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Burke Golf Co. Ding a Ling Putter

May 18 2006 at 7:26 AM

Jeff Post  (Login aceputt)
from IP address


I'm attempting to track down a rather obscure old putter. Burke Golf Company made a putter called the Ding A Ling. Somewhat like the Ping 1A putter, it makes a "ping" type tone when it strikes the golf ball, except this tone is more like a tuning fork tone than the Ping 1A "ping".

Could you offer any advice on how to track such an item down in the world of golf ? I simply don't know where to begin (other than E-bay,which tends to be more junk than unique or collectable clubs). I would appreciate any advice.


Jeff Post

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Geoff Mangum
(Login aceputt)

Burke Golf Co. of Newark OH ca. 1916 and after

May 18 2006, 7:44 AM 

Dear Jeff,

The Burke Manufacturing Company of Newark, Ohio, dating from circa 1916, made the Ding a Ling putter and also the Zing a Ling putter, among others.

This reference lists Ye Olde Burke Golf Company:

Ye Olde Burke Golf Co
4645 Ridgeley Track Road
Newark, OH, 43025

Chuck Furjanic's website Golf for All Ages has some information about old Burke putters. He also has an auction record of a Zing a Ling as follows from a Dec. 4 1999 auction listing:

"421 A SCARCE BURKE "ZING-A-LING" Putter with a brass head and swan neck similar to the P A Vaile patent. Gilchrist lists it at $300. G-8 $150-300"

This eBay reference shows a Ding a Ling sold by bbb1398 2 days ago to golfer232.

This eBay reference shows a Zing a Ling for a "buy it now" price of $95 offered by vettman76.

This reference to the Burke Company appears in the Arthur W. Schultz Collection on the University of Chicago's library website presentation (in "the 8th Hole"):

"One of the prerequisites for promoting an early start was golf equipment appropriately sized for the smaller stance and shorter reach of a boy or girl. By the 1920s, the Burke Golf Company of Newark, Ohio, along with other leading golf equipment manufacturers, was marketing sets of clubs especially designed to accommodate the needs and stature of younger golfers."

This reference gives a few details about the 1920s operations at Burke Golf Co.:

"Many Nicoll brand iron heads were imported to America in the 1920s and shafted by the Burke Golf Company, Newark , Ohio. Most of these were simply marked with the George Nicoll signature."

This obscure reference mentions an owner of Burke Golf Company: "Comptometer, owner of Burke Golf"

According to this reference, the Comptometer was an adding machine made in Chicago by the Felt and Tarrant Manufacturing Company (later the Comptometer Corporation). (For a useable online version of the vintage calculator, see this site, and for a biography of the machine and company, see this site.)

This eBay reference gives a Burke Golf Co. ad:

This reference from the Gerrit Speek Bibliography of Golf Literature cites a work by Harry Vardon in 1916 published by the Burke Golf Company:

"Vardon, Harry. 1916 Golf Club Selection. 1e.ed. Newark, OH. Burke Golf Company. Donovan & Murdoch 38360." [Donovan R.E. & Murdoch J.S.F. (1988), The Game of Golf and The Printed World 1566-1985.]

According to this reference, the former site of the Burke Golf Company has been the focus of Ohio EPA cleanup enforcement efforts:

"Environmental conditions at the former American National Can property in Newark have been certified to meet Ohio EPA's cleanup standards, and the Agency will not require more extensive investigation or cleanup of this area in the future. The property consists of 16.5 acres located at 950 Brice Street. The owners of the property, Anderson-Layman Company and Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc., submitted the request for no further action under Ohio EPA's Voluntary Action Program (VAP), and Ohio EPA has issued the company a release of liability, known as a covenant not to sue.


The property has been used for industrial purposes since 1918. Since the 1940s, plastic goods were manufactured on the site. Before that, the site was used for the manufacture of golf equipment and for automobile assembly. Halliday Motors Corporation, Burke Golf Company, American Golf Ball Company, Western Products Company, Continental Can Company, Ludlow Packaging and American National Can Company have all operated there. The property was occupied by American National Can Company until all buildings were razed in 1998. Pechiney Plastic Packaging Co. took possession of the site in 1999."

The Newark OH Advocate newspaper may be able to help you find more info about the Burke Golf Company.

Mailing Address:
22 North First Street,
Newark, OH 43055

(740) 345-4053

Robbins, Bob
(740) 328-8828


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(Login jfolmar)

ding a ling putter burke

June 12 2011, 7:50 PM 

i have one if your still looking for one

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(no login)

Ding-a-Ling Putter Burke

July 30 2011, 2:27 PM 

I have one make offer call me Jerry 856-912-8050

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(no login)

Burke Ding-a-ling Putter

July 16 2011, 11:25 AM 

I have a Ding-a-ling Putter that I would like to sell.

Thank you.

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(no login)

Burke Ding-a-Ling Putter

July 30 2011, 2:19 PM 

I have one if you have an interest in buying it make offer call me at 856-912-8050 Jerry, it is in oriinal condition I woul say condition is fair, could be polished?

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Larry Stanley
(Login OnePuttLarry)

Re: Burke Golf Co. Ding a Ling Putter

August 17 2011, 9:29 AM 

I had not seen anyone use the Ping 1A putter you mention in quite a while until last Saturday...playing in a tournament and had never played with this individual before and he was putting with the old Ping 1A putter. The sound of his putter striking the ball..."Piiiiinnnnngggggg!" It had been a while since I had heard that sound. happy.gif The only problem I had with him was that after he holed each putt, he would jam his putter blade down into the hole to remove his ball and would occasionally damage the top of the cup. We had to remind him that if he continued to do so, he could be penalized or even DQ'd from the tournament. He was not aware of the rule.

Larry Stanley

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Ashley Deane
(Login Ashley11291)

Ding a Ling Putter

November 7 2011, 1:13 PM 

I was recently cleaning house and i found a golf club set in my grandfathers closet. We found a Burke Ding a Ling putter and weve been trying to research it and find out how to sell it...I noticed on here that you were looking for one. I was wondering if you would still be interested. We also have a set of Nikolaus clubs as well and a couple of random clubs too form Macgregor and Dunlop. Thank You

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(no login)

got one

November 24 2011, 1:48 AM 

Dad has a ding a ling not to interested in selling but wondering what it is worth

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gary peyton
(Login 463)

BURKEding a ling

June 14 2015, 8:57 PM 

these are not all that hard to find, though thry are unique. i have had 5 now own four . 3 have steel shafts, one appears to be gold annodized aluminum. all arein good to excellent bcondition (from E BAY)all putt true and have the emost beautiful sounds. you should see the faces of the other players. i like it better than that of the Ping.

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(Login Jurassical12)

RE: Burke Ding-A-LIng putter

June 16 2017, 5:12 PM 

Hey! I have one that was custom built for a pro named Jack Jackson It's in very good condition. If interested, please advise at

Here's to good golfing!


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