobby history update

May 26 2017 at 11:15 PM
David Kathman  (Login trdcrdkid)

Hey, everybody. Last September, I posted here about my interest in hobby history (both baseball and non-sport) and my collection of old hobby publications, including most issues of The Wrapper, a bunch of Card Collector's Bulletins, and complete or near-complete runs of the major baseball card hobby publications. That post is here:

Then in January, I wrote a followup post with links to articles I had written about hobby history over on, and updating the list of Card Collector's Bulletins I had. Here is that post:

Since then, I've continued to add to my collection of hobby publications, and have written more about hobby history on the baseball side. Most notably, in the recent REA auction I won a lot containing the 1939 first edition of The American Card Catalog plus the first 30 issues of Card Collector's Bulletin (1939-1944). Here are the posts I've written over there that use those early CCBs and include scans from them.

Hobby history: Memories of card collecting in the 1880s (from 1942-43)

Hobby history: The first card auction -- the Colkitt Collection, 1943

Hobby history: The first T206 checklist, 1941

Hobby history: The first T205, T202, T207, T201, and T204 checklists, 1940-41

Here is the updated list of the Card Collector's Bulletins that I have. In addition to the below, I have photocopies of Burdick's first 8 issues from 1937-1938. Those are numbered separately from the main series, which started immediately after the publication of the first American Card Catalog on June 1, 1939.

Scans of full issues of CCB that I have (posted on this board or Net54baseball): 31-35, 42-43, 45-49, 65, 68, 69, 70

Original full issues I have: 1-30, 40, 44, 50-63, 66, 92-102, 104-110, 112, 118, 120-123, 130, 133, 136, 139, 140, 142-155, 157-187, 193, 195-199, 203, 204, 205, 209, 210, 213, 214, 217, 220, 221, 223-229, 231, 233-235, 238, 240-242

I also have scans of the lead articles from the issues between 92 and 131 for which I don't have the original full issue.

If anybody reading this has any issues of CCB that are not in the above list, I'd be very interested in hearing from you. Conversely, if anybody wants to see anything from any of these issues, or wants me to look something up, let me know. You can reach me by e-mail at or

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Les Davis
(Login LesWrap1)

Hobby History

May 27 2017, 9:28 AM 

So glad you have surfaced again, David! I am always looking for card history nuggets, especially personal anecdotes of the early days. Keep em coming, my friend!

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