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Allied Powers Group Build... anyone?

March 7 2009 at 11:14 AM

  (Login cmtlu)


Glad to hear some of you have energies still for more group builds here. happy.gif

Well, I thought to take a break after MarderMania to have time to focuss on ours own projects for a while because you know we will have the Hanomag-Mania for the summertime, but if you guys want, I guess we have time to make one more GB before that, and after listening Pat and Stan opinions, Why not? I wonder. happy.gif

To me it is painfull to admit although the M-24 is a lovely subject, I personally think a group build dedicated exclusively to the Chaffee would fail because low participation due to (1) resin kits can be intimidating for some builders, plus (2) the kit is produced in limited quantities which makes things harder in terms of quick availability for the participants, so honestly I think those two points do not help this time.

Also I think after making a GB dedicated to one specific subject, it can be good to make one now with wider coverage in order to have more chances to join and enjoy the biuld. You must take in consideration that in a GB usually only half of the participants are capable to finish theirs entries on time, so that is one more reason to go for something more general somehow.

But -from my view- we have some points to our favor to make another successful GB here:

1> I think it can be very good to make something dedicated to the Vehicles of Victory (M-24 included), which implies a wide range of kits to make and that can balance things a bit, particularly after -and before- a GB dedicated to a German subject, not mention to shermanholics also deserve to have a chance to enjoy, in my humble opinion. wink.gif

2> I have a confidence the Allied theme can be popular here and fortunately it is proved totally M-L 48th has a solid group of very reliable modellers, so we do not need to be many members to get a nice collection of finished models at the end. So even if we are a few, we can enjoy a lot. wink.gif

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Said that, conditions might be as follows:

1> Allied Powers can be dedicated to any WWII military vehicle in use by Allied forces. Any subject (wheeled or tracked vehicles) and nationallity is welcome.

2> Timeline will go from March 15th to June 30th. So three and a half months must be enough to complete a single biuld at least, and that will not interfere with the Hanomag-Mania that will start anytime from then.

Okay, I leave that here to yours consideration. Everything is up to what you guys want, so after seeing the reply this initiative has we can make a decission of what to do finally.

Allied Powers anyone? wink.gif

PS: My only concern is if we can persuade Arnaud to make something NOT german after all. happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif

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  1. that's a gret idea.... - steve faxon on Mar 7, 11:37 AM
  3. Oh no....... - John Hoffman on Mar 7, 11:38 AM
    1. Mr. Hoffman & Mr Faxon.... - Luciano Rodriguez on Mar 11, 7:36 AM
      1. Ok... - John Hoffman on Mar 13, 11:02 PM
  4. The art of persuasion... - Paul McMahon on Mar 7, 11:43 AM
  6. Here I go again!! - Jose Luis Lopez Ruiz on Mar 7, 12:25 PM
  8. Arnaud will make a Beute-Pershing ! n/t - Sven Frisch on Mar 7, 1:00 PM
    1. And you a half Chaffee! - Arnaud Brejon on Mar 8, 5:31 AM
      1. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! - Luciano Rodriguez on Mar 8, 6:18 AM
      2. half a Chaffee... - Tim Perry on Mar 11, 5:26 PM
  9. A No-Brainer! - Pat Johnston on Mar 7, 1:52 PM
    1. Or ..... - Phillip Young on Mar 7, 3:07 PM
    2. Pat,are you a medium? - Arnaud Brejon on Mar 8, 5:47 AM
  10. I'm in with a Russian Sherman M4A2/76 (pic) - Greg Hessig on Mar 7, 3:03 PM
  12. I think that might be too broad a subject - Michael Rinaldi on Mar 7, 4:35 PM
    1. You are right totally... - Luciano Rodriguez on Mar 9, 9:59 AM
      1. Of course the Pershing is in. - Michael Rinaldi on Mar 9, 2:13 PM
  13. Me too. - Joaquin Gª Gazquez on Mar 7, 5:03 PM
    1. Great news! - Luciano Rodriguez on Mar 11, 7:39 AM
  14. Either way... I'm in! - Stan Spooner on Mar 7, 6:04 PM
    1. I'm right behind you, Stan! - Pat Johnston on Mar 7, 7:25 PM
  15. I'm join - Masanori Sato on Mar 7, 7:26 PM
  17. yes, i'm in too... - Murat Özgül on Mar 8, 7:14 AM
  19. I'm in .... - Domingo Hernández on Mar 8, 7:19 AM
  21. I´m join too - deleted on Mar 8, 7:38 AM
  23. New face up for this one! - Frank Keast on Mar 8, 10:18 AM
  25. I'm with in - Marc Le Bayon on Mar 8, 2:04 PM
  27. .. yes - Xavier Ruiz on Mar 8, 2:13 PM
  29. SAS N. Africa Commonwealth jeep ... - Hilton Oliveira on Mar 8, 4:47 PM
  31. I am in... - Calvin Goh on Mar 8, 9:08 PM
  33. Ok Lu!! - José A. Soroa (Yiyo) on Mar 9, 5:47 AM
  35. Hmm, don't hit me guys, - Erik Helm on Mar 9, 1:32 PM
    1. F48th has all you need for your UC - Luciano Rodriguez on Mar 9, 2:26 PM
      1. Thanks Lu, - Erik Helm on Mar 9, 2:38 PM
        1. Then check out our sponsor.... - Luciano Rodriguez on Mar 9, 2:43 PM
          1. What if subjects allowed? - Chad Lebo on Mar 9, 8:30 PM
            1. Credible what if are welcome too.... Why not? - Luciano Rodriguez on Mar 10, 9:16 AM
              1. Re: Credible what if are welcome too.... Why not? - Chad Lebo on Mar 10, 5:44 PM
  36. One more guy to the Allied gang... - Luciano Rodriguez on Mar 11, 7:32 AM
  38. Ok...I'm in. - Rick Lawler on Mar 11, 11:52 AM
  40. Petr Vejvoda is in too. N/T - Luciano Rodriguez on Mar 11, 2:29 PM
    1. Yes, I am on board! - Petr Vejvoda on Mar 13, 1:23 PM
  41. Making kits... - Tim Perry on Mar 11, 5:31 PM
    1. Well I finally got in, or is it let out! - John OReilly on Mar 13, 7:33 PM
  42. OK for me! - Arnaud Brejon on Mar 12, 2:10 PM
    1. Arnaud! - Pat Johnston on Mar 12, 3:35 PM

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