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Well take it easy cowboy....

March 5 2017 at 2:13 PM
Rob Pye  (Login docpye2)
Missing-Lynx members

Response to Glad you're happy with it

Yes, your indeed making some progress but you also stated to Bruce that as of 26 Feb you had already sent these parts off to Jay. Hence, I really don't know understand why you posted a bunch of pics on T48 at the same time asking for comments as you were already done with the work it would seem. That was the same approach that got you into trouble with the Elefant/Ferdinand if you remember....but hey, we all make errors and sometimes rush things. The key thing is you have addressed in part some of the dire problems with the engine deck on Tank Workshop's Panther conversions set. And yes, despite what you say, it is indeed Jay's problem as he bought the masters off Bob and produces them, so if there is any correction set, then Jay would be responsible to ALL customers who paid good money to rectify all the problems by providing said correction set. That is if Jay actually stands behind the quality of what he produces and the customers he serves???

Less I digress, as you must have realized, the problems with Bob's original Panther conversions is that he didn't do his research and rushed it. If you recall, that was in part to beat Kengi to market who at the time I was also considering taking his Bergepanther and doing the conversion for the Ausf D and A. End result, Bob got to market first. Then flogged it onto Tank Workshop. Then your buddy Brett Green gave a fake review saying that the TW Panther was a 'GEM' when in fact it was a pile of crap. So if you are going to tackle all of the problems with the TW conversion I would strongly suggest you do your research, take your time, and do it right. You have the skills, that is clear but you also seem to be rushing things a bit. Sorry but you do and it effects your product, and the problems on the Elefant/Ferdinand Wayne, O'Reily, and me pointed out showed that. We didn't do it to diss you but to help you.

To be crystal clear, I am dissing you at all but just urging you to stop banging out masters and sending them off to Jay before showing your work to those that know so you can get constructive feedback. Otherwise, why post your work saying 'baby steps' and such?

In closing, I do hope that all of those lucky enough to be your buds/friends who get your corrected version of the engine deck bits will be happy. If we had some PE grills for the Ausf D/A (and yes, Part makes them but who wants to pay like 18 euros a set when you need 2 of them!) then any errors and omissions in your work would be gone, hidden under the grills. Yet, we currently don't have such PE sets and in any event, I still believe the way forward is not to do as you have (by hand, and no doubt a considerable effort on your part) but to get these items done in CAD and 3D printed. Let's hope that comes to fruition soon. In the meantime, Wayne and I (with O'Reily there for inspiration and the whip!) will continue to plod along with our Panther Ausf D and A conversion sets. You will no doubt beat us to market with what you have done but in the end we will be happy with what we get done.

Kisses to all! And to quote that infamous Spaniard / Kiwi, "HAVE FUN" wink.gif

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  1. well Rob...... - Steve Faxon on Mar 5, 2017, 4:13 PM

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