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Re: Good for you!!! Other quick questions or insight you could provide on.....

March 26 2012 at 10:05 PM
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BroodyHen  (no login)

Response to Good for you!!! Other quick questions or insight you could provide on.....

he never explained why clindamycin. in fact, looking back through the notes from the various conversations i have jotted down that flagyl and clindamycin aren't the best for group b. but then he recommended it. he is pretty casual about which ones he recommends! he specifically said clindamycin the last time we spoke, and we discussed that i am definitely positive for group b. he thinks, however, that the likely more serious culprit is chlamydia, even though i haven't tested positive for it. again, i think the big idea is to hit the system with 2 different strong, broad antibiotics. he said that i could substitute flagyl 1/2 mg 2x a day for the clyndamycin.

so with the huge caveat that i am not a doctor, i don't think that 100mg of doxy once a day is enough. in a previous conversation he said 1 month of doxy 100 mg 2x a day followed by 2 weeks of ampicillan or amoxycillin 500 mg 3x day. all this makes me believe that it doesn't matter all that much which antibiotic, but i do think the dose has to be enough to give you a good wallop and i worry your 1x a day isn't.

he went on to tell me this last time we spoke that 3 days before missed period if you think you are pregnant (!) you should take 10 days of arythromax or erythromycin, then 2 months off, then 10 days on of either erythromycin or doxy or clindamycin again. sticking with the 10 days on 2 months off plan throughout the pregnancy, alternating the antibiotic.

your partner has to follow the same protocol you do, or you'll pass whatever you have back and forth and defeat the purpose.

he says the doses are on his website, but i haven't looked.

he also likes steroids in the mix, as he said that they make the bacteria grow making them more susceptible to the antibiotics.

and i'm afraid i don't have any advice as to when to start. i just started taking them as soon as i could get my hands on a prescription. i will be finishing up the clindamycin around ovulation, and i'm worried it would be better to be on ABs around implantation, but... i can't take them forever so that is that. anyway, i hope all my semi-informed ramblings here are more helpful than not wink.gif

do you mind sharing the details of how you were successful with ABs? thank you!!

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