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Cautiously sharing my success so far (pg, m/c, prev success ment'd) - long

February 15 2012 at 10:22 PM
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ekb88  (Login ekb88)

Hi all. As some of you may have seen from previous postings, I seem to find myself pregnant again at age 43. I wanted to wait until I had my NT exam to announce anything here, but we did the u/s yesterday and everything looked good, so I wanted to step up and share my news. I'm currently 12 weeks along

My background, for those that don't know: I married late at age 38. The year before I got married I lost my left ovary and tube to an endometrial cyst. Through the course of ttc for #1, I also discovered that I was hypothyroid from Hashimoto's disease. My highest measured fsh wasn't all that high at 10.7, but was high enough for one RE to tell me DE or adoption were my likely choices.

I had a cancelled ivf due to poor response at a local RE, then hit the big guns with Dr. T at SIRM. We did two high (super high!) stim cycles, and never retrieved more than 3 eggs, and never had more than 1 embie to transfer back at day 3 (the others were either immature or didn't fertilize). I took a three month break, and was getting ready for ivf#3 and showed up pregnant with DS instead. That was the week before I turned 41, and I had a healthy pregnancy and delivered DS almost two years ago. I posted my "what helped me" post back then, you can find it here - . I got pg with DS after 2.5 years of ttc.

We started ttc again when DS was about 7 months old. Just checking my cm and timing things. I did get pg in the spring, which ended in a blighted ovum. And then I got pg again right before Christmas, and this time things seem to be working out.

I am now 43, and will be 44 by the time the August due date rolls around. I feel a certain amount of calm about this pregnancy, and feel very blessed to be experiencing it. I wanted to share with you what I think has contributed to my success. For the record, I have not had my fsh tested in about three years. I did do the pee stick version from First Response a while ago (it came free with a pack of hpt's) and according to that it wasn't high that month (from what I've read, those sticks seem to read as "okay" when fsh is under 25).

So what I think helped this time:

1. I have an endocrinologist who manages my tsh closely. She targest me to 1.0, but leaves my dose alone as long as it's under 2.0. I think this has been huge for me, and I get so frustrated when I see women who's doctors won't treat them to a tsh under 2.0. It's such a simple thing, and to my mind if you know it won't hurt to get under 2.0, and it could help, why not do it? Insanity.

2. Sunshine and vitamin D. I honestly don't think it's a coincidence that I've gotten pregnant after spending regular amounts of time outdoors. I live in Northern VA now, and while this summer was too hot to be out much, I was at the park with DS almost every day once the fall came. I think vitamin D has alot to do with ovarian functioning, and I think everyone should get their levels checked, get sun when you can, and supplement. I take 4000 iu daily.

3. Other supplements. I couldn't do much this time, since I'm still nursing DS. I take a prenatal and omega 3's. Nursing had my luteal phase shortened to 8 to 10 days, so I also took vitamin B6 to lengthen it. If found that brought it closer to 12-13 days, and I was taking it the month it worked.

4. BD when the cm is present. I used to use the ov-watch to track ovulation. One thing that's better about that than opk's (to my mind) is that it looks at hormones other than LH, so you get a sooner heads up that it's time to bd. I found the ov-watch would give us the go-ahead at CD9, which I started to notice was when the good cm showed up. So DH and I were typically bd'ing around CD9 or 10, and then usually a second time a couple of days later (yes, we're tired old folks who can't manage to bd more than a couple of times in the fertile window). I think it's wise to bd before the lh surge. Just my thoughts here.

5. Totally embarrasing, but I'm going to post it anyway. I think it helps to make sure that you have your "o" moment after he has his "o" moment. Supposedly it helps pull his guys into the cervix. Can't say for sure of course, but it was part of our successful process.

Well, that was a novel. I hope that this information is helpful to at least some of you. I got such comfort from this board when I was ttc the first time. There were some very dark days, and I know I've been very blessed. I learned so much from everyone here, and I want to pay it back and forward.

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