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ikkos Advanced Motor Learning System

March 6 2016 at 10:24 PM
sammy  (no login)
from IP address

Geoff.... Please comment on the ikkos Advanced Motor Learning system as it might apply to putting.

It has been used for swimming and the full golf swing, and claims to be based on neuroscience and specifically "mirror neuron" learning; concepts which I believe you espouse for putting.


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Geoff Mangum
(Login aceputt)

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May 18 2016, 12:08 PM 

Dear sammy,

No thanks. Mirror neurons are real but overplayed outside real neuroscience. Mirror neurons HELP a mindless infant animal get patterns of behavior useful for survival without having to attend any classes and make a good grade. But beyond that, mirror neurons don't carry that much water for adults teetering to UNDERSTAND and PERFORM motor skills. Without KNOWLEDGE of cause and effect, the performer may have sometimes TALENT, but no feedback and no self-coaching and is subject to streaks and slumps. Unfortunately, people who promote so-called neuroscience approaches to motor skills always promote something without UNDERSTANDING of cause and effect. In the long run, that is not reasonable or sound or effective and talent is only as good as skill in spurts, but longterm, skill beats the pants off mere talent. The deceptive part if BAD golfers who experience SOME MINOR benefit are too easy to persuade they are on the Golden Road to Paradise, when they are actually on a short dead-end track without knowledge and real skill.


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Geoff Mangum
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