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Census worked found dead hanging from a tree in Kentucky.

September 26 2009 at 4:41 PM

Maybe I am wrong, but does anyone else see the parallels between the recent, over the top health care debates, the tea parties, the Acorn footage and this event?
I find this very troubling, as should any American that is not so far out to the right.

Before you all think that I am some die heart liberal, let me say a few things about myself.

First, I have been a registered Independent, for some 25-30 years. During that time, I have voted Republican all but twice. I did not vote in the Bush/Kerry election, because I did not want either one, equally. I did vote for Obama in the last election. Bush had more to do with my anti-Republican vote than Obama.

I grew up in Southeastern Ohio into a large family. My father was a stanuch supporter of the Republican party. To this day I am a fiscal Republican and a social Democrat.

Being an Independent, I liked mcCain, and continue to like him, but he seemed flightly to me in his last compaign, and he campaign appeared dated. When he put Palin on the ticket, he lost my vote. I will not go into all the reasons here, but I feel that time has shown my negative feelings towards her to have been valid.

Am I happy with Obama? Yes, and No. I am not happy with all the bailouts, which Bush started, and he escalated, and I am not happy with his leftward leanings. I am happy in that I feel that this country is better thought of in this world, and that we seemed to have made some grounds on racial relationships.

I can not stand Nancy Pelosi and Reed, and I hope that they do not get re-elected. I also do not like the Clinton's although I grew to respect Hilary toward the end of her campaign. I liked her determined mind, but that was not enough to make me vote for her.

I think Acorn needs to fire most of their staff, and start all over. I can understand why Republican do not like the organization, and I have little to say in it's behalf.

Do I think health care is needed, YES! But I do not think sweeping reforms are in order. I believe that tort reform is needed and that there should be some cheaper access for people like me. My son has health care through his college, because he is an athlete, but I have none. I simply can not afford it.

To get back to my original statement; That I see a link between the census workers death and all the recent news about Acorn, I think that there is a link, and a link that I find really dismaying.

The gap between the Republicans and the Democrats has become so large, that I see nothing getting done. I want to see them work together for the benefit of the nation, not the benefit of their party.

The right wing news media and the radio talk show hosts have become more negative in their speech and against everything. Are they right, yes, in some ways and no, in others. What I really fear is that fringe element that listens and gets more inflamed by their rants.

I believe that the bulk of the people that listen to them, and that attend tea parties are just voicing their dissatisfication. I beleive that they are not racists, but good hard working people, that have a legitimate gripe, BUT, there is that fringe, and those are the people that I fear!

I also fear that this tragic event in Kentucky, might be a forerunner of more despicable acts to come.

I would like the over the top rhetoic to die down, and let cooler heads prevail.

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