...the switchboard to various conversations between cryonicists.

[Church] Cryonics Church is a place where true believers in cryonics can meet on Sundays. New visitors and all varieties of cryonicists are always welcome.

[Cold Filter] Jonathan Hinek has successfully managed this forum, modelled on some previous examples of Network54 forums, for several months now. As of October 2005, it can be said to be more interesting and easier to follow than Cryonet.
[Comparing Cryonics Organizations] Here is a no log-in thread where anyone can contribute their thoughts on what constitute the differences or similarities between Alcor, CI, TT and others. Try to be concise and on-topic. Thanks.

[Considering Cryonics] A Yahoo forum.

[Cryobiology A brand new cryonics/cryobiology forum by "jon"

[Cryonaut 2000-2003][Cryonaut 2004][Cryonaut 2005]

[Cryonet][queue][Email(Publish) to Cryonet] The original cryonics online discussion by Kevin Brown

[CryoNet Off-Topic] An off-topic area for CryoNet users. On-topic posts will be deleted, so be sure to stay off-topic.

[Cryonics Cafe] An informal discussion among cryonicists that pays particular attention to new potential cryonicists, the media and the general public.

[The Cryonics Conference] A group of discussions, new as of August 04, led by "Ken"who was introduced to cryonics by Bob Nelson & may be regular contact with him. Ken first appeared in Cryonaut 2004.

[Cryonaut2004][Cryonaut 2005] Open discussion forums about all aspects of cryonics.

[CryonicsTechnical Review] An experiment in staying on-topic with respect to technical aspects of cryonics.

Ethics Index The "Cryonics Ethics Index" or CEI, invented by Rick Potvin, tries to measure self-motivation, openness, quality of preservation, and the amount of money involved, in each cryonics case in a preserved state and in a currently living state. This is highly experimental social research and very controversial.

[Eschaton Outlook] Considerations of the future and cosmology by Jonathan Hinek.
[European Cryonics Discussion] Based in England, this Yahoo forum is the most active cryonics discussion on the far side of the big pond.

[Extropian Group] The original transhumanist discussion initiated by Max More

[Futurenaut I][Futurenaut II]

[Immortality Institute Cryonics Section] Includes faces of cryonicists, by B.J.Klien

[Kitchen] Coming Soon! Learn what cryonicists are eating and what supplements they're taking. Trade recipes. Favorite anti-oxidants and hormone boosters discussed in an atmosphere conducive to good dining.

[MoreLife] A health and nutrition forum by Paul Wakfer that aims to control and retard ageing. Wakfer has been very active in cryonics.

[Nelson Interview] Ken TVRepairman has created a special area where we will be able to reliably find Robert Nelson, author of "We Froze the First Man". Mr. Nelson has agreed to participate in reviewing cryonics history from his perspective with us, with Ken's assistance.

[NightClub] Cryonics NightClub is an experimental forum for cryonicists and admirers of cryonicists where there is a night-life attitude. Wear your sunglasses.

[Norwegian Guy] Better here than Cryonet! by Trygve Bauge

[Russian Cryo Discussion][Cryonics News] Cryostroika! Russia was first in orbit-- maybe they'll reanimate the first man?!

[Sci.cryonics] The Usenet version of a cryonics discussion, attended by Joan Evan & Leonid Gavrilov

[The Straight Record] An example of a forum that Ken TVRepairman can use to expand on his thoughts concerning early cryonics history as he continues to learn more and consult with fellow TVRepairman and famous cryonicist Bob Nelson who wrote "We Froze the First Man". This forum isn't yet authorized by Ken but hopefully will be soon. We'll know by his attendance or not.

[Ted Williams Forum] The discussions around the Ted Williams case constantly and periodically overwhelm the bandwidth of other forums. Here is a dedicated forum to accomodate that.

[Venturist Discussion] Dave Pizer posts here & is likely to respond to your input here.

[Ventureville at Creekside Lodge, Mayer] This is an unofficial forum where cryonicists can discuss all aspects of the planned cryonics community that Dave Pizer has in mind. Included in this forum would be ideas for articles for Physical Immortality magazine, the flagship paper based publication of the Venturists.

[World Transhumanist Assocation talk] A wide ranging discussion initiated by James Hughes, president of the WTA

Cryonics related directories [Dmoz] A cryonics directory by Steve Bridge [CryoNet] The cryonics directory by Kevin Brown. More cryonics directories to be added soon. Blogs by cryonicists [Rick Potvin, Alcor Member] If you have a blog and you're a cryo, ask to be listed in the discussion below. Blogs are a great way for the rest of the world's population to see how cryonicists think.
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