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Please help me with your opinion about this protocol going forward.

May 29 2012 at 7:48 PM
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SillyPuppy  (no login)


Today is CD 8. I am on my 6th dose of 150 IUs of Menopur. I finished the last dose of Femara 7.5 mg (cd3-7) yesterday on cd. When I went into for a scan on CD 3 I had 3 follicles. Today on CD 8 I still only have 3 follicles the largest follicle is 14. They told me to continue taking the Menopur through Thursday and do a trigger on Friday. IUI would be Saturday.

Since I am supposed to do an IUI this cycle, I think my RE was a little disappointed I didn't have more follicles from this protocol. She feels like I did just as well on the Femara alone two cycles prior.

The month I did Femara only (7.5 mg-- cd3-7) I also had 3 follicles: 17, 16, and 21. These were measured on CD 10 and I was told to trigger that same day and we did TI over the course of the next few days.

Of course that cycle was a bust as I ended up with a killer UTI.

The cycle AFTER this I O'd later than usual, my period started three days later than usual and it appears that I O'd off my Left ovary which I normally do not ovulate off of.

When I took NO MEDS AT ALL I was showing 8 small follicles on CD 3. I have no idea what happened to them over the course of the next few days.

I ovulate monthly and show highs and peaks on the CBFM. I also show peaks on the CB digital. My temps correspond to this as well.

My husband has no issues with sperm at all.

My questions are:

1) is an IUI pointless (her theory is that it puts the sperm closer to the place it needs to be. She had hoped I would have more follicles and increase possible number of eggs

2) she thought in the future I would respond better to Femara only as it seemed I had just about the same result with Femara AND Menopur. She didn't seem to suggest other injectibles.

3) If I had 8 follicles with no meds am I making things worse with meds or is this protocol not correct?

Thanks for any insight you are willing to give.

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    1. Thanks for answering. I am feeling desparate. (yes sad, I know) n/t - SillyPuppy on May 30, 7:07 AM
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      1. I am a dork! I meant Eliza^! So sorry n/t - SillyPuppy on May 30, 10:06 AM
        1. Hi, no worries.... - Anonymous on May 31, 8:02 AM
          1. me above (ElizaN)... another PS - ElizaN on May 31, 8:13 AM
            1. Thank you ElizaN, you are a dear. - Sillypuppy on May 31, 11:30 AM
  4. my 2p - anne on May 30, 11:38 AM
    1. Thank for the advice - SillyPuppy on May 30, 10:50 PM
  5. well - jkl on May 30, 1:57 PM
    1. Thanks but question - SillyPuppy on May 30, 3:44 PM
      1. confused - jkl on May 30, 4:53 PM
        1. Sorry for confusion hope this helps - SillyPuppy on May 30, 10:08 PM
          1. Barge - None, no benefit. Exactly. - Anon on May 31, 12:15 AM
            1. Thank you for you insight but I will disgaree about one thing - SillyPuppy on May 31, 6:56 AM
              1. oops disagree - SillyPuppy on May 31, 6:59 AM
                1. Re: oops disagree - Anon on May 31, 9:14 AM
                  1. Ok thanks but - Sillypuppy on May 31, 9:42 AM
                    1. Yes.. - Anon on May 31, 9:49 AM
                      1. Well - Sillypuppy on May 31, 10:01 AM
                        1. Re: Well - Anon on May 31, 10:03 AM
                          1. You will be the first to know. I like to be positive and I hope you can try too. - Anonymous on May 31, 10:10 AM
                            1. Above post was me - Sillypuppy on May 31, 10:30 AM
                          2. omgsh...if you can't be supportive then - anne on May 31, 11:48 AM
                            1. case in point... - anne on May 31, 12:11 PM
                              1. All I said was extremely rare. - Anon on May 31, 2:27 PM
                            2. Thanks Anne...I agree be positive people b/c it DOES happen to plenty of woman(child ment) - Kim on May 31, 12:22 PM
              2. Agree.. on other boards - Kim on May 31, 12:16 PM
  6. yes possible (dd ment) - jkl on May 31, 1:44 PM
    1. I'll piggyback on this one too....(child ment) - Kim on May 31, 3:13 PM
      1. my OB/GYN/RE said 47 - ElizaN on May 31, 3:43 PM
        1. Okay I read this recently for all you kind ladies - SillyPuppy on May 31, 6:58 PM
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