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Re: Almost every American

April 27 2010 at 9:12 AM

Response to Almost every American


You are correct. But the problem right now, today, is the leadership in the country has no answer, no solution. If Obama and the leftist leaning Dems could do it, they would just give everyone here amnesty and all would be right with the world. But as Bush, Kennedy and McCain learned, the hard way, as many as 70% to 75% of Americans area against that type of policy. Americans by and large want a very secure border, want there to be a rational system of legal immigration into the country, and don't want to just ignore the fact that millions of people are here illegally. This could be conveniently ignored when things were going well economically, but it is magnified now. California estimates that they spend $5 billion annually providing public services to illegal residents, and California is heading for bankruptcy. You would think that Boxer and Feinstein would take the lead on the issue? Heck no, because they fall in the camp who just wants to eliminate the border and put turnstyles instead.

This is not health care, where the split was somewhere between 53/47 and 65/35, depending on who was counting. The public's feeling on this issue is pretty black and white. And when you consider that Bush/McCain/Kennedy tried their reform measures during a booming economy, and were roundly shot down, just imagine what the public response would be today to that type of entreaty.

Obama et al will just keeping kicking the can down the road, criticizing any attempts to stem the problem, like Arizona's, and pray every day that they can get to November without ever addressing the issue in any concrete way. Don't get me wrong, Obama didn't cause this problem. It's a systemic problem that goes back many years. But right now, it is his problem to deal with. Or ignore.

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  1. Re: Almost every American - Anonymous on Apr 27, 2010, 4:47 PM
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