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Re: Bush is the worst President ever....

July 8 2010 at 11:50 AM

Response to Bush is the worst President ever....


"Bush turned an almost 200 billion dollar surplus, in 2000, into a 10 Trillion dollar deficit."

C'mon, you KNOW the surplus was accounting trickery just like everyone else with a brain knows. Why do you keep mentioning it??

"Invaded the wrong country, which cost a Trillion dollars by itself."

Keeping in mind that we were already in Afghanistan, which country would you have preferred? Lichtenstein? New Zealand?

"Cut taxes but had no revenue to replace the lost money from the tax cut."

Same as #1 above. You KNOW that tax revenue went up after the Bush tax cuts so why do you talk about lost revenue.

"Allowed us to be attacked on 911"

Given the timeline of the attack, if you had to say someone allowed us to be attacked it would be Clinton. Personally I don't blame either one, except for Clinton not having the cajones to take out Bin Laden when it could have been easily done. Not everything is somebody's fault.

"lost respect around the world"

As opposed to now, when the unemployed teenagers of Europe love us and the governments either hate us or think we're a joke?

"Shat on the constitution, with wire tapping, rendition and torture."

I will grant you some of that, but Obama ignores the constitution and our body of laws light years more than Bush ever did.

"Can anyone tell us one accomplishment of the Bush administration."

Kept us safe, the most important one.

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