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Take a look and judge by yourself...

June 23 2009 at 1:41 PM

Luciano Rodriguez  (Login cmtlu)

Response to Anyone see the AFV Sturmtiger in person?


I have NOT read that review you mention but I do have one AFV-Club Stumtiger on the workbench at the moment and -believe me- is a good kit.

On early april, some images of the kit sprues were posted in this forum and the absence of interior was not a big surprise then. The extra bonus racking tools are just testimonial to me and do not imply anything about the quallity of the kit (I discarded them actually). The tracks are the top of what can be made with vinyl belt type pieces and the kit is well detailed overall with very few issues to be concerned about.

Confusing is the kit demands extra work by the modeller does not matter what Sturmtiger you want to make:

1> If you want a zimmerited Sturm, then you are forced to coat the hull sides and -perhaps- front fenders too depending on the subject you pick.

2> if you want a non zimmerited Sturm you will have to -basically- smooth hull rear plate (because the kit provides the bolted armor seen on prototypes for the hull front plate too fortunately),

3> In any case the kit is designed to be assembled without side fenders and if you want to add those parts, then you must enlarge the aft sections like the real thing.

4> Other combinations can be possible as Sturms showed small variations on stowage, rear idler and other small details, but that is another story linked to the singular subject you make.

What it seems sure is you cannot make a true OOTB model happilly and that is the VERY unusual thing undoubtedly, but once you overcome that shock, I really believe is a decent Sturmtiger particularly after knowing the hard times and big investment AFV-Club made to release this kit, which is remarkable too. I think we very often ignore the other side of the story that can explain why one kit comes this way. I personally appreciate a lot the big effort AFV-Club is making to enter the 1/48 market and this kit proves theirs strong interest after many big problems to release it finally.

I fear one in-depth review describing the content of the box can be discouraging and dissapointing, but the only thing I can say is that I am making the kit and I do NOT regret it at all. I respect others can think different tough. I leave that to modellers criteria logically.

Take a look and judge by yourself. as for me the kit is worth the little extra work definetedly. wink.gif

I hope this helps.

[linked image]

[linked image]

PS: if you wonder how it looks with some paint over, then there is one more small picture over there -->http://www.onefortyeight.com

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