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Simple question for you

August 8 2009 at 7:57 PM

Response to Re: Obama celebrates 250,000 newly unemployed.


The reason bush had such low poll numbers is because reps were upset that he supported so many poor econ/domestic decisions that ALL dems supported. Education, aid for africa, higher spending,etc.

Reps, unlike dems, will actually voice opposition to their leaders when their leaders do wrong.

No matter how far down the drain obama takes this country, there will still be some 40 or so percent of you dem party "robots" who will always say you "love/support" him, even when deep down you disagree with him".

yet not once did we hear then senator obama, or any other dem, say to us, "wait, bush, you are spending too much! Spend less"

Name even ONE economic policy that bush pushed for over those eight years that Obama disagreed with. And, by the way, you do know dont you, that dems controlled congress for the last two years of bush's presidency. And, by the way, I think obama was in the majority senate during those two years. Or, is this a FACT that you ignore simply because you are a lib/dem, which is what the likes of you do?

The sub-prime crisis was the final straw that took our econ over the edge. Bush admin voiced concern years before about the building issue. Dems objected and we have what we see today.

So, tell me again, just what did bush do that caused this that dems objected to that actually lead to this econ crisis?

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