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August 30 2007 at 3:59 PM

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This forum is for CNA's and those who are interested in our work.
CNA's, those who want to be CNA's, nurses, educators, DON's, Adminstrators, families are all welcome here.
We have some rules we expect all to follow, to keep this forum a useful resource where information freely flows, as do ideas and concerns and issues. Venting is allowed, of course...but it needs to be respectful towards others.
1) No swearing. No threats. Those who do this will be banned.
2) No posting in all CAPS. This is rude; it's considered SHOUTING and is hard to read.
3) Please spell correctly when possible. Don't use Internet lingo and chat room lingo. English, please.
4)  THERE are no GUEST/ANNONYMOUS messages allowed here. YOU MUST leave a name- you will be directed to sign up for a login name and password before you can post here. This is not a membership site; we just like to know who is here.
5) IP info is always up for all to see.
6) Everyone is to be treated with respect. We want to be considered professionals, and one of the biggest and best ways to promote this is to ACT it.
7) There will be NO baiting of others. Posts designed to "rebel rouse" and "upset" others will be deleted and the poster banned from this forum.
8) WE DO WATCH stats. Those who chose to hide behind proxy servers- know this: Your info is always left behind with the stat service we use here. One cannot truly hide themselves; they can change their IP, but not any other info.
9) Harassment will NOT BE TOLERATED. Those who do these things will be reported to their ISP's immediately.
10) Any questions? Email Me HERE.
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