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Burdick collection, 1939 US Card Catalog, Card Collectors' Hall of Fame

June 15 2017 at 1:07 AM
David Kathman  (Login trdcrdkid)

Hi, all! Since my last post here a few weeks ago (here:, I've made a few posts over on the baseball side that might be of interest to the non-sport crowd over here. Some are drawn from my collection of Card Collectors' Bulletins going back to 1939, and a couple are drawn from other old hobby publications in my collection. Here are annotated links:

Hobby history: Card Collectors' Hall of Fame, 1970-71
(with bios of Jefferson Burdick and other famous card collectors)

Hobby history: Early card auctions, 1944-45
(The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh card auctions in Card Collector's Bulletin, with prices realized for #4 and #5)

Hobby history: The Burdick collection, 1947-49
(Jefferson Burdick's articles about his decision to donate his card collection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the first two years of his work sorting and shipping his cards to the Met, and the collaborative nature of the collection that ended up there)

Hobby history: The 1939 United States Card Collectors Catalog
(The first 15 pages, then selected other pages, of Burdick's first edition of what would become the American Card Catalog)

The excerpts in the last post from Burdick's 1939 Catalog are baseball-oriented, but I could scan some more non-sport pages if anybody is interested.

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(Login agfav)

Please print

June 16 2017, 8:10 PM 

what you can, especially if it is easily read. Everything Burdick oriented is normally very interesting. So please PRINT, PRINT, PRINT & thank you.

Les Davis
(Login LesWrap1)


June 17 2017, 9:17 AM 

I second that emotion.

David Kathman
(Login trdcrdkid)


June 20 2017, 1:16 AM 

tm --

Are you saying you'd like me to write this material up for a print publication? I'd be open to doing that at some point when I have the time, but for now the posts on will have to do.

Brian Chidester
(Login bcxists)

Re: Burdick collection, 1939 US Card Catalog, Card Collectors' Hall of Fame

June 21 2017, 11:57 PM 

I found one of the replies to your thread on the baseball site quite interesting; the one where the person says that Burdick struggled with regards to the Metropolitan Museum donation, on account of not wanting to take the cards out of circulation.

This is the biggest problem with the Met, as far as I can see. At present, the cards are nearly inaccessible. Also, every time they DO put a part of them on display in the galleries, it's always the baseball cards and the same sets all of us know all too well. Maybe they assume that's what viewers of the museum want to see, but it gives almost no impression as to what the overall market or make-up of inserts were in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Right now, for instance, they have some T201s on display, some T205-207s, about ten T211s, the Buchner Gold baseball series, and a bunch of later stuff from the '30s through the '50s.

I'm actually a credentialed art historian and have spoken to the curators in the department where Burdick's collection is overseen. There isn't much interest at present in showing the larger collection, though I've made an appeal to mount something on the rare N issues in the collection. Not holding my breath.


Daniel H
(Login PancakeBunny)

Re: Burdick collection, 1939 US Card Catalog, Card Collectors' Hall of Fame

June 23 2017, 7:17 PM 


I read all of your posts with interest. I have a big interest in hobby history. An illustrated book on all of this would be an awesome reference.

Thanks for posting here (where the cool people hang out) as well as the baseball side.

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