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Allied Power - WIP- Sherman Firefly Part 9

June 13 2009 at 1:39 PM

  (Login Paul_McMahon)
Missing-Lynx members

Hi lads , I found the will power over the last couple of days to make some more progress - It's like watching paint dry at this stage but the finish line is in sight.... just over that mountain wink.gif

I was able to get the light guards into place and glue the light housing sans bulb - that will go in once the painting is done. I have added the loops onto the turret as follows.

Tools used.
[linked image]?t=1244912615

The square paper is 5x5 mm box - one line matched the scale plans I had for the distance between the upper an lower loops. I marked off on the piece of paper the attachment points of the loops. The cut strip of paper was then attached to the turret with the help of some blu-tac.
[linked image]?t=1244913179

Using the marked points I pressed the needle into the turret to get my mark point for the drill. ( Drill twist is 0.3 )
[linked image]?t=1244913356

When all the holes were drilled I made up the loops using brass wire ( .3 ). The Bug was then used to form the loops - Slip the wire under the section width- screw down - bend both ends up with blade - cut the loops and start again. The red arrow is the actual section I used for these loops.
[linked image]?t=1244913541

The loops were then inserted into the holes and pressed in until there were all a even distance from the turret. Superglue was used to fix them in place and then some Mr.Surfacer was applied over the connection points.
[linked image]?t=1244913603

I added the rear rectangular bracket with some bolt heads - these were later replaced with some wire. A wire handl was also added to the rear stowage box.
[linked image]?t=1244913711

Keeping with the turret - I detailed the commanders hatches with some handles and the the periscope- head cusion is Mr.Surfacer.
[linked image]?t=1244913875

The bent inner handle was made from a scrap piece of brass from the Fighting 48th PE set that comes with the conversion.
[linked image]?t=1244913914

Rear lower hull - the smoke emitter box was detailed with some small pieces of plastic and a piece of lead wire for the cable.
[linked image]?t=1244914025

Four grab handles were added to the rear deck. On the turret the release handle for the M.G mount was added with wire and a small disc added on the opposite side.
[linked image]?t=1244914108

Just have to add the tow shackles and a few minor pieces and then its the tracks happy.gif

[linked image]?t=1244914215
[linked image]?t=1244914281

Thats it for the moment - time for a cuppa happy.gif

As always - my ears are open to suggestions and advice happy.gif

Best regards


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