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by vance visuals

that is part of the problem.
my greatgrandparents, depending on the report, were born in either russia or Lithuania.
Not sure if they lived in the same neighborhood as my father did growing up, but the census sights Brooklyn, NY.
the other issue that the spelling of the name changed from census to census.
the earliest spelling I have been able to find was in 1909 on my Grandfather's Sisters birth record, that being Zinkovwitch.
the 1920 census had it listed as Sinkvich. The first names and birth dates add up so I believe this to be my Greatgrandfather's household.(could not find anything on the 1910 census).
by the 1930 census, my grandparents were married, and the name is shortened to Zink. I am 99% certain these were my grandparents as there names were right as well as my two uncles' names and ages.
By the 1940 census, the was listed as Zinkarvitch. That is the one that stuck with my family from that point on as all my known relatives, all fisrat cousins, have that last name.
That spelling of the last name was also used on a death report of one of my uncles who died as a teenager after 1940.
I tried doing global sesrch of the name. Zinkarvitch appeares no where other than America, yet it is the closest to the spelling of the earliest form of the name I was able to locate.
I was always told I was of Lithuanian descent on my father's side. It it perhaps Russian that were residing in Lithuania or Lithuanian residing on Russia.
I am not sure. I know census reports were hand written and the people taking them probably had long days and doing the best they could writing it they they thought they heard it and neither my greatgrandparents, grandparents or father were educated men to question anything or if they were changing the spelling themselves.
it's funny, I went into this looking for an answer and only got more questions.
I know I've made a short story long here, just venting I guess.
Could find out where in eastern Europe my great grandparents were from or even the proper spelling of the family name.


Fred Vance

Posted on Apr 6, 2017, 12:39 PM

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  1. this is a very common problem. Gee Jay, Apr 6, 2017
    1. this is a very commom problem. vancevisuals, Apr 6, 2017
      1. Don't be discouraged!. Gee Jay, Apr 7, 2017
        1. don't get discouraged. vancevisuals, Apr 7, 2017
          1. try this. Gee Jay, Apr 7, 2017
            1. try this. vance visuals, Apr 7, 2017

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