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Uncataloged 1967 Topps Prototype Set?

September 15 2017 at 8:51 AM
Jason R.  (Login a71678)

I set my alarm for 3 a.m. today only to be sorely disappointed that I had been outbid in all my Mile High Auction lots (and I really wasn't prepared to bid any higher). So now that the auction has closed and these officially are on their way to someone else, I wanted to bring them to this board for discussion.


According to the auction listing, these are the only known prototype packs for "Angry Signs," a set of cards that apparently pre-date Topps' "Angry Stickers" test set. Supposedly this version was never released to the public. The fronts are interesting enough, with "Signs" replacing "Stickers" in the version that ultimately was released in the test (the background here also is yellow instead of the black coloring used on the actual wrapper).

However, it's the backs that I'm hoping someone has information on:


As you can see, one of them sports a sticker or card (because the packs are unopened, the auction house said it didn't know which) with the sign "Smokey the Bear is a Fire Bug," which ultimately made it into the test set. One of the fronts shows a blue sign, though the writing can't be seen through the wrapper, so we can assume the front designs of the cards/stickers stayed more or less the same from the prototype phase to the actual test release. But the more interesting feature is the "Insult Jokes" backs that can be read through the two wrappers on the left. One says, "You ought to be on the stage - and there's one leaving in ten minutes." The other: "You're so stupid that you even flunked out of kindergarten." Not Topps' most original work by far. Both are accompanied by a line drawing of a man/boy making a face.

So the questions are: Are the contents of these packs cards or stickers? Are the "Insult Jokes" the backs of said cards/stickers or are they stand-alone inserts. (The stickers in the released test series are blank-backed.) And have these ever been cataloged anywhere?

I hope someone on here won the packs so maybe we can get some answers! All I know is, sadly, it wasn't me.

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Dave H0rnish
(Login dsh46)

Re: Uncataloged 1967 Topps Prototype Set?

September 15 2017, 10:31 PM 

I got nothin'

Bill Christensen
(Login willhc)

Angry stickers

September 16 2017, 11:48 PM 

I think I may have seen one pack of these before but can't remember where or when. I believe the one person who may know about this issue is Marc Simon. He may have written about them in the Wrapper but, again, not 100% sure.

Steve Sabow
(Login Steve_NY)

Re: Uncataloged 1967 Topps Prototype Set?

September 27 2017, 11:55 PM 

I also bid on all of the test packs in the auction as well as somewhere around 45 other lots. I dropped out of these because of the condition; they just spooked me.

I was down to 15 lots I was bidding on by the last day, and then I dropped out of most of them by 9 P.M.

Still it was a great auction for non sports, and it will be a pity if some of those packs don't find their way into the secondary market. I would have loved to get the Wacky Plaks, but spending that kind of money in retirement would mean that I would certainly have to sell them -- and rather quickly.



Dave H0rnish
(Login dsh46)

Re: Uncataloged 1967 Topps Prototype Set?

September 28 2017, 7:15 AM 

Hopefully the contents of one of those roached out Angry Signs packs gets posted somewhere. How many more test sets are out there that no one knows about. Supposedly Topps tested just about every set they eventually went to full production on.

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