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Decided to take this to Foo

September 18 2009 at 8:03 AM

I posted this on the soccer forum since there was a foo post there, but the thread may get deleted, so I thought I would post it here too. It is in regards to a poster who claimed "Obama was trying to do what was right". This poster was making claims that people don't have access to healthcare. Here is the original post:

The truth is no one cares whether or not their neighbor and their kids can gho to the doctor or not. Even more so, no one cares if minorities have access to health care. Obama has the guts to break the big business of insurance companies and drug companies. Everyone knows what is right, but no one except him has the conscious to fight these tyrants.

Since you brought this up on a SOCCER forum, I will respond. It's people like you and your political affiliation who are responsible for the Republican mess our great country is in now.

Shame of you for talking about Obama, especially on a soccer forum!

Here is my reply:

Yea, shame on them. If I were you, I would call them a racist.

First, name one single person that does not have access to healthcare. There isn't one. Healthcare and healthcare coverage are two different things. Everyone in this country, legal or illegal (today), can get healthcare, and in some cases, free. Not everyone can get or afford healthcare coverage.

Next, let's talk about these big evil insurance companies. Here is the cost breakdown of a dollar spent on healthcare insurance. Take note, only 3 cents of each dollar is insurance company profit. That would be 3%. Now look at the government take of the dollar... 6 cents (6%). The government takes twice the amount the insurance company takes of each dollar. Take note that 87 cents (87%) of each dollar is spent directly on healthcare. Here you go...

Here is a study from PriceWaterhouseCooper on "The Factors Fueling
Rising Health Care Costs 2008". Please read this and then we can discuss this more...

If you buy a used car without checking it out first, chances are, you will be buying a lemon. If you believe everything a politician says (both parties) without researching it yourself, you will get burned (or taxed).

We know there needs to be changes. Both parties agree on that. The difference is in the approach taken. The president wants you to believe that the democrats are the only ones with proposals, but that is not true. The republicans have put forth three bills on healthcare reform. The problem is, when one party controls the house, senate, and executive, the minority voice does not get heard.

The President and democrats tell you there is much waste and fraud in our healthcare system and that will account for many dollars in savings. If they really cared about that, don't you think they would be working on that today with or without a complete overhaul? This is an issue that can easily get bi-partisan support and support from the general public. Also, if this government option is so good, why wouldn't all government employees be required to use it, especially the politicians that made it law? Maybe because it isn't even close to what they currently have and is paid for by the tax payers.

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