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having done IVF with Gill and Check, my take on both (everything ment.)

January 19 2012 at 4:45 PM
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Jamie  (no login)

Response to High FSH, high platelets, 41, REs don't want to work with me.

I started this process at 36.5, when the great CCRM in Denver told me that my FSH was 20 and it was donor eggs or forget it. RE #2 oversuppressed me with lupron, and then told me donor eggs also.

Check was RE #3. I saw him when I was 38.5. Dr. Check told me my progesterone was low and had me on progesterone. I told him that CCRM had diagnosed me with really bad antisperm antibodies from a blood serum test (100% attachment to sperm heads, so zero chance of natural conception). Check said he would only believe it if he saw a failed post-coital. He would have just done timed intercourse with progesterone for a while, but I said forget that, I've done tons of sex for years without success. I pushed for IVF and he agreed.

I like Dr. Check in that he is a mad scientist and truly cares but he is completely overwhelmed. Thus, I think his nurses basically ran my IVF cycle. They had me on 150 Bravelle with 75 Menopur, (increased to 150/150 after a few days), then Cetrotide as the follicles got bigger. I had 7 follicles, 6 eggs retrieved, 3 mature. All three made it to day 3 and they transferred them all, and I had a chemical pregnancy. I was told by Check's lab that my eggs were "dark and grainy".

A woman from this board steered me to Dr. Gill since I live in Houston. I went to the consultation and we collaborated together on my protocol. He made a few changes:
1) Follistim instead of Bravelle. He believes that outcomes are better on Follistim since the dosing is more even.
2) Higher stims right off the bat. He thought that half the eggs immature was not a good outcome; he said why not hit them with more stims right away so they grow more evenly.
3) Blastocyst transfer rather than day 3 transfer
4) Estrogen support after the embryo transfer.

I started this IVF cycle right after my 39th birthday. Gill started me on 225 Follistim and 150 Menopur. He bumped it to 225/225 when the follicles needed a little bit more of a push and then they started growing. I produced 11 eggs with 8 mature. 6 fertilized and 5 were still going on day 5. They transferred two blasts and ended up freezing two more blasts. I had a healthy daughter 9 months later.

I think Check has some wonderful qualities but if I were to choose between the two it would be Gill without a doubt. The whole process was SO much easier--HFI is so much more organized than Cooper. You don't sit and wait forever, and people actually know you and know your case. I think that since Gill is not as overwhelmed as Check he has more time to work on your specific case. I actually found Cooper far more cookie-cutter, whereas with Gill I got a personalized protocol. After you see Check for the initial consultation, you really don't see him again and have to push to talk to him. Also, I have great faith in HFI's lab. They really got the most out of my eggs.

Gill really gets what it is like to be us since his own wife only had two follicle but found success through IVF. I found him to be easy to work with.

Sorry this is so long . . . I'm happy to answer any questions.

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