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Tamiya GB ---> Jagdpanther extravaganza (II). Ready to paint.

May 24 2012 at 8:34 AM

  (Login dquiro)
Missing-Lynx members

Hi again, some advance in the holed Jagd.

After the assembly I gave some texture to the hull with the "Tamiya cement technique". I used cleaner for PVC pipes instead of Tamiya Thin because is a little stronger and dries faster. And it is cheaper, free indeed because I took it from a friend. :P
After that I sanded the surface, of course, with a 1000 grain sandpaper or so.
I don´t know if this texture is useful at this scale but I wanted to try.
[linked image]

The detailing is made with spare PE pieces, styrene and some copper wire. The usual stuff.
[linked image]

The idea is that some time after the Jagd was knocked the local villagers were taking everything useful (or not so) as a souvenir.
That is a nice excuse to avoid painting the tools, fire extinguisher, jack, spare tracks, etc.
Of course, the bad news was that I had to detail the empty clasps and cramps.
[linked image]

This Jagd is intended to be a late version (spring 1945) so the tools location is different from the Tamiya kit. Yes, I know, those tool boxes are too intact.
[linked image]

The Achtung Panzer #4 has really nice drawings with the differences of the Jagdpanther variants depending on the fabrication date. It was really helpful.
[linked image]

To move the wheels suspension I took the easy way.
[linked image]

And thus...ready to paint!
[linked image]


I´m not an AFV expert, if you see something wrong... please shout it out!


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