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Re: Insurance brainteaser

March 12 2010 at 1:05 PM

Response to Insurance brainteaser


Brainteaser or braindead! Teenage sons pay more because of dangerous driving history and we adults with good driving records are paying higher auto insurance premiums due to reckless driving teenagers. Most teenagers are not responsible or mature enough to drive. How can you compare health insurance for a human being to a bloody auto insurance??? The problem with this society too many uncaring individuals totally forgot how to be humane instead of materialistic! ALL they care about is their sorry a**!

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  1. You are delusional - Anonymous on Mar 12, 2:01 PM
  3. Name calling always effective - OP on Mar 12, 2:22 PM
    1. Re: Name calling always effective - anon on Mar 12, 3:39 PM
      1. Who should pay? Easy.... - Anonymous on Mar 12, 4:05 PM
        1. The deceased should also have had a life insurance policy. - Anonymous on Mar 12, 4:14 PM
      2. Re: Name calling always effective - Anonymous on Mar 12, 4:10 PM
        1. another unintended consequence - Anonymous on Mar 12, 4:17 PM
      3. Re: Name calling always effective - Anonymous on Mar 12, 4:17 PM
  4. Re: Insurance brainteaser - Anonymous on Mar 12, 2:59 PM
  6. ha ha ha - Anonymous on Mar 12, 4:50 PM
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