humor in genealogy

by Gee Jay


I came back to this earlier part of the thread because it expanded so far off to the left!

I started looking at some of the hard copies I have from some of my Lithuanian family records and found some information that made me laugh. I thought I'd share it with you because you've had so much trouble getting the facts straight regarding your own family.

My father has been doing genealogy for many decades, and one of the things he taught me was to assume that the birth dates given in the earliest years were the most likely to be correct. That is, a person was more likely to be truthful about his or her age when s/he was pretty young. Later in life there was a tendency to say one was younger.

Anyway, today I was looking at the marriage record of my grandmother and her first husband. She says she's 18 and he says he's 23. I know for a fact that she was 19 and I'm pretty sure he was at least 25! So much for the idea of telling the truth about their ages when they're young! (It was an arranged marriage which is probably the reason they were able to get away with lying to each other.)

I was also looking at the first husband's death certificate. He died in 1925, and the certificate says he was the owner of a "soft drink parlor." This made me laugh, because he owned a bar! But I guess during Prohibition even the county clerk told discreet lies.

I hope this gives you a good chuckle.

Posted on Apr 15, 2017, 1:52 PM

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